Ader spring summer 2020: Vader Collection

Ader spring summer 2020: Vader Collection

There spring summer 2020 collection Ader’s inspiration is inspired by an imaginary alien world, populated by race Vader, whose encounter with the human one is told by Ader Studios Corporation News Media, a fictitious means of communication, created ad hoc for this story. Ader’s universe is always well focused on streetwear, defined by innovative stylistic choices and characterized by a constant and subtle humor. The narration of this interstellar adventure materializes in a more explicit way thanks to a variety of logos, declined according to the “space” theme with planets, UFOs and alien figures that surround and embrace the brand’s lettering. The result is a collection of proposals that fully welcomes the needs of a young culture that Ader perfectly manages to describe, always inserting classic elements of the wardrobe, in most cases male, through a mix that surpasses the genre, with a unisex approach, capable of making the garments universally interchangeable.

T-shirts and logoed sweatshirts open the spring summer 2020 collection by Ader, representing the starting point to which all the other proposals are combined. Jeans certainly play a central role, mixed with reflective trousers or made more contemporary with the addition of flush pockets, and still slightly stained with paint on a wide bottom. The shirts, on the other hand, are cut to become a crop and are combined with classic and soft trousers, finished with a fluorescent drawstring, often positioned along the leg only to represent a decoration, or with openings on the bottom that hide concealed buttons. The Ader look is sometimes the description of a university student who wears a logoed sweatshirt and a pair of loose pants, but meets the space world thanks to a shirt in ciré turquoise with metallic or vinyl effect. The most tailored part of the collection is made of oversize suits with sportswear details, such as the contrasting straps of the jackets, taken from a varsity jacket and the side bands of the trousers; moreover, the suits often have high-waisted trousers with double drawstring. Characteristic and inevitable element for Ader are the “jagged” edges, used to make clothes very modern, but also as a decorative element for the maxi trench coat.

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