Advanced Rocket League tips for a better performance

If you’re looking to bring the heat in Rocket League, we have created this guide with you in mind. Follow these tips to improve your Rocket League experience faster than ever. Once you’re ready to challenge the top players, check out the Rocket League boosting services offered by

Learn to pass with the right techniques

Passing within the Rocket League is becoming increasingly necessary. Players are also very aware of their teammates’ actions in general and can predict what will happen next based on the status of players.

If you’re in the opponent’s corner, the ball is slightly closer to midfield, and your teammate is waiting in the middle, you should start trying to “back-pass” it to that co-mate.

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Try to pass the momentum before them. Passing it onto them explicitly won’t do any good because they’ll have to hit the brakes and have a bad touch. Often try to assess the play before it begins, and before it happens, what you want to do with the ball. This will save you time and get your opponents challenged early.

Take note of the ball’s possessor and the other opponents while you are on defense. Try predicting the next move then. If you note the ball is dribbling toward an upfield foe, try reaching the ball’s sweet spot immediately to cancel the action.

Always be ready to try something new.

No game is unwinnable with Rocket League. Do not be afraid to try anything differently if your rivals make you feel like you can’t do something about them. Confuse them by not attacking the goalpost directly or attacking bumps.

However, do this so long as you can keep your rotations in place smoothly. Try to bring the pace to your level, instead of only trying to play faster than them. Re-structuring your attitude to anything like this is unbelievably challenging, but when it comes to climbing the ranks, it’s required. These are the forces that determine your game progress.

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Exercise patience in the heat of the moment

Patience can’t be stressed enough. In uncomfortable situations, so many players are too fast to throw away possession or panic. Look around. Look around. Know where your friends are. An evaluation of the situation. Ask yourself, “Do I need to panic? Do I have the time? Is this reasonable for me?”

If you’re not asking questions, then you guess and hope it’s going well. In case you have room, then use it to take care of the ball and make a play instead of throwing it to the other team down the field.

If you drive the ball directly on the other side, you do nothing but lose control. But if you hit the ball on the other side, take the time to try to be constructive from the possession switch: catch boosts, go for bounces, make sure your teammates get back in.


Sacrificing possession to get back or to get boosts for your teammates is often a viable option. It would help if you took advantage of the fact that players tend to hit the ball hard most of the time. If you see them in a bad spot, you can presume that they will panic and/or drive the ball at you most of the time. Only put yourself in a spot where you think the ball is being dropped and wait.

If you want to try to fire the ball from midfield at a defender at 38 mph, then you’re not patient enough. That could work in lower ranks. But when players can strike the ball even semi-consistently, it ceases to be an issue very quickly.

Ask the questions once again “How close can I get? Are they up against me, or are they shadowing? Is there plenty of room around him?” Know the answers you are asking yourself, then decide based on the details. Think about your choices; think about how the other players played before the game began. Don’t guess stuff that can be objectively worked out.

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When you should challenge

Have you ever found yourself all the way down the field after a game, and had your team scored on by the time you get back? Getting scored on after a challenge is a common occurrence and leads to slower rotations and a Regular 2v3 disadvantage or a Doubles 1v2.

Today we will help brush up your challenge game and offer examples of both good and bad challenges. Challenge’s the challenge’s traditional ais to hit the ball away from you by baiting the other team, eventually giving it to you and your partner so that you can start a count. Your focus will first be on your teammates/opponents’ position before you decide to g in aerial situations up in aerial situations. If someone else is up before you, it’s fair to say they’ll beat you to the ball. It’s easier to stay on the ground in this case and try to play their strike. An exception to this is if you know that your teammates are back and think that you should hit the ball to drive the attack away.

Know your boost paths!

We all know the management of the boost is very critical. But in lower ranks, it’s a skill that’s sometimes overlooked. And at the level of the Grand Champion many players do not really think too much on it.

People don’t know how to boost once they’re supersonic and also that running off for the huge boost pads is not always wise. But what many people don’t concentrate on is “pathing” right when only going around the pitch. If you want to keep up with your improvements against better opponents, the boosting services for Rocket League offered by will help you out!

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