Adventure Time returns on HBO Max: 6 reasons you don’t want to miss it

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Adventure Time is full of interesting characters and bizarre stories, and new episodes are coming to HBO Max.

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Adventure time could have ended in 2018, but the popular cartoon series is coming back too four new one-hour specials on new streaming service HBO maxand I couldn’t be happier.

The four Adventure Time: Distant Lands specials on HBO Max are not only about Finn, the man and Jake, the dog, but also about other beloved characters such as Princess Bubblegum from Candy Kingdom, Marceline, the vampire with her electric guitar who was once a battle ax, and a cheerful BMO handheld computer that just wants to be friends with everyone. Which is exactly the joy we need in these times of quarantine and coronavirus blocking.

HBO Max started on May 27th and the Distant Lands Specials will follow on June 25th. Here are my top reasons Adventure time It’s so much fun getting lost, and why is now the perfect time to start watching?

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Finn the Man and Jake the Dog return to HBO Max in new Adventure Time episodes.

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It’s a story about a boy and his trusty dog ​​… somehow

There is nothing more classic than a story about a child, his dog and their tasks. But in Adventure Time, this familiar story takes place in a magical world in which the dog not only speaks, but can also stretch his body in all possible shapes and sizes. Finn, the human, and Jake, the dog, also have an equal friendship rather than a dynamic between master and pet. They always have each other’s back, even if they are fighting a threatening enemy like the Ice King or if one of them accidentally lands on the astral plane and needs help to come back.

It takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of candy people

How many shows do you know that have a post-apocalyptic backdrop with sweets citizens? In the very first episode, “Slumber Party Panic,” there is a surprising invasion of zombie candy, in which the dead attack the citizens of Candy Kingdom for a failed graveyard experiment. Jake and Finn show up to save the day with their brains, charm, and math skills. Incidentally, this wasteland, the land of Ooo, also has a Wildberry Kingdom, a Cloud Kingdom and a Fire Kingdom, to name a few.

There are many princesses and none is a woman in need

Candy Kingdom has a princess, but she’s not a traditional fairytale king: Princess Bubblegum is a scientist. The realm of fire is ruled by the flaming princess, and the realm of clouds is governed by a sarcastic purple cloud called the Lumpy Space Princess. They are cheeky, smart and have a lot of power, but are also faced with their own mistakes and limitations. In the many episodes of the series, these princesses usually learn a thing or two about compassion, trust, and friendship.

Marceline rocks her ax bass guitar on Adventure Time.

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There is a vampire queen that rocks!

The fun-loving vampire queen Marceline is one of my favorite reasons to see Adventure Time. She may be a 1000 year old vampire, but she looks more like a hipster goth having fun She plays her Battle Ax electric guitar. In contrast to the usual evil vampires, Marceline does not drink blood (she only eats and drinks the color red). And she loves to play pranks. She is like the female Loki from the country Ooo.

Characters are anything but one-sided

Although there are a variety of strange characters, they are not cartoony in terms of their personality. Every character in Adventure Time has a light side and a dark side. Nobody is good or bad. They all make mistakes and sometimes they are not dealing with them. Even the ice king, who is portrayed as the villain, is not really scary. He’s just a misunderstood madman who wants people to think he’s cool – and not just because it’s made of ice.

Adventure Time is really good at teaching viewers the value of having fun in difficult times.

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Life should always be seen as an adventure

As the name of the show suggests, there is always time for adventure if you want to. Life is messy and scary and often unfair. But that doesn’t mean you should give up hope of having fun. Adventure Time teaches us that even if we’re all in the middle of a bad situation like an outbreak of zombie candy (or our current one) Coronavirus pandemic), positive thinking and friendship and the desire to have fun can get us through almost anything.

HBO Max’s four new Adventure Time: Distant Lands episodes are about:

  • BMO When there is a fatal emergency far away in space, the endearing robot BMO comes to the rescue.
  • Obsidian Marceline, the vampire, and Princess Bubblegum travel to Glass Kingdom together to prevent disaster.
  • Wizard city Peppermint Butler is just another inexperienced student at the Wizard School. If mysterious events on campus raise suspicions, he must master the mystical arts in good time to prove his innocence.
  • Together again Finn and Jake meet again to rediscover their friendship and begin the most important adventure of their lives.

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