Add- on to gain smartness in your personality

Many people strive to achieve a smart personality. Achieving smartness is not easy, but it is possible with some knowledge and effort. This blog post will explore three methods for gaining smartness in your personality. Keep reading to learn more!

The first method for gaining smartness in your personality is to be aware of your surroundings and the people in it. Be sure to take note of things like body language, vocal cues, and nonverbal communication. By doing this, you will be able to pick up on social cues that you may have otherwise missed. In addition, try to remember as much as you can about the people you meet so that you can hold interesting conversations with them later on.

The second method for gaining smartness in your personality is to read books and articles on topics that interest you. Not only will this make you more well-rounded, but it will also give you something to talk about with others. When you can engage in thoughtful conversations about topics that matter to you, people will see you as intelligent and impressive.

The third method for gaining smartness in your personality is to learn how to speak confidently and clearly. This means eliminating fillers such as “um” and “like” from your speech, and it also means being aware of the volume and pitch of your voice. Additionally, try to make eye contact when speaking with others so that they know you are confident in what you are saying. Practice these things regularly, and soon enough they will become second nature to you.

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Add- on to gain smartness in your personality 1

Personality plays a vital role in achieving success. When we talk about character, the very first impression which comes to our mind is of the person who is pleasant, likable and enjoyable. He may not be beautiful, but we still like to meet me and easily get carried away with his thoughts and ways of expressions.

In fact, about 80 % of an individual’s success depends on how he interacts with the people, in another word how much is he capable of influencing the humankind. It’s the personality of the person who attracts people towards him, and undoubtedly this personality even keeps people away from him. There are restrictions to expand our beauty to some extent but, a character can be improved as much we want or to the extent we desire.


To add-on to features, one should keep specific points which will help in further improvements. The very first thing which people lack now days is patience. They tend to lose their temper very quickly and easily. Even a small matter can raise their anger to the brim. This is the biggest enemy of the individual and also for the society as well.

Have patience and believe in God, you will undoubtedly get what you want. Anger results in fights and arguments only, no one is going to get any benefit out of it. To overcome this drawback, develop the habit of listening. This will help you to understand the other’s point of view. The Fight is nothing, just a clash of opinions.


Another add-on is to become a passive reader. Reading will help you enhance your knowledge and learn new things. Learning and knowing things is something which most of the people do but, most important is developing the skill of sharing this acquired knowledge and interests. When you exchange your views with the other person, he comes to know more about you. So share your opinions and thoughts with the people.

Don’t be scared or shy to meet new people. Try to reach the people who are unlike you. This will help in understanding their point of views on various aspects and enhance your intelligence. Never leave your authenticity. Be, what you are. Never try to act or do what you can’t. This will create a fun scene only.

Negative and positive

Remain positive always. Every situation has two sides, i.e., Negative and positive. We usually get carried away by the negative side, and the positive side remains away from us. In this world, we are served things with’ buy one get one free’ basis. We get things with the attachment of losing them some day. So stay pessimistic as life has always been not unfair to you.

They say laughter is the best medicine; undoubtedly, theory proves true when aiming at gaining the personality. Try to look the funny side of the life and things. A happier person is capable of enticing more people to his relation as compared to sad people. Nobody wants to stick to the person with a gloomy face and the one who is always telling and sharing his problems and worries. Everybody is already loaded with their tensions and anxieties. No more tensed folks, please!

Never degrade others

Always be helpful to others. Whenever somebody is in need, try to tackle it the way, as to how you have welcomed help from others. Never treat others the way you don’t want to get treated yourself. Never degrade others. Respect them always. Last but not the least relationships reciprocate. Invest more in your personality. You have nothing to lose, on the contrary, you will gain only.


If you want to achieve a smart personality, start by using the methods described above. With time and practice, you will develop the skills necessary for success. Remember that it is not always easy to be smart, but it is always worth it in the end. Thanks for reading!