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Net Worth of Alexandra Cooper: Alexandra Cooper is an American podcast personality who has a net worth of XYZ. She is famous for co-directing the Call Her Daddy podcast with Sofia Franklyn.

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth

Alexandra Cooper was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania in August 1994. She was an on-air studio presenter with Dirty Water Media from 2016. Cooper was a football star at Boston University. The team won the Patriot League title in 2014. It is also known for being a popular social media personality with more than a million followers on Instagram.

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth
Alexandra Cooper Net Worth

Alexandra Cooper directs Call Her Daddy with radio host Sofia Franklyn. In 2020, Barstool Sports offered Cooper and Franklyn base salaries of $ 500,000, an increase from their previous salaries of $ 75,000. They were also offered brand ownership of the podcast. Alexandra Cooper has a romantic bond with Major League baseball pitcher Noah Syndergaard. Cooper and Franklyn met through a mutual friend.

Contractual controversy:

According to a May 2020 report in the NY Post, a few weeks before a deadlock between Barstool and Sofia / Alexandra, the duo wanted to withdraw from Barstool which owns the intellectual property rights of the podcast Call Her Daddy. The NY Post reported that at the time of the feud, the girls had a contract that paid $ 75,000 a year per piece. They can also earn $ 2,500 each time an episode reaches 10% more than the show’s average audience. In protest, Franklyn and Cooper stopped recording episodes in early April 2020 for several weeks. In the meantime, Sofia’s boyfriend, an HBO executive named Peter Nelson, is said to have negotiated a new deal for the duo in a new company, ignoring the fact that they were under contract.

Founder of bar stool David Portnoy revealed that he offered the duo new contracts that would pay high six-figure wages AND offered a way to regain their IP. An insider told the Post that Cooper was apparently open to the deal while Franklyn was not.

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