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Alonzo Mourning’s impact on the NBA is undeniable, and his net worth proves it. Alonzo has forged a remarkable career, both during his ever tenured time as a basketball player and since his retirement from the sport. Alonzo has a reported net worth of around $75 million, which has come from his time playing for various NBA teams and post-retirement investments and endorsements. Alonzo has kept a strong presence in the NBA since his retirement in 2008, making celebrity appearances and taking part in philanthropy events. Alonzo’s net worth continues to remain high, a testament to the success that comes from working hard and staying true to your roots.

What’s Alonzo Mourning’s net worth?

Alonzo Morning, a retired American professional basketball player, has a net worth in excess of $70 million. Alonzo Morning was a 15-year NBA player for teams such as the Charlotte Hornets and the Miami Heat.

Alonzo, also known as “Zo,” was a skilled center who was well-known for his defensive skills. Mourning survived a short health scare in 2003, which almost forced him to quit. However, a kidney transplant allowed him to continue playing. Alonzo was the first player to see his jersey retired by Heat after he ended his career in 2008. He was inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014.

Career Earnings

Alonzo made around $143 million as a salaryman and a few hundred thousand from endorsements during his NBA career.

Early Life

Alonzo Harding Morning Jr. was born February 8, 1970 in Chesapeake (Virginia). Alonzo’s high school basketball years were when he first showed his basketball skills. Alonzo won numerous honors and awards during this time and led his team in his senior year to 51 consecutive victories.

Mourning graduated from high school and enrolled at Georgetown University to play basketball under John Thompson. Mourning quickly became an integral member of the team, leading the nation in blocked shots and blocks per match. Alonzo was clearly a defensive player, but he also showed an improvement in his offensive game during college basketball. Alonzo finished college with more than 2,000 points and more than 1,000 rebounds. He also had 453 blocked shots.

NBA Career

Mourning was selected by Charlotte Hornets during the 1992 NBA Draft. He posted the highest scoring rookie average in team history during his first season. He set new records in blocked shots and was a key part of their playoff campaign. He scored a 20-foot shot against the Boston Celtics to win the game 104 – 103. The Hornets did not make the playoffs in that second season because Alonzo performed just as well. Mourning and Larry Johnson worked together to get Charlotte into the playoffs in 1994-1995, even though they were eliminated in round one.

Alonzo refused to sign a contract extension from the Hornets, which would have seen him earn just over $11million over seven years. Charlotte traded him and Mourning joined Charlotte’s Heat in 1995. Alonzo was a perfect fit for Pat Riley’s plans and he was offered a $105 million seven-year contract with the Miami Heat in 1996. Alonzo quickly reached a more advanced stage of the playoffs with his team, but they were ultimately eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Alonzo was a fan favorite while playing for the Heat over many years. He signed a four-year contract with the New Jersey Nets in 2004. At this point, he was a free agent. He was forced to take a short retirement due to complications with his kidneys. Mourning was fortunate to be able to have a kidney transplant, and he was soon back in training. Alonzo complained over the next period that he didn’t want to play for the Nets any more, and he was traded the Toronto Raptors.

Later, Raptors officials confirmed that Mourning had never passed his medical exam and never reported to the team. He was also confirmed to have been sold from his contract for $9 million. After a long period of unsuccessful attempts to play elsewhere, he was able to return to the Heat in 2005. He was initially a backup for Shaquille Oleal but he eventually replaced the star player when he was hurt. Although the Heat did well in the playoffs, they were ultimately eliminated by the Detroit Pistons at the Eastern Conference Finals.

Mourning remained the Heat’s backup center from 2005. Mourning played a key role in the team’s first ever NBA Finals, after Shaquille was again injured. Alonzo was just a few short years away from winning the NBA championship. The Heat won the series and the first NBA championship under Dwayne Wade. Dwayne Wade played for the Heat the next two seasons, before retiring in 2008.


Tracy Alonzo met her for the first time in 1980 while playing in Las Vegas. They moved to South Florida when Mourning joined in 1995. They were married two years later. Tracy and Alonzo had three children together before they separated peacefully in 2019.

Real Estate

Alonzo was going through divorce proceedings and ended up selling his Pinecrest home. It covers over 9,000 square feet and was listed for $5.3 million. The home features a 1000-bottle wine cellar, an Infinity Pool, and a Spa. In 2012, Alonzo purchased the house for $4.5million. Trey, Alonzo’s child, was later drafted into the NBA.

Legal Issues

Mourning was sued in 2011 after he crashed his car, and then fled the scene. Mourning allegedly hit a car that had been in an accident and was stopped.

Medical Questions

Mourning was able to continue his NBA career after a cousin donated a kidney. Alonzo hadn’t seen Jason Cooper in 25 years. Mourning was later given Cooper’s left kidney. This helped him to address his focal segmental Gliosclerosis and continued playing basketball.

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