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All time Best 24 Beautiful Mehendi Designs For Hands

Mehendi Designs For Hands: Mehendi designs for the front of hands are fun to look at, and they’re also easy to create at home. If you want to give the bride a gorgeous looking mehendi, here are a few ideas that will make it easier. It’s definitely a scroll-my collection, so hope you like (and pin!) your favorite mehendi design from this collection!Simple Bridal Mehendi Design for Front of Hand – Circular designs with a lot of ornate borders Instead of just doing the simple circular in the center of the hand (which some brides like), decide to do something a bit more creative! It is possible to take a lot of time and effort in getting a beautiful looking mehendi, but if you know how, the end result can be worth it! This style is great because it doesn’t have a lot of elaborate design on the outside. You simply put a few different colors on the back of your hand, and there you have it! These mehendis can also come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. It all depends on your creativity and what you are comfortable with!

Custom Mehendi for the Back of Hand – This style has several different looks. You can put a lot of different colored stones and embellishments on the back of your hand, or you can do a unique combination with beads and other natural materials. There are many things that can go into this style. It is possible to choose a mehendi in either traditional mehndi style or modern mehndi style.

Mehendi for the Groom’s Finger – The groom is able to wear a very formal, elegant mehendi. This look is a little bit more casual, but can still look incredible! Because of the fact that this design only covers the front of the hand, you don’t need to worry about a messy mess. Because you can use so many different beads, beaded jewelry, or even pearls, you can be sure that the dress will stay looking nice for quite some time!

Tribal Mehendi Design – These mehendi designs can have two, three, or even four different colors of beads. They also work well when you have different stones set around the mehendi as well. Because these are more elaborate, they are perfect for the bride who wants something totally different and unique. Because of the large amount of stones, this look is perfect for a wedding that has a lot of different traditions going on. These brides also love having a lot of different accessories and embellishments.

Flower-filled Mehendi Design – The bride with love a lot of flowers, so she can get all the flowers in her mehendi! Flower-filled mehendis are a popular choice because you can put several different colors and even designs in the mehendi. The only problem with this style is that the bridal party may think it is pretty wild and out of place. Flower-filled mehendis are a little bit harder to clean up after the ceremony, which makes them difficult to wear as evening wear. The good news is that you can always leave the flower design out.

Personalized Mehendi – These are the best for brides who love to decorate their mehendi. You can use pretty rhinestones, crystals, beads, and other charms to create a unique style that is sure to impress your guests. The bridal party will really appreciate this design because it allows them to be creative and really let their personalities shine through! You can also add a lot of personal touches to the mehendi to make it stand out from the rest. Personalizing your mehendi can also help you stand out from the competition because you have added some extra flair of your own to the mehendi.

All-American Mehendi – These are the perfect choice for those who are just looking for something fun! They are easy to wear and take on a walk in the park. These bridal mehendi designs are great for a couple who love nature and the outdoors. Because these are more colorful, you don’t want to be afraid to be a bit wild. adventurous and try out new things. A lot of couples also like to use animal designs or tribal patterns for their mehendis.

Mehendi Designs For Hands
Mehendi Designs For Hands

Mehendi is a lovely and historical heritage in India. Adorning the palms with lovely mehendi has turned into a trend among women from every age category as time immemorial. Every woman might swear by mehendi to better her cultural beauty. It’s a decoration for hands, feet and wrist without that any festivity appears to be incomplete. All of us know how women really like to relish the enchanting odor and daring designs of mehendi. So, all of the beautiful ladies out there here are a few gorgeous mehendi designs to your palms to make any event special.

1. Let’s start with traditional ones

Traditional Indian Mehndi Designs for hands

Mehndi Designs Henna Pattern

Mehendi in itself is a tradition, and hence there are numerous mehendi patterns that reflect tradition. Intricate motifs, floral designs cover the hands and arm beautifully leaving no space in between. These are the first choice of any mehendi loving women for every occasion.

2. Simple yet extremely gorgeous bracelet mehendi


brooklyn henna

bracelet style mehendi

These days’ simple bracelet mehendi designs are the talk of the town. Though simple they look extremely elegant on any occasion. Even the mehendi shy girls would fall in love with a bracelet mehendi.

3. Add a ring to it…


ring and bracelet mehendi design

Why not add a ring to your bracelet mehendi design. A kara or bracelet on the wrist and ring while keeping the palm plain takes away the gaudy look mehendi is known for but definitely looks classy and elegant. The best part is you can try it at home yourself.

4. Adorn your arms with bangle mehendi


full arm mehendi design

Who needs bangles when you can paint them in beautiful floral or netted designs on your wrist with mehendi? Extremely beautiful swirls and curls wound around the wrist give the appearance of bangles. Fraught with intricate details and elaborate patterns bangle mehendi can be the center of everybody’s attraction.

5. Tattoo mehendi can be done on any occasion



mehndi-tatto designs

For those who love ink but are way too afraid of the pain that comes along can get a temporary tattoo with mehendi. You can also flaunt your backless and sleeveless dresses on a special occasion with a henna tattoo and make all the heads turn.

6. Or without an occasion

mehendi tattoo

One of the many good things about a tattoo mehendi is you don’t need any occasion to get it. With or without occasion it helps add flavor to your personality. There are various tattoo mehendi designs which are simple, less detailed yet jaw dropping.

7. Elegant Indian mehendi



If you love heavy intricately woven motifs, Indian mehendi designs are known for them. The unique designs fill up the entire hands with floral patterns, peacocks, lace that are bold and prominent. Indian mehendi looks glamorous on any and every occasion.

8. Play with some old styles



circular mehendi

Since the art of mehendi can be traced back in history there are many old and elementary designs one can experiment with at home. A bright sun like circle in the center of the palm and top of the fingers covered with mehendi is an old pattern. You can create a unique blend of old designs with the new ones and shine out at the parties.

9. Chose from floral patterns and peacock designs




Floral patterns and peacock motifs are contemporary designs. A combination of the two with small little flowers and intricately woven designs on the fingers is an unorthodox style that is different and extraordinary.

10. Lovely floral and leafy patterns of Pakistani mehendi



Pakistani mehendi is a fusion of Indian and Arabic designs. Beautiful swirls and curls with elaborate motifs on the palm and back of the hand imparts it a unique touch. Intricate flowers and leafy motifs are the highlights of Pakistani mehendi. Traditional ornaments enhance a beautiful mehendi design.

11. Black outlines accentuates the design


Indo arabic mehendi

Black mehendi is the latest craze among the young mehendi lovers. A leafy or floral pattern outlined with black mehendi and filled with red looks gorgeous and compliments every festive outfit with its sheer beauty. A clutter free mehendi with bold outlines alone also look really chic and trendy.

12. Intricate Moroccan mehendi designs


mehendi design with circular patterns

moroccan mehendi designs

If you are bored with the same floral and leafy patterns, Moroccan mehendi is the best option. Unlike the usual floral motifs, a Moroccan mehendi design is more about geometric lines and tribal figures.

13. It’s all about geometric patterns



geometric mehendi design

Straight lines cutting at right angles, triangles, diamonds, chevrons, and other specific layouts, are the signature patterns of the Moroccan style mehendi. These patterns are trend setting as they look extraordinary with any indo-western outfit.

14. Extraordinary Arabic mehendi



Arabic mehendi is an ideal choice for a modern and sassy look. With distinctive floral designs and intricate motifs, Arabic mehendi designs are both bold and beautiful. Those who shy away from full hand mehendi love Arabic mehendi designs with a simple and elegant trail of floral motifs running from the top of a finger down to the end of the palm.

15. Fusion of Indian and Arabic mehendi designs

arabic design



Fusion of Indian and Arabic designs gives birth to another mind blowing art. Indo-Arabic mehendi designs are a nice blend of intricate Indian designs and bold Arabic style outline. This has now become the most sought after mehendi design for every occasion.

16. Modern mehendi designs

modern mehendi design


Unlike heavy and detailed motifs and miniature patterns that were in trend some time ago, these days clutter-free and less complicated designs are setting the trend. Modern designs with graceful arches and curves look versatile and go with modern as well as contemporary outfits.

17. The classic bridal Mehendi

mughal mehendi design


hand and feet mehendi design

Bridal mehendi brings the oomph factor to the beauty of the bride at Indian weddings, covered till elbow both at the front and back of the hand with detailed motifs, bridal mehendi is classic. Not only hands even legs are adorned with beautiful mehendi designs.

18. Go for thematic mehendi

Thematic mehendi

thematic mehandi design

Thematic mehendi designs are done according to the occasion. Especially for Indian brides who wear mehendi both on hands and feet thematic mehendi designs should be the first option. These designs feature a bride and groom’s face in each hand, elephants and other symbols that are apt for a bride on her wedding.

19. Rich Mughal mehendi designs

Mughal mehendi

Latest Mehndi-Designs

Just like the royal mughals, mughal mehendi designs are also rich and classy. These designs have a flavor of traditions and are really charming and beautiful. Mughal mehendi designs are timeless classics which resemble the rich art and culture of the Mughals.

20. What about accessorizing your mehendi

embellished mehendi-

The newest trend in the art of mehendi is accessorizing it. Glitter and beads are used for this purpose. It definitely makes the design look gaudy but in a good way. Accessorized mehendi is definitely gorgeous and eye-catching and looks great on special occasions like weddings.

21. Glitter Mehendi is a trendy option



Glitter mehendi is a new addition to this age old practice of wearing mehendi which is becoming popular very fast. A glitter mehendi prettifies any mehendi design and the outfit you wear. Colored glitters and sparkly shimmer in your mehendi will help you dazzle on every special occasion.

22. Go over the top with beaded Mehendi



Beads and stones set beautifully inside the intricate motifs of mehendi have now become the new ornaments for any occasion. They help highlight the beautiful curls and swirls of a mehendi design and look stunning with party outfits.

23. Embellishments will make you dazzle


Glitter, beads or stones all these embellishments in your mehendi design will help you dazzle at all your special occasions. It can be a good change from the usual plain mehendi you have been wearing on all occasions.

24. Why stick to just one color even in Mehendi


Colored Bangle-Mehendi

We are mostly acquainted with the red, brown and black mehendi but that’s not it. These days multi-colored mehendi is setting the trend. You can choose from different colors according to your outfit and fill your mehendi design to look stunning and shine out.

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