Alexa’s getting ‘more expressive,’ and your Echo will soon join your conversations

Alexa is getting AI.

Chris Monroe / Tips Clear

Amazon has unveiled new artificial intelligence Capabilities for Alexa, with the aim of making their in-house voice assistant more interactive. Alexa will be “more natural and more expressive,” Amazon said during its annual product launch event Thursday

Harnessing technological advances in neural text-to-speech, Amazon said that is using AI to make Alexa’s reactions better suited to real human interactions. This includes multisensory artificial intelligence, or the ability of many people to interact with a voice assistant.

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“As humans, our interactions are more freely flowing, much less structured. We don’t often use each other’s names. We talk to each other, and we speak together,” Amazon he said. Alexa will use the context of an entire conversation to decide if there is a request for it.

Amazon is calling it Teaching AI, where Alexa can ask questions to fill gaps in contextual understanding. Capacity will come in the coming months.

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