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Jordan has a religious and religious heritage. It is an Arab state in western Asia connected to the north, Syria to the east, Saudi Arabia to the east, Israel to Israel, Palestine and the Dead Sea to the west and the Red Sea to the southwest. . It is formally called the Hashemite Empire of Jordan.

No wonder this small country is diverse with Jordan culture and beauty. Outgoing Jordan in may Can be a great idea. There is a lot to witness, explore and experience during this month of the year. Read on to find out what all is for you!

Weather in jordan in may

The best time to visit Jordan in May, is the best time to visit spring as the temperature is not too cold and not too hot. During the day, the temperature starts rising to 28 ℃ (82 the) and falls to 12 ℃ (53 the) at night. The weather is pleasant to see the city and its artifacts, with a cool atmosphere due to the humidity in the spring.

Petra is slightly warmer in May with an average temperature of 25 ℃ (80 war). While Amman is the coldest city which is compared to Petra of about 22 ℃ (72.). However, most international tourists come to Jordan in May, so travel and its expenses become quite expensive in this season. If you are willing to spend your vacation it is better to prebook the hotel.

Why you should travel to Jordan in May

Although it is the most crowded in May, this season is the most comfortable for spending time in Jordan compared to other seasons. Since there is a lot of rain in the spring, the landscape including the desert is lush with wildflowers. In fact, Jordan in May is the best time to witness their Independence Day and celebrate other festivals.

1. Independence Day


On May 25, Independence Day is celebrated with grand fireworks, military parades, and hoisting of the national anthem with a 21-gun salute.

2. Hiking and Camel Trekking


The desert heats up a bit during May, but you can survive on a camel ride to Wadi Rum. Camels are known as “desert ships” and help travel across the desert. However, exploring the desert during spring is somewhat entertaining, as the days are slightly warm but the nights are humid and cold. You can easily spend with Bedouin lifestyle by searching more.

3. Ramadan


Ramadan is the purest festival of Muslims, where they stay for 30 days to eat and drink. This is the best opportunity to learn and experience the sacred period and their culture. Also, you can explore their culture more, however, tourists are not allowed to participate in it.

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Cost and expense

However, May is quite expensive due to being crowded during spring. On average, a hotel costs about $ 1,146 (JOD813) a week for a hotel, $ 19 (JOD14) a day on food and $ 13 (JOD9.54) on transportation.

5 places to visit in Jordan in May

There are many places in Jordan during the month of May that will make your whole travel experience more interesting and memorable. check them out!

1. Petra


Petra is the old capital of Jordan and was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Petra is engraved in a red sandstone, which unravels many mysteries for you. The Al-Khazneh (The Treasury) is a 30-meter-wide and 43-meter-high temple that carves pink and red rocks.

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2. Amman

The capital city of Amman and the westernmost city in Jordan. It is a mixture of old and new culture, where one can experience the history of Jordan and the history of modern Jordan in one place.

You can visit Amman’s Roman Amphitheater, Abdoun, Shopping Mall, Jordan Museum and Jabal Amman for art galleries. In addition, you can spend your evening on the terrace watching the sunset with a sip of some coffee.

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3. Plain rum


Wadi Rum extends east of the Rift Valley of about 74,000 hectares. It is the most beautiful place in Jordan because it is surrounded by sandstone arches, high cliffs and natural caves.

You can also stay there overnight, rental tents are provided for tourists. What is more amazing than seeing a sky filled with stars changing their colors with the passage of time.

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4. Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is the heart of Jordan, the world’s saltiest ocean. Due to its high salinity value, it will let you float on water without any artificial equipment. Dead Sea can win your heart with its presence, as it reflects the aquamarine color below which leaves the emerald color in the bay.
In addition, the mineral-rich soil of the Dead Sea helps you in healing, as it is used for medical treatment.

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5. Aqaba


The Gulf of Aqaba, associated with the Red Sea, popular for scuba diving. You can chill by sitting on the yellow sand beach and swim underwater and dive under water, also explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea.

You can also travel to the ancient Tall Huzairet al-Gujlan or get lost in the beauty of the sea date of Shatt al-Ghandour.

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5 things to do in Jordan in May

Listed below are some of the best activities that you can try in the month of May. Check them out and make sure that you are involved in every one of them.

1. Watch the sunset at Tal Bay


Sitting in the lock bay and watching the sunset is the most amazing thing you can ever do. When the sky changes its color, the sky changes to red and pink colors, such as the color of the sky, is something that one can never forget.

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2. Hiking to Dana Biosphere Reserve


To explore the wonders of Jordan’s nature, you can also go on foot to Wadi Fenan. Where you can also see the valley trail leading to the last nine tombs. You will like the view from above and the air that caresses your body will greatly affect your mind.

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3. Go deep under water in Aqaba


Aqaba is most popular for its deep sea adventures and scuba diving. You can enjoy deep diving and explore hard and soft coral reefs and also see underwater coral fishes in the Red Sea. You can even go scuba diving at night. And there are also many activities to do such as, fishing in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea, sniffing, and glass-boat boat trips for more fun.

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4. Drive to Kings Highway


If you are planning a road trip, then a road trip along King’s Highway is the best thing you can ever see. The view of the valleys with some lush green land is amazing among all. The path leads from the Wadi Wala valley to Karak and Sobhak Mahal. The view from above is mesmerizing and can nurture your journey.

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5. Floats on the Dead Sea


Lose yourself on the surface of the Dead Sea, let it float and rest by the minerals present in it. You can swim all day on the surface because the high salt content in the Dead Sea can make you drift throughout the day without any equipment.

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Jordan is a beautiful country to spend your vacation. It is a perfect blend of modern and old culture, in Amman, you can see beautiful historical building with modern skyscrapers. In addition, Jordan has a lot of activities for you and your children in May. If you are looking for historical adventures, a trip to Jordan would be a perfect idea.

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Frequently asked questions about Jordan in May

Q. Can women wear western clothes in Jordan?

a. Yes, women can wear T-shirts with jeans or cardigans, hoodies or scarves. But, to show some respect about Jordan culture it is better that the woman should cover her legs, chest and arms.

Q. What is the best time to visit Jordan?

a. The best time to visit Jordan is spring (March – May) or fall (September – October).

Q. Is Jordan a safe place to travel?

a. Yes, Jordan is a safe place to travel, in contrast the neighboring country Jordan is the most welcoming and quiet place to travel. Their great hospitality and calm nature set them apart from their other border-sharing countries.

Q. Is Jordan safe for children?

a. Absolutely yes, you can go with your children and enjoy your holiday in Jordan. There are also some places where you can enjoy with your children.

Q. What currency do they use?

a. JD (Dinar of Jordan) is used in Jordan, a JD equivalent to about 1.4 USD.

Q. Is it important to speak Arabic in Jordan?

a. Maybe, many of them can speak English but it is advisable to hire a local tourism guide.

Is alcohol consumption prohibited in Jordan?

a. No, although it is a Muslim country, alcohol consumption is not a problem.

Q. Which food do they eat?

a. In Jordan, they mostly eat meat with some vegetables, rice and bread. The national dish is made of Mansa lamb, curd and rice.

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