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Alternative cancer treatments – conception of integrative medicine

Alternative cancer treatments – conception of integrative medicine

Alternative cancer treatments include non-traditional techniques or off-label medications administration. As opposed to the conventional medical protocols, alternative treatments efficiency is mainly confirmed by the practical experience, not by clinical trials. Such a method is called naturopathic or integrative medicine. Integrative medicine does not deny conventional therapy; it serves as a suitable addition. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) techniques provide patients with additional benefits when combined with conventional radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.

Alternative cancer treatments
Alternative cancer treatments

Aims of the CAM treatment methods

Doctors apply alternative treatment options in patients with diverse oncological diseases. Despite the difference in diagnoses, such patients are united by contraindications to conventional therapeutic techniques, lack of their efficacy or development of severe side effects.

Alternative cancer treatments in Germany pursue the following aims:

  • Alleviation or prevention of side effects during the conventional treatment.
  • Enhancing the effect of conventional techniques.
  • Prevention of tumor spreading.
  • Prevention of cancer recurrence.
  • Reactivating a patient`s immunity.
  • Improving the quality of life
  • .

  • Psychological work with the motivation of a patient.
  • Improving adherence to anti-stress activities (e.g., yoga).
  • Improving adherence to a healthy lifestyle (e.g., physical activity, eating habits).

For most people, CAM administration seems to be attractive, as it is mainly naturopathic, offers additional benefits during traditional treatment, and does not have severe side effects. However, each therapy or medical product always has individual risks. Thus, CAM procedures can be administered only by a qualified physician with experience in the relevant field. Specific techniques are represented below.


Hyperthermia is a normal reaction of the organism to infection or damage. When the body temperature rises, infectious agents lose their ability to generate and, finally, die.

In the scope of oncological pathology, hyperthermia leads to the paradoxical decrease in the tumor blood flow. Normally, high body temperature leads to the intensification of the blood flow. Neoplasms are growing fast, so the healthy blood vessels do not have time to form. That is why in the body temperature above 42-43°C, the tumor blood flow decreases significantly. Under such circumstances, the tumor do not receive the nutrients and is destroyed by its own toxic metabolic products.

Medical hyperthermia that is applied in oncology treatment is divided into local, regional, and total. It is efficient at the stage of metastasizing as well.


Curcumin is a natural biological yellow pigment that is used both in the conventional and ayurvedic medicine. Results of the clinical researches of this substance have been presented on the Australian Science Network website, as well as in the Clinical Gastroenterology Hepatology and Molecules magazines.

Curcumin has a few mechanisms that affect malignant formations:

  • Suppresses the growth factor expression and thus inhibits tumor cells proliferation.
  • Activates oxidation with active oxygen forms and thus causes apoptosis of atypical cells.
  • Suppresses metastasizing and tumor angiogenesis.
  • Blocks the signal transduction pathways (e.g. STAT3, NF-kB, AP-1) between involved in the development of atypical changes cells.

Curcumin is especially effective in the treatment of pancreatic cancer and myeloma. In addition to own action, it increases the sensitivity of malignant cells to chemotherapy.

High doses of vitamin C

vitamin c is a potent natural antioxidant. As early as the 1970s, Nobel laureate Linus Pauling has presented data about the positive influence of vitamin C high doses in oncologic patients. After further investigations, vitamin C got the name “biological chemotherapy.”

High doses of vitamin C increase the intracellular concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Under such circumstances, peroxidation starts. This process ruins cells, and normally, a specific protective mechanism is a trigger. Protective enzymes (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, G6PDH) convert the excess of hydrogen peroxide into water and H+, which are safe for a human.

Atypical cells are characterized by G6PDH deficiency. Thus, the defense mechanism is blocked, and abnormal cells are demolished. Before the therapy start, it is important to estimate the level of G6PDH in healthy tissues with the help of laboratory tests.

Alternative cancer treatments
Alternative cancer treatments

Receiving medical services abroad with Booking Health

Alternative cancer treatment in Germany also includes galvanic and photodynamic therapy. Application of Regeneresen®, artesunate, GcMAF, dimethyl sulfoxide, etc. It attracts patients from European and Arabic countries as well as from the US. Some of them are in search of reasonable therapy cost, and others look for unavailable in the native region CAM methods or private medical services.

For the international patients, the most convenient and reliable way of receiving treatment in Germany is using services of Booking Health. Booking Health is the unique world’s medical tourism provider with the international quality control certificate ISO 9001:2015. Qualified specialists will:

  • Advise on choosing the hospital that offers therapy of oncology with CAM methods.
  • Elaborate on the preliminary diagnostic or therapeutic program so that you can get familiar with it in advance.
  • Book the convenient appointment or hospitalization date.
  • Take care about the cost of services; exclude additional fees (saving up to 50%).
  • Control final calculation and return of unspent funds.
  • Monitor implementation of the chosen program.
  • Communicate with your physician after the treatment completion, arrange necessary follow-up tests.
  • Help with buying and forwarding of medications.
  • Assist in booking accommodation and plane tickets, transfer organization.
  • Provide you with interpreter and medical reports translation.

Leave the request on the Booking Health website, and a medical advisor will contact you within 24 hours.

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