Akaso T95N Mini MX+ Streaming Media Player Review

Akaso T95N Mini MX+ Streaming Media Player Review

Akaso T95N Mini MX+ : When aiming to get access to the best streaming media, you need to use a media player that will get you there quickly. A player that also provides you with added support for handling the best possible 3D or 4K signals helps too.

Akaso T95N Mini MX+

Fortunately, there is an attractive streaming media player that will work wonders for your needs. The Akaso T95N Mini MX+ player will get you online and ready to stream all kinds of great programs from all the hottest streaming media providers around.

This model from Akaso is a smaller version of other players that the company has released in the past. This offers a great that adds something appealing and unique for your streaming needs. This can be added into any spot that you might want to get this working in while setting up your media center in your home.

A Physical Look

The T95N Mini MX+ is a smaller type of streaming media player that can fit anywhere in your home theater setup. It is best to keep it in a space where it can actually read online signals though.

This is only 3.5 inches on each side and is 0.5 inches deep. It weighs a little less than a pound as well.

A simple plug is included on this player to link it up to your television set. Specifically, it uses an HDMI plug for it to start working. It is a very direct process that works with a vast majority of television sets.

This is small enough to where you can easily fit it into your pocket. Even with that in mind, it will still keep itself together thanks to its strong reinforced body.

How Does It Get Online?

The WiFi support on this media player is a special part of what makes it work. It uses a built-in WiFi antenna with 2.4GHz bandwidth support. A wired Ethernet port can also be used if desired.

The menu on this player allows you to find an online connection and get online with ease. This only takes a few minutes to work but when used right will give you access to the best possible online signals around.

A USB port is also added here to increase the functionality of this media player. This makes it easier for you to use it to your advantage with one of many things in mind.

A Powerful Unit

The powerful design of the T95N makes it a great option to consider when getting online to download streaming media. It uses an H.295 decoding setup that uses about half the bandwidth of a typical media player. This allows you to quickly load up 4K movies with ease. The picture will stay clear and the threat of lagging will be a thing of the past.

This uses 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. This allows the device to store more data and to read high-resolution information quickly. The process of loading up pictures and sound will not take a long as it might normally do.

The processor is a 2.0GHz quad-core Amlogic S905 unit. It works with a 600MHz penta-core Mali 450 GPU. This is a fast unit that keeps streaming functions running fast and easy to follow.

What Software Does It Run?

In terms of its operating functions, the Kodi 16.0 media player is used. This is an open source player that supports a vast variety of operating systems and file formats. It especially does well with 3D and 4K signals.

The Android 5.1 operating system is also used here. This is an operating system that uses a simple interface that is efficient and does not take far too much time to load up. It creates a better control when used the right way.

Controlling Is Easy

It’s not too hard to control the T95N unit. You can use a simple remote control that comes with this to get from one spot to the next. This should be very easy to work with and not too slow.

The menus used here are very easy to follow and use. This works with a smart arrangement that isn’t too hard or complicated to work with and will certainly be more entertaining and suitable for your use.

An Amazing Appearance

As you use the streaming device, you will get your television set to play back the best possible audio and video around. The strong processor makes it to where the unit will download videos of all sorts with ease. It does well with 3D and 4K video alike. Of course, your television set will need to be equipped to support one of these video formats for this to work out as well as possible. The sound support on this is also strong as it produces the best possible surround sound features to make your playback process work right and effectively.

What Can You Stream?

The things that can be streamed off of this player are rather varied. The T95N works with YouTube, Google Play and Netflix videos.

This also works with many channels that allow you to load up on demand videos from many channels. The selection is rather vast and will provide you with more than enough great entertainment options.

Of course, you will have to get a subscription to some of these media services to get access to their streaming signals. The terms for each subscription will vary but you will still be able to quickly get online and load up files after you log in through the media player.

Other Network Points

You can also use this to get online to many great applications. This uses Skype, Flicker, Facebook and Picasa apps among many others. You can use this to share data with people or to communicate with others by video. The spare USB port can be used to link a camera up to this for when you want to communicate with others through Skype.


In summary, the Akaso T95N is a great media player that is easy to use for streaming purposes. This is a great model that is effective and easy to use. It has a powerful and effective arrangement that is easy to control and will get you to load up the best possible video signals for any kind of entertainment option you want to play along with.

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