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About Window Ledge Gardening

The growth of flowering plants or foliage on window sills is a form of gardening in which most people can indulge themselves. Those who live in apartments and others who have no gardens, and in particular the disabled who are confined to their rooms, derive enormous pleasure from this form of gardening.

Window sill plants would be more popular if it weren’t for the fact that a significant amount of work is involved in filling and emptying the boxes. Also there is the problem of irrigation, the drainage water that drips on the heads of people in the streets could cause some nuisance. By taking the necessary precautions when building the containers and placing them in place, most of these difficulties can be overcome.

Window sill installations suitable for spring viewing

Some of the most popular plants for spring are as follows:

Arabis albida (double variety)

The procumbent stems of this plant are dressed with gray hairy leaves and bear spikes of double white flowers.


It is more compact in growth than the Arabs and forms a close carpet of blue, pink or purple flowers.

Bellis perennis flore pleno (Double dwarf daisies)

These delicate free flowering plants are ideal for windows. There are red, pink and white varieties.

Myosotis (Forget-me-nots)

This popular spring flowering plant is obtainable in different shades of blue and is an ideal carpet plant for many types of bulbs.

Primrose (Polyanthus)

Polyanthus does not work well in a warm location and should therefore be used for windows located in a shady location. These plants offer a bright display and many shapes of various colors are available.

Windowsill plants suitable for a summer display

Again, a lot of information can be obtained by visiting public parks in summer and taking notes on the plants used to fill the flower beds … from the flower shops many of the plants indicated in the following list will be easily obtainable. For example :

Ageratum houstonianum (mexicanum)

This is easily recognizable by its straight and compact stems that carry small tufts of blue and fluffy flowers. There are numerous varieties in different shades of blue. Plants are compact and bedding varieties vary in height from 4-9 inches.

Lobularia maritima (Alyssutn maritimum)

Commonly called white or sweet alyssum, this plant is widely used for edging and wallpapering flower beds. The Little Dorrit variety is the most popular. It grows 2-4 inches in height and forms a compact mass of fragrant white flowers. Lilac Queen and Violet Queen are two excellent recently introduced varieties.

As for the edges, the Magic Carpet variety, which has a creeping habit and forms a profusion of small blooms in many shades of colors, is very attractive.

Begonia semperflorens

For the freedom of flowering and to provide continuous exposure in the summer, the varieties of this Begonia species are excellent. Plants grow about 6 inches tall and produce masses of flowers of various shades of red or pink.

by Balaji B

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