Alpe d’Huez 2022: a tender and dancing return for Franck Dubosc!

What will be the comedies that will make an event in 2022? Every day AlloCiné shares with you the films discovered at the Alpe d’Huez Festival which is held until January 23, 2022. Focus on the two films in competition and the new Franck Dubosc.

The day after the opening, marked by the projection of Superheroes in spite of himself, the start of the competition under the sun of Alpe d’Huez.

The Comedy Festival, which runs until January 23, 2022, for its 25th anniversary edition, unveiled Three Times Nothing by Nadèle Loiseau and Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown by Audrey Dana, then hosted Franck’s new film Dubosc, Rumba la vie, in a special out-of-competition session.

Spotlight on these three films, which will soon arrive in cinemas.

Three times nothing – competition

alpe d'huez 2022: a tender and dancing return for franck dubosc!
Caroline Dubois

by Nadège Loiseau, with Antoine Bertrand, Philippe Rebbot, Come Levin, Emilie Caen…
Released March 16, 2022

Brindille, Cap and La Flèche live as best they can, day to day, in the Bois de Vincennes. But their precarious situation should change completely the day they win the Lotto. It is still necessary to be able to collect the money, because without a home, no up-to-date identity card and without a bank account, there is no payment!

Three times nothing or a particularly endearing trio of actors, made up of Antoine Bertrand (a Quebecer noticed in Demain tout commence by Hugo Gélin, in particular), Philippe Rebbot (L’amour flou), and Come Levin (Radiostars). This social comedy is also a beautiful story of friendship. Recall that Nadège Loiseau, director of the Little tenant, recently directed the three episodes of the Netflix series, Christmas Flow.

Man on the verge of a nervous breakdown – competition

alpe d'huez 2022: a tender and dancing return for franck dubosc!
Warner Bros France

by Audrey Dana, with Marina Hands, Thierry Lhermitte, François-Xavier Demainson, Laurent Stocker…
Released May 25, 2022

Seven men, aged 17 to 70, who are completely opposites, if not on the verge of a nervous breakdown, find themselves embarked on a group therapy in the wilderness. This mysterious course, “exclusively reserved for men”, is supposed to work miracles. First surprise when they arrive: the coach is a woman! Unpredictable and confusing, she will do everything to help them get better. With or without their consent…

After Under the skirts of the girls, Audrey Dana leans on the heart of the men. In this choral comedy with seven men from different backgrounds, the director signs a gallery of sensitive and affectionate portraits, filled with tenderness and humor. Everyone can attach themselves to one or more of their characters.

Rumba la vie – Special screening (out of competition)

alpe d'huez 2022: a tender and dancing return for franck dubosc!

by and with Franck Dubosc, with Louna Espinosa, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Marie-Philomène Nga, Michel Houellebecq…
Released August 24, 2022

Tony, in his fifties, a school bus driver withdrawn, lives alone after having abandoned his wife and child twenty years earlier. Shaken by a heart attack, he finds the courage to face his past and enroll incognito in the dance class led by his daughter, whom he has never known, with the aim of (re)conquering her and give meaning to his life.

After Everyone Upright and its great public success (2.4 million admissions) and critics, Franck Dubosc signs rumba life, a second feature film, which he writes, directs and performs. A tender and dancing film, with a rumba background. We find in this bittersweet comedy the alloy that had seduced in the previous film by Franc Dubosc: a neat writing of the characters, and a mixture of humor, tenderness and emotion. Louna Espinosa (noted in the TF1 series, Les Bracelets rouges) sparkles in this first film role. Special mention also to the rather unexpected presence of Michel Houellebecq, whose sequences are particularly funny!

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