All the Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Kid-Friendly

Ask all parents which room in their house is the most busy, and they’ll likely say the kitchen. While families often gather here, the kitchen also contains many less child-friendly functions – hot hobs, sharp knives, fragile glassware – so mindful designing is crucial.

Thank God, IKEA has always designed for the whole family, and kitchen solutions are no exception. You want a room that stimulates the little ones to cook, is reliable and is easy to maintain. Here’s how to do it all and more.


what cook can see
Stainless steel kitchen


When laying out the kitchen, make sure that parents can cook while keeping an eye on their little ones, whether they’re in an adjacent playroom or doing homework in the breakfast nook.

If you have a single-walled kitchen that is adjacent to the living room, add an island to create a work area where you don’t have to turn your back on the kids. Place the sink under a window to have a clear view of the garden when washing dishes.

This is a no-brainer, but sharp kitchen appliances should be as far away from small hands as possible. Instead of an easily accessible knife block, install a magnetic wall shelf on the backsplash behind the counter not only for knives, but also for scissors, peelers and other sharp metal tools.

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For other accessories that could do damage, such as a mandolin, cheese grater, or chopper, dedicate a drawer and secure it with a Parental controls. Better put together a line of child-friendly utensils, bowls, cutlery and an apron to give them their own tools to work with. (For more ideas, see below.)


Children's closet
Children play kitchen


Encourage the kids to go to the kitchen with you and learn how to cook by giving them their own storage space. Store it with children’s utensils, your favorite dishes and child-friendly “adult” goods such as container, small pots and pans, and colorful brushes.

IKEA offers a whole range of kitchen utensils for children that are tailored to cooks of all ages. There is a Knife and peeler set with features such as rounded edges from 8 years and multicolored plates, Peel, cups, and cutlery, made of recyclable plastic without BPA. They sell too Placemats, a Apron in pint size, and sweet lunch boxes.


easy to clean surfaces
dark laminate countertops


Spills and clutter are abundant when you live with children. Regardless of whether you have a toddler or a teenager, installing surfaces that can be wiped quickly and easily is a must. IKEA’s Quartz countertops are extremely low maintenance; The material is not porous and is very scratch, dirt and heat resistant. For a more budget-friendly option, Laminate counter are just as easy to clean.

You also want cabinet fronts that can be cleaned in no time. Flat plate is the way to go – no cracks where juice or crumbs can get stuck – and a High gloss finish is the most durable. Painted or Foil fronts are equally easy to clean and at the same time dirt and moisture resistant.

Small children move around no matter how many times they shout “no running inside!”. The last thing you want is a small head that hits a sharp opposite corner. IKEA’s customized quartz worktops are cut to your specifications so you can choose completely around the edges. (Bonus: Your hips are protected too!)


Add seating

Seating – in the form of a dining table, a breakfast nook or a bar stool that is dragged to an island – is crucial for a child-friendly kitchen. It welcomes teenagers into the room and gives them a place to do homework or help prepare food while being kept away from the cook.

For a small child, consider a miniature table. While IKEA has a few primary colors OptionsThey also sell children’s tables that go with a variety of kitchen styles, such as those HAY-designed YPPERLIG table in ash with a dark red edge and the solid pine SUNDVIK, in a black-brown stain or white finish.


Board surface

The UDDEVALLA fronts from IKEA have a panel surface that gives your kitchen cupboards a bizarre touch. A blackboard finish is of course fun (which child doesn’t want to write on the cupboards?), But is also useful. Use the space to write down necessary food, recipes or reminders of upcoming family events. If you want to keep the update temporarily, IKEA also sells self-adhesive sheet boards This means that a board surface can be created on any wall.

Let your children cook from an early age – IKEA Kitchen Services will be happy to help you. Make an appointment to get started.

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