Always Running Out of Time? Here Are 10 Tools That Can Help Save the Day.

Life is busy for an entrepreneur. When you’re in charge, you have to fumble a lot of things, it’s easy to lose track of time or reassure your priorities on a daily basis. Perhaps you need a little help from the technique.

We’ve rounded up some of the top time-saving and productivity tools on the market, all of which are now on sale. Stop running out of time and start owning it.

1. Track your time.

Stop spending so much time on less important tasks. Clokey lets you create custom time-tracking rules so that you can track the time required to spend on things with greater accuracy.

Get Clokey for $ 12.00 (Reg. $ 24) with promo code: Cheers.

2. Schedule a meeting automatically.

Stop wasting time on scheduling and mismanaged meetings. TimeSync is the only meeting scheduling tool designed for remote tasks, which helps you automatically track scheduled meetings and calls, and seamlessly sync people, schedules, and results.

Get TimeSync for $ 32.00 (Reg. $ 420) with promo code: CHEERS.

3. Stop forgetting and make notes.

Sticky notes have changed the lives of millions of people for the better. This simple, lightning-fast browser extension makes it easy to jot down quick digital notes such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, IDs, passwords, ideas, and more. You will never lose your train of thought.

Get Sticky Notes for $ 40.00 (Reg. $ 1,198) with promo code: CHEERS.

4. Get email addresses easily.

Email marketing is very simple with This powerful web-based tool extracts email addresses via website crawl, URL crawl, Google / Bing search, TXT file search, and helps you create a valid email list without delaying time-consuming list-building methods. More to do.

Get for $ 16.00 (Reg. $ 199) with promo code: CHEERS.

5. Send invoice quickly.

One of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks for any entrepreneur is simply getting paid. With Invoice Crowd, you can streamline and automate invoice creation, reminders, and tracking so that you’re always on top of what’s owed to you.

Get the invoice rush for $ 39.20 (Reg. $ 1,440) with promo code: CHEERS.

6. Schedule all your social media content.

Social media is an important element of marketing your products or services. But this is so much work! Let HelloWoofy do the heavy lifting with automated content creation, scheduling, commenting, and more.

Get HelloWoofy for $ 39.20 (Reg. $ 588) with promo code: CHEERS.

7. Edit PDF easily.

PDF is an incredibly useful file format, provided you get everything right the first time. If you haven’t, it becomes a hassle to change the file format, make edits, resave as PDF, and back and forth. With PDFBEAR, you can edit PDFs, scan files in PDFs, OCR, and more.

Get PDFBEAR for $ 56.00 (Reg. $ 1,000) with promo code: CHEERS.

8. Design sale deck on the fly.

Sizle eliminates the need for cold calls and lead gene emails. This sales acceleration tool helps you create, share and track high-converting presentations in just a few clicks and distribute them digitally worldwide. You will be able to convert more leads with slide-by-slide analytics, live feedback tools, viewer engagement insights and more.

Get the Sizzle for $ 24.00 (Reg. $ 600) with promo code: CHEERS.

9. Do more work with the to-do list.

Do more without completely changing your workflow. Toodledo Task Manager syncs to your device to record all the duties you perform and those you still want to do. You can customize alarms for tasks and integrate them with your email, calendar, and other productivity tools to work the way you want.

Get ToodleDoo for $ 24.00 (Reg. $ 59) with promo code: Cheers.

10. Dictate your thoughts.

Always withhold your thoughts and opinions? Instead, trust Dictanote! With fast, accurate dictation and transcription, Dictanote writes you notes, to-do lists, and even emails so you can multitask without typing. You can also decide in 40 languages ​​and 52 dialects.

Get Dictanot for $ 15.20 (Reg. $ 180) with promo code: Cheers.

Price subject to change. Some exclusions apply.

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