All Puzzle Solutions in Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil series has always featured intricate puzzles for players to solve. Most of the time, these puzzles reward players with the hidden keys they need to progress. Other times, these puzzles reward them with valuable items to sell in-game. This guide will focus on the puzzles of Resident Evil Village, specifically the ones that require some thought and riddle-solving. Be sure to check out our safe codes guide and our treasure locations guide for more helpful information.

Warning! Massive spoilers ahead!

The Maiden and Demon Crests

Ethan has it on good authority that baby Rose is in Castle Dimitrescu. However, he’ll have to solve the first puzzle thrown at him in Resident Evil Village to open the gateway. Ethan needs to find the Maiden and Demon Crests hidden in the village. Thankfully, the Maiden Crest is in plain sight.

On his way to Luiza’s house, Ethan will find a church with a typewriter inside. On the altar, surrounded by pictures of Mother Miranda and the Four Lords, is the Maiden Crest. Pick it up to add it to your inventory.

Once players make it to Luiza’s house, they’ll find the Demon Crest locked in a small box and are prompted to find a screwdriver to open the box. Progress through Luiza’s house until Ethan and Elena have escaped into the garage. From here, Ethan will need to find the Truck Key.

The Truck Key is in a drawer left of the sink in Luiza’s kitchen. Examine the Truck Key to find the screwdriver. Once Ethan escapes Luiza’s house for good, he’ll be able to use the screwdriver to obtain the Demon Crest.

Take both crests back to the door leading to Castle Dimitrescu and arrange them in their proper slots. The doors will open, and Ethan can continue the hunt for Rose.

Hall of Ablution

After finding the Courtyard Key, Ethan will follow Lady Dimitrescu up to her chambers. However, the door is locked, and Ethan will have to find another way around. He’ll stumble upon the Hall of Ablution and will have to find a way to drain the blood from the center of the room. There are four statues in each corner and a riddle reading, “Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their Lord their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”

Unfortunately, this riddle isn’t very helpful, and many players ended up resorting to guessing the proper arrangement of the statues. To solve the Hall of Ablution Puzzle:

  • The two women must face each other.
  • The horseman must face the woman with the wine bottle.
  • The three poor men must face the horseman.

Once Ethan arranges these statues properly, the blood will drain, and a pathway will open. Proceed through to be one step close to obtaining Lady Dimitrescu’s Key.

The piano puzzle

In the Opera Hall, Ethan will find a piano ready to be played. Those with a knack for music theory can read the sheet music provided and play all the right notes. Those without a shroud of musical talent can hammer away at different keys until they inevitably play all the right notes.

You’ll see a red dot appear on the sheet music corresponding with the key you just played. Use that red dot to find the right notes. Once you play the right note, it locks in place, and you can move onto the next one.

Once solved, a secret drawer will open, and Ethan will find the Iron Insignia Key. This key is crucial to progressing the game and unlocking secret doors.

The five bells

The Bells Puzzle has got players scratching their heads, especially when finding the fifth bell. Ethan will find a massive portrait of Lady Dimitrescu in a small room. In front of the portrait is an easel, and on the easel is a note reading, “Let the five bells of this hall ring out.” Here’s where to find the five bells:

  • Bell 1: The first bell is to the left of the easel in plain sight. Melee this one to save ammo. You’ll have to shoot the rest.
  • Bell 2: The second bell is hidden atop the Wardrobe across from the easel.
  • Bell 3: You’ll see some holes in the wall behind the easel. Swinging between them is another bell. Place your crosshairs where the bell passes the hole. A well-timed shot will ring it. This one is easiest to hit from the top of the stairs in the room.
  • Bell 4: While on top of those stairs, you’ll find the fourth bell on the chandelier hanging over the room. Shoot the chandelier to get a clean shot on the bell.
  • Bell 5: The final bell is set off in the distance and can be seen through a window over Lady Dimitrescue’s head. You’ll need to shoot once to break the glass and again to ring the bell.

You’ll know a bell has been rung once a tiny flame appears above it. Ringing all five will reveal a secret door hidden behind the Lady Dimitrescu portrait.

The Azure Eye puzzle

After finding his way into the attic area of Castle Dimitrescu, Ethan will learn of a secret treasure locked in the dungeons below. Now, with the Iron Insignia key in hand, he can find this hidden treasure: The Azure Eye.

Head back down to the dungeon and unlock the Iron Insignia door. You’ll find enough explosives to blow the castle sky-high. However, you only need enough to destroy the cracked wall on the left side of the room. Doing so will expose a tall post with a lit flame on top.

You’ll remember a similar mechanic of lighting the swinging torches from early in Ethan’s castle adventure. However, these torches don’t light very willingly. Instead, shoot the torch on the left toward the flame. This will make it go higher than Ethan can physically push it. Then, shoot the other torch to make it swing, and