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Alexa Guard Plus transforms your Amazon Echo into a security device


Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

Amazon 2020 Hardware Event Thursday brought a Alexa important announcements As part of the presentation. Chief among them is the launch of Alexa Guard Plus, a new security feature designed to enhance existing listening and reporting capabilities. Alexa Guard, For a $ 4.99 monthly fee.

Alexa Guard Plus has three main components: First, your Echo speaker or Echo show performance Will be able to hear a variety of sounds, from opening and closing doors to footfalls and breaking glass. Second, your device will be able to respond, which will prevent intruders from breaking (for example, by running a recording of dogs barking). And finally, your device will add an emergency line monitored 24/7 by a third-party company that will direct your call to police, fire departments or personal emergency contacts as appropriate.

Guard Plus will also integrate with many Smart home Security services, including Dham, Wyze, A3 Smart Home, Scout, Resideo And Amazon’s own ring. Ring Protect Plus customers will get Alexa Guard Plus for free, and each of the other services will soon offer subscription tiers, including Guard Plus.

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