Aceable Real Estate School is not one of our top rated online real estate schools. You can consult our list of best real estate schools online for what we think are better options.


AceableAgent is a completely online real estate school that has an app and can be used on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The company’s goal is to combine real estate education with cutting-edge technology. It focuses on providing a high quality and engaging education to students who wish to work or are already working in the real estate industry.

If you’re not computer-savvy or learn best in a traditional classroom environment, choose a school that offers on-campus learning. It is important to store information in a way that works best for you.

The benefits explained

  • Mobile app: Take courses wherever you are. Study at your own pace wherever you are and you don’t have to rush home to take a practice test or complete a module.
  • Advanced video technology: Educational videos that are also engaging and hold your attention so you can better retain information.
  • Pass the exam or get your money back: The school is confident in its courses and offers money back guarantees if you do not pass the final exam. You should contact the school directly for details.

Disadvantages Explained

  • No campuses: Classes are only offered online at your own pace, so if you need to be in an actual classroom to better retain information, this probably isn’t the school for you.
  • Not available in all states: Classes are offered in 14 states, so if you don’t plan to work in one of these states, you should attend another school that offers classes in the state in which you want to practice real estate.
  • Limited customer service hours: Customer service agents are not available on weekends. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays they are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST and on Tuesdays and Thursdays they are available from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Licensing fees and education requirements vary widely from state to state. When researching, only compare courses for the state you want to work in, so the comparison is accurate.

All about real estate agents and what they do

Courses available

AceableAgent offers pre-licenses Real estate agent courses and continuing education courses in the following 14 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Plus, they offer professional development courses, including roster and neighborhood specialist courses.

Seller pre-license

The Vendor Pre-Licensing Courses are offered entirely online, including an online proctored exam to be taken at the end of the course. This is handy if you don’t live near a school or don’t want to go to a school to take an exam. Pre-licensing courses vary by state, but the school offers a package for each of the states it covers that includes required courses and an online proctored exam if needed. Some states, including California, include a pass or money-back guarantee on the class exam.

All pre-licensing agent courses can be taken at your own pace and from any device. Different states have different pre-licensing courses. For example, Pennsylvania requires 75 hours of coursework with Real Estate Practice and Real Estate Fundamentals included in the course hours.

To note

Aceable Real Estate School does not offer broker pre-licensing courses, so if you want to get your broker license, you will need to consider another school.

Continuing education

AceableAgent offers online continuing education courses that are all state-approved and created by industry experts. These can also be taken on the go from any device. Lessons can be purchased individually or bundled together. You can search the site to find your state’s continuing education requirements and course options. For example, continuing education courses in New York start at $29 and topics include fair housing, agency, personal safety, and millennials in real estate.

Course format

All courses for Aceable students are offered online in a self-paced format. They’re designed to be pulled from the app, your tablet, or your computer anytime, anywhere. Courses include videos, online study guides, real estate glossaries, math formulas, and topic summaries. The courses also include level assessments and preparation tests.


The instructors are called Master Instructors and are all industry veterans. As a student, you will have access to these instructors via email seven days a week. Once registered, you will receive an email address to contact the instructor with any questions. On-staff career mentors are also available to help explain your state’s licensing process. They are also available by email seven days a week.


Aceable Real Estate School has a positive reputation as an online school with generally positive student reviews and high exam pass rates. Although it is not accredited, which means it has not been evaluated by an institution such as ARELLO or IDECC to meet certain standards, students have access to instructors for assistance and the website is easy to use. Students say it’s easy to enroll in classes and it’s very convenient to be able to take real estate classes with a busy schedule.


AceableAgent offers pre-licensing courses in 14 states with different licensing hour requirements, so prices vary widely. For example, it’s only $129 to take your pre-licensing realtor courses in Florida, but in Pennsylvania it’s $329.

Continuing education classes in New York start at $29. In Texas, individual continuing education courses typically range from $20 to $120, and packages are $60 to $120. Professional development classes last between three and five hours each and range from $79 to $249 per class. Discounts are often available.

Customer service

You can reach Aceable Real Estate School customer service on their website or by phone at 1-855-637-1886. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the office closing at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Phone lines are closed daily from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can also email them or participate in an online chat from their site. All contact information is listed on their website.

Competition: AceableAgent vs. Kaplan

Kaplan is one of the best known online training providers. It offers live and on-demand real estate licensing, exam preparation courses and continuing education. We decided to compare Kaplan and AceableAgent because both schools offer real estate courses in several states, including Texas. Kaplan offers real estate courses in all 50 states, while Aceable only offers courses in 14 states.

Overall, we recommend choosing Kaplan because you can choose from hundreds of course topics, tuition is affordable, and it is a well-known and reputable online education provider with a long history of providing different lesson formats for different learning styles.

AceableAgent Kaplan
Pricing $529 for pre-licensing in Texas $449+ for pre-licensing in Texas
Courses offered Real Estate Licensing, Continuing Education and Professional Development Real estate licenses, exam preparation, continuing education, etc.
Number of states that courses are offered 14 50
Course format At your own pace online Live online and on demand

final verdict

Aceable Real Estate School is a viable option if you want to take self-paced online real estate courses in any of the states where they offer classes. Its price is in the middle of what other schools charge. The site offers helpful resources, including career information, blogs, and state licensing information.

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