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Amazon Echo: Alexa’s new smart speaker home just got a bold redesign

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Amazon rounds out the Echo.


The Amazon line of smart speakers is changing its look; The new Amazon Echo will be circular. The price will be $ 100 (£ 90), which went for the company’s previous, third generation Amazon Echo. The new Echo speaker will be available on October 22, and its fabric-covered body will come in three different colors: Charcoal, Glacier White and Twilight Blue. its Open for preorder now.

To elaborate on its design regarding sound quality, Amazon states, “Its 3.0-inch woofer, dual-firing tweeter, and Dolby processing delivers stereo sound with clear high, dynamic-mids and deep bass Which automatically enters any room. “

While the woofer seems to be similar to the previous Echo, Amazon has packed a second .8-inch tweeter into the speaker, which should fill its mid- and high-grade sound. Also, Amazon says the speaker will adapt to the acoustics of any room, which I’m excited to test out.

The tech giant’s lineup of smart speakers has its budget-friendly Echo dot, Which is receiving high end along with spherical treatment Echo Studio Announced at last year’s hardware event and released for the holidays. Although a wall-plug speaker is called Eco flex And a Dot with clock (Also who Getting spherical) Was announced at last year’s event and released shortly thereafter, with Amazon being more concerned with new generations of speakers than all new products this year.

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To connect with its built-in Zigbee receiver Smart home Device, new spherical echo speaker will replace both the Amazon Echo of 2019 and 2018 Amazon Echo Plus.

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