All You Need To Know About Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are everywhere on the Internet, on TV commercials (I think I recently saw one while watching Shark Tank) and in homes around the world. They’ve gone through quite a lot of reinvention over the years but bean bag chairs still remain popular with all ages for all sorts of reasons.

But there are so many bean bags to choose from! And they come in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes — just take a look at our mega bean bag chair roundup  for proof of that! Which beanbag will be perfect for you? It’s not an easy decision.

For starters, let’s talk about what makes bean bags so special compared to other kinds of seating options.

What Makes Bean Bag Chair So Comfortable?

The bean bags we know and love today, filled with small foam beads or recycled plastic bottles , are the modern classics. They’ve become so popular in large part due to their unique levels of comfort. Sitting on a bean bag chair is an enjoyable experience that seems to slow down time for people who give it a chance.

But why is that exactly?

Here’s what makes beanbag chairs so comfy:

Beanbag chairs allow kids and adults alike to sink into softness. The material conforms easily to the shape of your body, creating a supportive but gentle recline. It truly feels like you’re resting against a cloud! Bean bag chairs also come in various sizes, meaning there’s always a bean bag chair perfect for any sized person or household. Some bean bags are so large that they can double as extra seating in a pinch.

Most bean bag chairs don’t require any assembly, which is always nice when you’re in the mood to relax but not feel rushed to prepare your space for its next guest. They are also much lighter than other types of furniture, making them easy to move around when necessary. And bean bag chairs are even machine washable! We all know how life-changing it is to have a stain-resistant piece of home decor — beanbag chair owners know this better than anyone.

While beanbag chairs may look pretty simple at first glance, comfort isn’t the only thing you should take into consideration before buying one for yourself or your family. Let’s take a look at all the qualities you should be thinking about while shopping for beanbag chairs!

The Core Questions To Ask Before Buying Bean Bag Chair

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– Where are you going to use it?

Wherever you go, your bean bag chair will probably follow. So it’s important to consider where in your home or outside of it you plan on using your bean bag. Dimensions are one thing to keep in mind here — bean bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so make sure whatever seating area is calling out to you has enough wiggle room. You don’t want bean bags crowding each other out! The material that the bean bag is made of is another consideration. Canvas bean bags are durable, water-resistant and easy to clean, making them ideal for homes with pets or small children. Faux leather bean bags tend to be a bit more stylish; we see them in studios and bachelor pads all the time. Suede bean bags are good for protecting wood flooring (and they’re lovely in kids’ bedrooms). No matter which type of bean bag you choose, make sure it suits your needs when it comes to practicality.

– How much can you spend?

Bean bag chairs definitely seem like an item where you get what you pay for. Of course, beanbag chairs really do vary in price — there’s entry-level bean bag filling like cotton at around $30  to high-end options filled with shredded memory foam (no idea what that is? Here’s the scoop on bean bag filling ) for $300 or more. You can also find bean bag chairs with safety zippers to prevent little hands from getting caught, pockets to keep your phone and remote stowed away neatly and even bean bags filled with antimicrobial materials for allergy sufferers!

– Who will be using it?

This question may seem a little strange at first but think about bean bags as couches you share with other people — most of us have visited friends who have their own personal cushion hogging guest loungers. So consider beanbag chairs as communal furniture, especially if they’ll be used by children or teens. No matter how much you love the way your bean bag looks, those bean bag water stains will ruin the whole effect. You’ll also want to examine bean bags closely for any rips or tears that could create places for crumbs and dirt to enter the filling — even bean bag chairs with zippers are no safe haven from snack-related accidents!

– What’s your style?

This last question is just as important as all of the others. Keep in mind that beanbag chairs can easily become a permanent part of your room with just a quick spin on the price tag. For this reason, it’s essential to make sure you’re buying something you actually like. Now, we know it can be hard to buy something without actually sitting in it (that would be the bean bag chair equivalent of buying a pair of shoes without trying them on, am I right?), but bean bag chair is easy to shop for online. It might be a good idea to snap a picture of the seating area you plan on putting your beanbag in and share it with friends or family members who will give you honest opinions. After all, life’s too short not to have fun with decorating!

Bean Bag Chair Types:

Bean bag chairs have been around for a relatively long time, and have had a resurgence in recent years. There are many types of bean bag chairs. There is the best-known version, which is a traditional bean bag chair. This type is a large, round piece of cloth filled with polystyrene beads or foam beans. Another type is an inflatable beanbag, which makes it more portable and self-sustaining. The third type of chair is made from foam and has beans inserted into the center of each square pillowcase.

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Each style of Bean Bag Chair has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Traditional Bean Bag Chair:

Advantages:  These bags come in many colors and prints so you can easily find one that fits your taste. Bean bag chair is typically very affordable, and the fabric they’re made of is often durable. Bean bags can be used to provide extra seating or as impromptu beds for sleepovers. Bean bag chair is available in a wide range of sizes, so you can get one to fit any space and decor style.

Disadvantages: They may not be an ideal choice if you need something more than just a spot for relaxing because of their size and weight limitations. Bean bag chair filling can smell bad when new and take time to air out. Bean bags’ don’t offer much back support, which is fine for small children but could pose problems for adults with certain health issues like insomnia or chronic back pain. Bean bags are not waterproof, so they aren’t the best choice if you want to use them outside. Bean bag chairs may sag or lose shape after repeated use. Bean bag chairs filled with styrofoam pellets are more likely to retain their firmness than those filled with polystyrene beads.

Inflatable Bean Bag Chairs:

Advantages:  These chairs are very easy to store and transport, which makes them great for using when traveling or in spaces that don’t have a lot of extra room. They deflate quickly and go back into their storage bags quickly too, making them the perfect choice for anyone who needs furniture on an as-needed basis like campers or people who need temporary seating for parties or other gatherings. Best Bean bags made from inflatable vinyl are typically very durable too.

Disadvantages: Bean bag chairs filled with air may get flat faster than traditional bean bags. Bean bag chairs filled with air also don’t feel as soft or conform to your body quite the same way a traditional chair does. Bean bag chairs filled with air aren’t the best option if you have back problems because they can’t support your full weight, so they’re not ideal for adults who have some health concerns that need more support. Bean bag chairs filled with air generally require some sort of hard object inside them in order to keep their shapes, which means they won’t work well indoors without being placed on top of something else.

Foam Bean Bag Chairs:

Advantages: Best Bean bag chairs filled with foam offer a bit more firmness and support than other types, which may be better for your back or for other health concerns. Best Bean bag chairs made from foam are machine-washable for easy care, so they’re great if you have pets or kids who make a mess of them sometimes. Bean bags made from foam also come in a lot of different colors and patterns so you can easily find one that matches your decor style.

Disadvantages: Bean bag chairs filled with foam don’t conform as well to your body as traditional bean bags usually do, but may still sag or lose their shape over time just like polystyrene bead-filled chair styles. Bean bag chairs filled with foam aren’t the best if you need something flat to sleep on because they can’t support your full weight. Bean bag chairs filled with foam are also not waterproof, so they aren’t ideal for using outside. Bean bag chairs made of foam may be more expensive than other types of bean bags.

What Size Bean Bag Chair Should You Buy?

Generally speaking, people looking for the traditional style of Best Bean Bag Chairs should buy the smallest size possible because these chairs are meant to be used as floor seating rather than furniture pieces that take up lots of space. If you’re buying an inflatable Bean Bag Chair then bigger is better since these tend to offer more back support and can even serve as impromptu beds sometimes. People who want a Foam Bean Bag Chair should buy the smallest size possible because these chairs may not conform to your body very well and don’t offer much back support. Best Bean bag chairs with smaller sizes generally cost more per square foot, so it may be worth buying a larger chair if you have the budget for it.

What Are the Benefits of a Bean Bag Chair?

A bean bag chair may be one of the more funky options for your couch. Since their origins in the 1960’s, “bean” chairs (soft fabric bags full of coushiony rice or soybeans) or “beanbags” like Gans or Newtex have become not just comfy but cool. For baby boomers, you’re vintage cool. For millennials, you’re retro lounge chic.

With best bean bag chairs, you can get that tight sitting position that many other couches don’t provide. The down side is that if you overfill them with beans they may become unstable and less comfortable to sit on. If this happens, you can fix it and learn how to reinflate bean bag chairs .

The benefits of bean bag furniture are fun beyond their hipster air. This is not a “one size fits all” proposition. There are bean bags for teens, beanbags for babies, beanbag coffee tables, beanbag pets, bean bag games, beanbag chairs that play music as they deflate…you get the idea! In this article we’ll just be talking about the more traditional types of beanbag chairs. Here’s what you need to know before buying your first beanbag chair or filling a new one:

               – What Size Chair Do You Need?

Bean bags come in many sizes from children’s bean bags to bean bags for adults. Many are sold unfilled, but the larger bean bags should be filled with rice or beans in order to maintain their shape and firmness.

– What Filling Should I Get?

– If your bean bag is large enough that it doesn’t fall through your arms while you sit on it, then you want it to feel plush – almost “spongy.” You can fill a beanbag chair like this with polystyrene beads which will hold their form longer than most other materials. These are by far the cheapest beanbag filling because they’re normally just tiny plastic beads (the kind used in some kids’ toys). Polystyrene beads will last forever without losing their bounce back or clumping together like some bean bag filler will do. They also come in a rainbow of colors!

– If your bean bag chair falls through your arms while you sit on it, then you want it to feel firm rather than plush. You can fill bean chairs like these with soybean or even raw beanbag beans which are larger, more expensive but they last longer. They’ll hold their form too (so that the bag holds its shape) plus they’re organic and biodegradable.

Beanbags for Teens

– Bean bags for teens should be smaller than adult bean bags so that children can easily use them as bean bag chairs  or beanbag sofas without falling off or becoming uncomfortable.

Beanbags for Babies

– If bean bags are being filled with beans they should be beanbag rattles which will not only hold shape but also make noise. Beans also help strengthen the muscles of babies and toddlers while improving their sensory awareness. Many bean bag chairs for babies are made using beanbags which have small plastic beads in them to make sounds when they’re squeezed, taken out or dropped. This makes bean bag chairs safe for babies (so long as the beanbag chair is not full of beans) because even if one falls through your child’s tiny fingers it won’t hurt them at all! Be sure to get an extra-small bean bag chair  which has similar benefits for new borns up to around two years of age.

How to Fill Bean Bag Chairs the Right Way

– When you’re filling bean bag chairs, beans are better than beads because they fit through your fingers. They’re also more comfortable when sitting on bean bags for extended periods of time. If you use beans, then it’s best to either get beanbag beans or go to a store that sells beanbags and ask them which bean is their most “firm” because some beanbag beans will be softer than others and yield less. Just remember: the firmer the bean bag chair ,  the longer it will last because it won’t break down as easily as a plush one would over time. This makes bean bags good choices for bean bag chairs  which will be used on a regular basis.

How to Make Bean Bag Chairs Last Longer

– Using beanbag beans makes bean bags last longer simply because they’re more difficult to force through arms, legs or fingers. This means that beanbag chairs filled with beanbag beans are less likely to break down over time, which is great news for anyone who wants their beanbag chairs  to last as long as possible!


How Often to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

Cleaning bean bag chairs is not too difficult, but knowing how often to clean them will depend on the person. Some bean bag chairs are just for show and should only be dusted, while others need to be cleaned every few months due to wear and tear.

If you don’t want it to wear out, then you probably shouldn’t spill soda on it or eat Cheetos in it every day either. It doesn’t take much before bean bag chairs start looking shabby.

Of course if you’re like me (and most other people), then your kids are going to get into everything they can reach including that bean bag chair with an unsecured zipper. I’m surprised that there wasn’t any damage done until this past Christmas, when they decided to use it as a bean bag mountain and my toddler got his head stuck in the bean bag chair. I was able to get him out, but not without tearing some of the bean filling out.

I had to throw that one away and bought a new bean bag chair for Christmas. Actually, we bought two; one for my son and one for my daughter because we had found them both playing together on my son’s bean bag chair like best friends do (without fighting). Now naturally, if you were me, what would you do first? Yup, I washed those bean bags first with baking soda and then dried them with high heat in the dryer which gave them that nice “brand-new” smell again.

If you’re not like me and your bean bag chairs don’t get dirty that often, then simply dusting it with a damp cloth should be fine. In fact, if you want to add some “scent” to the bean bag chair, this is a good time to do so by adding in some bean bag scent enhancer or scented dryer sheets when you throw them into the dryer.

Although my son was stuck in his bean bag chair for a few minutes before we were able to free him, I still haven’t found any rips or tears in the fabric yet. Of course he had been playing on it for quite sometime before getting stuck but that was after being used by all three of my children who have made that bean bag chair into one of their favorite places to play.

If you want bean bag chairs that are more durable, then you’ll have to give up the idea of using them as bean bag furniture and look at them more like pieces of art. Wipe it down with a damp cloth every once in awhile but don’t get it wet. If you need to get something sticky off of it, use some soap on a rag or sponge instead of water because water can damage the fabric over time if left sitting there for too long. Also keep in mind that bean bags are made out of materials that attract dirt so this is one reason why they do need to be cleaned more often than other types of furniture.

Of course bean bag chairs aren’t really meant to be looked at as bean bag furniture because they’re much more than that. They are great for kids, teens, adults and even elderly people. The bean bag chair is not only comfortable but it’s versatile in the sense that you can use them for reading or just relaxing when it’s time to kick back. Most bean bags are made with durable fabric so if you take care of it properly, then your bean bag chair should last you many years before needing to be replaced.


Pure vs Mixed: What’s the Deal?

Bean bag chairs are great for hanging out with friends or just relaxing after a long day at school or work. Today we’re going to talk about two popular types of bean bag chairs: Pure and Mixed bean bags. Pure bean bags come in one solid color while mixed bean bags usually feature a variety of colors sewn together into a pattern. Let’s check out some pros and cons of each type so you can decide which will be best for you!

Pros And Cons Of Pure Bean Bags

– – Stylish – Comes in one solid color – Usually less expensive than Mixed bean bags – Doesn’t wear as easily as Mixed bean bag

Cons of Pure bean bags:

– Usually more expensive if filled with a comfortable filler besides styrofoam beads – Not as durable over time due to multiple seams splitting apart from everyday use. – bean bag chairs usually feature a variety of colors sewn together into a pattern.  – Seams can cause uncomfortable lumps on your body when sitting for long periods of time.

Pros And Cons Of Mixed Bean Bags

– More visually appealing than pure bean bag chair- Decent durability from everyday use – Maybe less stylish than pure bean bags, although there are plenty of very stylish mixed beanbag options out there!

Cons of Mixed bean bags:

-“May” be less stylish than pure bean bags (see above)

It- Usually more expensive than pure bean bag chair

So do you go for Pure bean bags or Mixed bean bags? Well, it’s really up to your preference! It depends on how you plan to use your beanbag and what will work best for your intended seating situation. Take a look at our website and see if we offer any models that fit the bill! If we don’t, we would love to hear about it in the comments section below so we can keep bringing you options while making sure they suit your needs perfectly.

Buying or Building?

When deciding whether to purchase or build a bean bag chair, there is a multitude of options and considerations to take into account. First and foremost, is the current status of your living space. If you don’t already have furniture in your room, you may not want to invest in a large piece such as a bean bag chair. Instead, think about rearranging your room with temporary furnishings that will complement the size of your living space while maintaining the maximal amount of openness that can be achieved with these products on hand.

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