Amazon Echo: 6 best new features and how to use them

New features are coming to your Echo devices.

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Your Amazon eco device Sleepless New featuresWhich which Amazon announced Thursday at a private, virtual media event. Changes happen completely Echo speakers redesigned line (They are circular!) For software enhancements that promise to make your existing Amazon Echo more secure.

Tech veteran also announced Rotating echo show And a Flight security camera drone that can survey your homeWith new Kids echo device.

Here are the six best new Amazon Echo features and how you will use them once they become available.

Eco Guard Plus Improves Home Security

Amazon’s Eco Guard was released as a free home security feature to help detect and alert you to glass breaking and smoke alarm noise. Now amazon wants to upgrade you Eco guard plus $ 5 a month for more security features.

Your Echo will listen for additional sounds, such as doors opening when you are away, and dogs can bark as they bark to prevent intruders. If further attention is required, Alexa can connect you with the 24/7 Emergency Helpline, which can then request medical, fire, or police assistance.

Once Echo Guard Plus is available, you can access it on your phone by opening and selecting the Alexa app more > Adjustment > Protector.

Amazon‘s new features Echo speakers will come new and old, both of which are designed for children only.

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Alexa gets smarter about your routine

You always have to use wake words like Alexa, Echo, Computer or Amazon to activate your smart speaker a routine. You will now be able to create routines that are activated with the sound of snoring, a baby crying or a dog barking. For example, when you hear snoring sounds, a routine can be started to turn off your TV. Or, you can change your routine by hearing your baby cry.

When a new routine is available, you can tap and access it more > a routine In the Alexa app to set all the details.

Group calling

Soon, you’ll be able to call up to eight friends or relatives at the same time with Amazon’s new group-calling feature. It will work with audio on the Echo speaker and make video calls on the Echo show. To begin with, you can say something like “Alexa, call my family”. You will be able to create and name groups in the Alexa app.

This is Amazon’s new Echo Dot with the watch.


Music sharing

When you are listening to music on your echo speaker and a song arrives that reminds you of a friend, you will soon be able to share the song with them. All you have to say is “Alexa, share this song with Jill.” After you share the song, the person will be able to listen to it on their Echo device or Alexa app.

Netflix on Echo Show

You are no longer limited to watching Amazon Prime movies on your Echo Show. If you’ve got a Netflix account, you’ll soon be able to watch it at your Echo Show. To use it, you would say something like “Alexa, find comedy movies on Netflix”.

A new way to support people with medical concerns

The Care Hub is designed to help people keep in touch with their loved ones from afar. Once available, you will need to agree to create a relationship between your two Alexa accounts to begin with. If your loved one needs help, they can say “Alexa, call for help” to contact you.

You will also be able to view their activity feeds, so that you know if they are up and running, and if the device does not detect any activity before a certain time of day, set an alert.

We will update this story as these features are to begin.

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