Aly & A.J. Will Drop a ’90s Inspired Album in 2021

Music duo Partners and AJ, also known as Alison And Amanda Joy Michalka, Just saw his hit “Potential Breakup Song” go viral on Ticketock, but he is not allowing his music career to become a ’00s nostalgia’ thing. The sisters just teased the sound of their upcoming album, and it could be an optimistic soundtrack for 2021.

Aly & A.J. Will Drop a ’90s Inspired Album in 2021
Aly & A.J.

Ellie and AJ’s last album Insomniatic Debuted in 2007, and featured the recently revived “Possible Breakup Song” as well as singles like “Like What’s What’s” and Joe Jonas-Good track “Flattery.” While the pair released songs such as “Take Me” and “Church” in recent years, they have yet to release a full-length album. This will change in 2021, when the singers will release their as-yet-untitled album.

In an interview with PopSugar, Ellie, who appeared in the CW series iZombie From 2015 to 2019, it was explained that the album was inspired by “90s music” as well as “60s and 70s decade” from their recent ’80s synth-pop sound Is different.

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