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Albie Galutten Net worth: Albie Galutten is an American technology executive and futurist with a net worth of $ 25 million. He is known for writing / producing several # 1 singles for artists such as Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand and Dolly Parton. He also famously invented the commercial drum loop, which was used by Bee Gees’ smash hit song “Stayin Alive”.

Albee Galutten was born in December 1947 in Hartsdale, New York. He is a record producer, composer, composer, orchestrator and songwriter who plays the piano, keyboard, synthesizer and guitar. Gallutten has won two Grammy Awards as well as a BMI Award and a Dramlog Award. He attended Berklee College of Music. Albie Gallutten has teamed up with Barry Gibb and Carl Richardson. He has written the # 1 single for Bee’s songs, including “You Should Be Dancing”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Stan Alive”, and more. He also wrote # 1 singles for Barbara Strisand, Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton and more. Galton wrote hit singles “Knockin ‘on Heaven Door” for Eric Clapton, “Heartbreaker” for Dion Warwick, and more. He also held several patents and created the first commercial drum loop.

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