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All You Can Add To Your Holiday Bucketlist

If you think of summer in India, in most cases, you will immediately miss summer. Yercaud is an alternative elevation station overlooking the medieval city of Tamil Nadu. It is a picturesque and ideal family. From low, orange trees to spice fields to enjoy in Yercaud, you will find many attractions in the city, where you can spend time with your friends and family. The location is suitable for every type of traveler. If you are and are an adventure lover, then you can indulge in a range of adventure activities and if you like to spend time amidst lush greenery and soak in the peace of the place that you can also. But, if you are an explorer and love to see many attractions around the city, then these are some of the attractions that you can face.

10 places to visit near Yercaud

Yercaud is a great place to relax and enjoy the holiday. But if you’ve already explored most of the city, here are a few places to add to your bucket list for walking near Yercaud.

1. Vagamon Lake

Vagamon Lake


Vagamon Lake is also called the artificial Panna Lake of Yercaud Lake or a large lake located in the center of the city. Surrounded by lush green trees, it is one of the most famous attractions of Yercaud. Immersed in the majestic view of the hills and valleys. Find souvenirs and buy something for your friends.

place: Vagamon Lake, Vagamon, Tamil Nadu 636601 to Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from city: 1.1 km

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2. Pagoda Point

Pagoda point


On the way to Pagoda Point Yercaud, the journey is incomplete. East of the towering hills of Yercaud, the region offers panoramic views of the medieval and neighboring towns of Kakano. The place derives its name from a mysterious rocky mountain, which is named in the shape of a pyramid pyramid. It is a tourist destination near Kannur

place: Pagoda Point Road, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 6366 Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from city: 4.5 km

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3. Shevaroy Temple

Shevaroy Temple


The Shevaroy Temple is at the highest point of the Shevaroy Hills. In the temple, you can see the Goddess Katzuli Idol of Cerubroian. This temple gives visitors a glimpse of the spiritual development of the area. It is one of the tourist places around Kannur, from there it fills you with terra kota adrenaline which reaches temples with spectacular views of Mettur Dam.

place: Shevaroy Temple, Yercaud, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu to Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from city: 7.1 km

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4. Bear Cave

Bear cave


If you see two attractions a day during Yercaud Bear Cave, a popular place in Yercaud, you will reach the Shevaroy Temple. I felt that this is where I hosted a cave which is fascinating. Old friends claim that this cave was a secret hideout of the dominions of the Sultan of Mysore in the 18th century, which is in the vicinity of Kannur. Do not miss this unusual attraction just because it is on private property.

place: Bear Cave, Yercaud, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636601 to Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from city: 28 km

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5. Yercaud Ladies Seat

Yercaud Ladies Seat


The seats of the Yercaud Lady are part of it, and their history goes back to the time of British rule. In the past, the place was designed as a resting place and as a popular venue for British women to host cat parties. Today, visitors can enjoy the most beautiful sunset at the ladies seat. There is also a small pagoda with panoramic views. Look into nearby telescopes and admire the scenery, especially Mettavadu.

place: Ladies Seat, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636601 Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from city: 1.7 km

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6. Silk Farm and Rose Garden

Silk farm


Yercaud’s silk plantations and rose gardens are close to the Yercaud Ladies Seat; These are the main attractions for both history and honeymoon lovers. One of the traditional arts of Yercaud is the production and production of silk. The adjacent rose plantations are planted with different types of roses, especially suitable for gardening professionals, lovers and tourists.

place: Yercaud Rose Garden, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636601 to Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from city: 1.3 km

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7. Anna Park of Yercaud

Anna Park of Yercaud


Anna Park in Yercaud has a wide variety of flora and fauna. Located near Yercaud Lake, the park is an ideal place to spend a pleasant afternoon and enjoy the flora and fauna of the Dongotsu Mountains. In May Yercaud, you can enjoy a flower show every year. The hotel also has a Japanese park, which shows what the ancient Japanese garden was like.

place: Anna Park, 30/68, Ondikadai, Salem – Yercaud to Vagamon, Kerala.
Distance from city: 1.1 km

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8. Killieur Falls

Killieur Falls


It is 300 feet of Killiyur Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls to visit in India. It is one of the best places near Kannur. The waterfall near Lake Yercaud is a delight in the rainy season when the base water rises, and you can enjoy the most beautiful waterfalls. The confluence of water from Yercaud and Shiraroi mountains in Kiyaru Valley is undoubtedly one of the most sublime experiences of your life.

place: Killiyur Falls, Killiyur Road, Pattipadi, Tamil Nadu 636601 to Vagamon, Kerala
Distance from city: 3.8 km

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9. Deer Park

deer Park


For all lovers of nature and animals, and for those who have children in their families, especially those who love animals, this park is a must for Yercaud. The park is a beautiful picnic spot, and visitors can enjoy an amazing view of the hill, and children can explore various activities including basketball, baseball, cricket, football and other related sports. The park has a green playground and visitors can enjoy a pleasant view of the valley and admire the natural beauty. Nature thrives everywhere. The park is also a paradise for nature photographers. Even if a person is not an avid photographer, the picturesque landscape of the park invites you to photography.

place: Ladies Seat Road, Yercaud to Vagamon
Distance from city: 1.9 km

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10. Archidarium



Orchidarium refers to a garden with rare varieties of orchids next to the Lady’s Rock. Around 250 types of tracks are displayed in the Orchid showroom. Some of these practices are threatened by the Indian horticulture department. The magnificent “Corrosive Container for Insects” and the “Root Rock that flowers every 12 years make the orchid garden proud. The track also has a wide variety of roses, silvances and bamboo. The attraction of the garden has been the highlight of the film industry from the south of India Attracts great personalities and shoots documentary films in the park.

place: Ondikadai, Salem – Yercaud Ghat Road, Yercaud to Vagamon
Distance from city: 3 km

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Unforgettable holidays are on hand in Yercaud. After a long weekend, let’s take our loved ones to a quiet mountain resort! So, find out more about Tamil Nadu attractions, including the best time to travel, and the best places near Yercaud and plan a trip to Tamil Nadu with TravelTraangle.

Frequently asked questions about places near Yercaud

Q. Which season is best for traveling to Yercaud?

a. October to June. In addition, it is time to go for hiking, backpacking, travel and outdoor activities. Yaruko has the busiest summer season, often with lively restaurants and tourist attractions.

Q. How many days will it take to come to Yercaud?

a. You can add some extra travel days to connect Yercaud with important destinations like Ergiri, Ooty, Mulero and Tanjaburu.

Q. What budget is required to come to Yercaud?

a. Your trip to Yercaud will depend on the type of hotel you are visiting.

Q. Which places to visit and what to do while traveling to Yercaud?

a. Be sure to include the perspective of Yakado Lake’s most famous attractions, the women’s seat, rose garden, Pagoda Point Kiriyaru Falls, and the Shevaroy Temple. If you have time, you can specify places to visit in places such as Hogenakkal Falls.

Q. What to buy in Yercaud?

a. Yercaud is also known for its spices such as oranges, nuts, guava, cardamom, kala hu, but if they trade, you can get these spices at a cheaper price than Yercaud. Quality check.

Q. What are the must-see sights in Yercaud?

a. Must-visit attractions in Yercaud include:
1. Panna Lake
2. Tipri’s approach
3. Anna Park
4. Raja Rajeshwari Temple
5. Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple

Q. How far is Yercaud from Chennai?

a. The distance between Yercaud and Chennai is 380 km. You can fly to Yarakud or drive by car.

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