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It is no secret that Australians love their adventure. Apart from the country lies on the edges of an island which is home to a large expanse of desert, a thriving population of animals including some species that are unique to the continent, a myriad of adventure sports that the country offers to the locals . Visitors alike. As far as the adrenaline craze is concerned, Australia’s vast coastline mostly attracts those seeking some action in the water. However, some heart-stopping action is another very popular adventure activity for those looking for skydiving.

Like the beaches, Australia is home to many breathtaking skydiving centers and sites that are competing for the attention of tourists. Since Melbourne is one of the most frequent Australian cities, it was prudent to talk about skydiving in this city. Read on to get all the important details Skydiving in melbourne.

Why skydive in Melbourne?


Melbourne is a fantastic city, especially from the point of view of travelers. It is home to Australia’s busiest airport, attracting a ton of cheap flights, providing spectacular weather with a spectacular nightlife. There is no doubt that Melbourne is a gem of a city and, as a result, a lot of Australia-itinerary tours begin in this city.

However, there are other properties that make Melbourne the perfect destination for skydives:

  • Diversity: Melbourne is home to three different dive centers, all of which offer unique and equally similar experiences. You can choose to see how the beach turns into a thriving metro town from 14,000 feet on St Kilda Beach or prefer to expand the Australian countryside over vineyards and the Yarra Valley. Or, you can choose to dive with a view of the vast oceanic road and the surrounding beach.
  • Affordability: Melbourne is home to some of the world’s most pocket-friendly skydive centers. These dive sites attract tourists from all over the world, with dives starting under $ 270 AUD. Also, for passionate adventure seekers, $ 270 is a small price for a bucket-list experience.
  • Facility: Melbourne is home to one of the city’s closest dive sites. That means, you don’t have to go through bumpy transfer rides to experience the thrill of dripping towards the ground at a speed of 220 kilometers per hour. For other dive centers, which are slightly ahead of the main Melbourne CBD, free transfer is available.
  • Experienced, hilarious professionals: Melbourne is no stranger to skydiving and the city has been hosting activity for travelers and adventure addicts for years. This means, the instructors you meet during your Melbourne skydiving experience have a substantial amount of experience and know how to make the experience more comfortable for you. These lawsuits are also very accommodating for any specific request you make. The most common request is for a female tandem instructor by women and girls, whom your instructor will be happy to help you with.

With that said, skydiving is a serious business and for this you should give a little thought to your idea. This is detailed in the next section:

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How to prepare for Melbourne skydive?

    Adventure activity skydiving in melbourne


If this is your first skydive, then you can be sure that most experiences will be guided and that you don’t have to worry about your safety. With that said, there are some things that you have to make sure on your part as well:

  • Do not consume any alcohol or any recreational drugs for at least 8 hours before your scheduled skydive. Before boarding the plane there will be a medical test and those who fail it will be barred from diving.
  • Do not overfeed or eat before your experience. Just eat enough to be comfortable while you dive.
  • If you have plans to scuba dive, then give at least 6 hours break between the two activities.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothes. Collared clothes, shoes, and heels are prohibited. Sneakers are highly recommended. It is also a good idea to wear clothes that cover your body as the wind can get a little chilly at 14,000 feet. However, rest assured that you will be provided with a jumpsuit and, if necessary, gloves, to keep you comfortable for the duration of the dive. These are all included in your diving cost.
  • Pay attention to the briefing before your skydiving experience. This briefing will tell you about all the safety precautions, emergency protocols and signs that you will use to communicate during skydives.
  • To keep your mind at ease, don’t be afraid to ask your diving instructor your harness and parachute again before dipping.
  • Finally, there is an age and weight limit for the activity. While the age limit is 12 years and above, minors are required to be accompanied by official guardians. On the other hand, individuals weighing more than 110 kg must undergo a fitness assessment, that is, they may not be allowed to participate in a dive. A surcharge is also applicable for persons weighing more than 95 kg.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with all the prerequisites to make your skydiving experience enjoyable and safe, let’s take a look at Melbourne’s top sky diving sites and their unique properties.

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Top 3 places for skydiving in Melbourne

As previously mentioned, Melbourne is home to three magnificent skydiving centers. Each one offers a unique view and thus, a unique experience because let’s face it, there is not much difference between skydiving experiences at any location other than the scene (and perhaps the weather conditions).

1. Yara Valley


Vineyards, wildlife sanctuaries and a ton of aggressive sports such as cavities and paddle boating, Yara Valley is a great place to be when you are on the ground. However, for breathtaking views of the Yarra Mountains, and everything mentioned in the last sentence, skydiving in the Yarra Valley is a great option. On a clear day, it is possible to see the city of Melbourne as well.

The dive center is located in Yering, 50 kilometers (1 hour) from Melbourne. Thankfully, there is a free transfer service associated with the diving experience. In addition, the Yara Valley skydiving experience is the most pocket friendly on the continent.

cost: Starts at $ 264
inclusions: Diving site, skydiving pants and other safety equipment, safety briefing, shifting from tandem 14,000 feet.
Distance from city: 50 km

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2. St. Kilda

The most popular choice of skydiving spots


St Kilda is by far the most popular choice of skydiving spots among adventure enthusiasts. This is true for two reasons – one, it is the nearest skydiving center of a city (globally) and two, it offers stunning views of the beach and the city.

This is another reason for the popularity of this diving center in Melbourne. Unlike the other two, it seems that divers jump from an additional height of 1000 feet, increasing the jump height to 15000 feet.

While many might think that no more than 1000 feet will make a difference, it pays to remember that one does not jump from an airplane everyday and in this case going overboard can be surprising.

cost: Starts at $ 308
inclusions: Diving site, skydiving pants and other safety equipment, safety briefing, tandem transfer from 15,000 feet
Distance from city: 8 kilometers

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3. The Great Ocean Road

Most of the scenic areas of Australia


One of Australia’s most scenic areas, the Great Ocean Road is truly a delight, 12,000 (or 15000, if you’re feeling brave) above ground level. Speaking of sea level, the Great Ocean Road Skydive offers spectacular views of Bell Beach and Turku.

Another pocket friendly option, Great Ocean Road Skydive, has been reviewed on websites and for good reasons. While this is a bit far-fetched, if you have a little time on your hands, the extra time and effort required to skydive on the Great Ocean Road is worth all the cost.

cost: Starts at $ 264
inclusions: Diving site, skydiving pants and other safety equipment, safety briefing, tandem transfer from 15,000 feet
Distance from city: 104 kilometers (90 minutes)

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Before wrapping up, we think it’s important to remind readers that the cost of your skydiving experience will almost never include videography. In addition, complimentary transfers to dive centers are available for certain slots. If you plan to avail this service, it is a good idea to talk to the skydiving provider and inquire about these slots. Plan your trip to Melbourne with Triangle and get an itinerary specifically designed according to your preferences.

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