Alice Nevers: we were on the set of the finale with Marine Delterme and Jean-Michel…

After 18 seasons, the “Alice Nevers” series ends after a final double episode which will be broadcast this Thursday on TF1. Meeting with Marine Delterme, Jean-Michel Tinivelli, and producer Vincent Mouluquet on the set of this final chapter.

End clap for Alice Nevers. After 18 seasons, 121 episodes, and almost twenty years of existence, the series led by Marine Delterme and Jean-Michel Tinivelli, which follows the success of the version of the Judge is a woman with Florence Pernel, ends this Thursday February 10 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 with the broadcast of a double concluding episode entitled “Cavalcades”, which already promises to offer a nice final bouquet to fans of the adventures of the prosecutor and her faithful Marquand.

Directed by Chris Briant and written by Claire Alexandrakis and Aude Blanchard, this finale was shot last November, between the Paris region and Normandy, in order to stick to the new start of the two heroes.

AlloCiné was able to attend one of the last days of filming for this inevitably special double episode, where a mixture of nostalgia, emotion, and joy floated at the idea of ​​being able to close one of the series as it should be. longest French films in the history of television.

Alice Nevers made in Normandy… or almost

Tuesday, November 23, 2021. In freezing cold, head to the Château de Bouffémont, about thirty kilometers from Paris, in the heart of the Montmorency forest, where the Ego Productions teams have set down their cameras while shooting some sequences supposed to take place in the castle of Prince Faisal (Selim Clayssen), who finds himself linked to the investigation of Alice and Marquand, and is part of the long list of suspects of “Cavalcades”.

“The action of this double episode takes place in Normandy, but we couldn’t shoot everything there for economic reasons, so we made sure to find sets in the Paris region that could pass for Normandy”explains the producer of Alice Nevers, Vincent Mouluquet, between two scenes.

“We mainly went to Normandy for exteriors. We are in the world of horse racing, so we used training tracks at the foot of Mont-Saint-Michel, magnificent beaches, and we shot the exteriors of the local police station in Granville, as well as a horse race, just next to Deauville. We found the right balance between what we were filming there and what we were shooting in the Paris region. And we discovered this castle and we said to ourselves that it had certain assets in terms of decoration which brought the luxury to which we aspired for the domain of our Qatari prince”.

Alice Nevers we were on the set of the finale

For this long-awaited finale, exit the Parisian setting of Alice Nevers and head to the provinces where the two heroes have chosen to start a new life. But the work is never far away and the prosecutor Nevers, as well as a Marquand infiltrated in an equestrian training center, will try to elucidate the murder of a young jockey (Grégoire Champion) promised to a very bright future. .

The opportunity to meet, that day, Paul Bartel (The Little Princes, You are my son), who lends his features to Chris, a rival of the victim, and says to himself “delighted to be part of the end of a phenomenon like Alice Nevers”, as he prepares to shoot a sequence with Marine Deltermne, Jean-Michel Tinivelli, and Jessyrielle Massengo. Because, to make matters worse, Ada, the daughter of Alice and Marquand, fell in love with Chris and decided to sneak out to find the one who makes her heart beat. Quit putting yourself in danger?

A final in the form of a gift for the public

With the announcement of the end of the series in January 2021, the production and the actors hope to be entitled to a conclusion worthy of the name, despite the feeling of a page that was turned at the end of the last episode of the season 18. Quite simply because the filming of the finale in Noirmoutier, which served as the setting for the isolated island of the “Pact”, had been thwarted by the Covid and the confinement the previous year.

“We had tried to bring our heroes to another universe. But after two days of filming, the first confinement fell on us and everything stopped”tells us Vincent Mouluquet. “Not knowing what would happen, we quickly realized that we couldn’t finish these episodes as they were initially planned, so we rewrote the ending during the summer to end in a different mood”.

“We ended with our two heroes looking at the horizon and dreading the aftermath. We didn’t know if that was going to be the end of the series or not. It was a pretty nice ending that was received as a possible conclusion by viewers. But this end had all the same been imagined in an emergency, under duress in a certain way”.

“Once the end of the series was recorded, we therefore discussed with TF1 and we came to the conclusion that it would be good to offer a real end to the public, to say thank you to the people who followed us during all these years. Because we have a fairly hardcore fan community (laughs)”continues the producer of Alice Nevers, who joined the adventure when the series went from 90 to 52 minutes.

1644355064 251 Alice Nevers we were on the set of the finale

“The channel accepted the idea that we could go to the provinces. And then, knowing that there had already been an aborted marriage and that the fans were a little angry with us, I think, we quickly imagined that the final would end with this long-awaited wedding”.

“It was an opportunity to do it. And we really wanted to gather as many recurring characters as possible from the series. If we hadn’t been able to do these two episodes, we would have been really sad because the working conditions were a bit ” stolen” on the end of season 18. It was an abortive end, a little sad. There, we end with a wedding, with friends reunited, there is worse to end a series”.

These friends are Arnaud Binard (Sylvain Romance), Jean Dell (Edouard Lemonnier), Guillaume Carcaud (Victor Lemonnier), Alexandre Varga (Mathieu), or even Pierre Santini, the interpreter of Alice’s father, who all accepted to return one last time on the occasion of the wedding of the two heroes. Reunions that delight Marine Delterme, who even worked behind the scenes to make them happen.

“It’s very nice to find them. And it’s very funny because Jean-Michel didn’t believe it (laughs)”laughs the star of the series before going to shoot an interrogation sequence between Alice and Prince Fayçal. “With his grumpy and defeatist side, Jean-Mi told me ‘They won’t come. He spins. Him, it’s over for too long”. And I took my phone on the weekend, I said “Come on Jean, you come”.

“And finally we managed to bring everyone together at the wedding so that it would be a nice gift for the viewers. We couldn’t end the series without offering a nice separation that goes well, like in a couple. I wanted an end happy, which brings joy and which shows that Alice can reconcile her work, her couple, her children. That all of this is possible”.

“I don’t really realize it’s over”

A few days before filming the wedding, which will mark the very last day of the Alice Nevers adventure, Marine Delterme does not seem to feel any fatigue despite the fairly brisk pace of filming. “These are big days, it’s true, in important sets. When we shot in Granville or near Mont-Saint-Michel, we had shorter timings, so there everything is more focused on the end of the filming, but it does not bother me, I like this speed”.

The actress, seen recently in Loin de chez moi on TF1 and in Manipulations on France 2, explains to us that from the start she was in agreement with the desire of the production, the channel, and the screenwriters to make a turn and a change. important life for Alice and Marquand just before the end clap.

“It’s good to bring a little openness to a thriller like Alice Nevers, especially in this complicated period”confides Marine Delterme to us before going to join her sidekick Jean-Michel Tinivelli on the set.

“This desire to see the character change his life corresponded to what people experienced during confinement. Alice decides that she wants to go to the provinces and that she wants to live differently”. A vision shared by Vincent Mouluquet: “We have always made sure to be in touch with current events and the reality of a large audience. And there, the aspiration to an elsewhere, to leave the big cities, it seemed to us to be a natural movement for our hero. And the chain followed us”.

And if Marine Delterme claims to be excited at the idea of “crossing other roles, other partners, other producers”despite the emotion that she struggles to hide after twenty years in the skin of Alice Nevers, her partner since season 6, Jean-Michel Tinivelli, admits that she does not yet realize that this great and beautiful adventure is going to stop .

1644355065 815 Alice Nevers we were on the set of the finale

“The 13 years that I spent on the show are mixed up in my head. I don’t really realize that it’s over”entrusts us the interpreter of Fred Marquand. “You know, I didn’t think I would stay that long in this series. I thought I was going to do six episodes, or even a second season at most (laughs). But it’s looming, it’s the end there”.

“I’m certainly sad to say goodbye to the teams, but I’m happy with what we’ve achieved in all these years. And I’m happy with this final. It would have been a bit difficult for everyone if we didn’t hadn’t been entitled to this double episode. I’m thinking of the fans, of Marine too, for whom all of this is necessarily emotionally charged. And I’m glad we didn’t wait too long to put these two episodes into action”.

The one who will soon be found on France 3 in Simon Coleman continues by explaining that he understands the need for TF1 to “renew its programs” and that he will remember above all the very beautiful encounters made on the series. “I will obviously remember the meeting with Marine. The meeting with my partners, my assistant cops. I had the chance to shoot with guys with whom I got on really well. And I think you really learn your job on a series like this”.

Thursday evening, fans of Alice Nevers will say goodbye to their favorite series, at the same time as the actors will go to new serial or cinematographic adventures. But not before having finally attended the wedding of the most famous prosecutor of the small screen.

“The public will finally have the right to marriage. Better late than never (laughs). It had become a running-gag”admits amused Jean-Michel Tinivelli when asked about the plot of this final episode. “If it had been up to me, I wouldn’t have made the wedding a reality. It would have pissed me off that there was still an obstacle”.

“And, at the same time, I tell myself that it’s very good, if we think of all the fans who have waited so long for this wedding. Like the familiarity (laughs). Because we have remained in a traditional way for years that I I liked it a lot. I found it very pretty, charming, and quite glamorous. We were a bit like Arielle Dombasle and BHL on television (laughs)”. True fans will understand.