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About Us

What Tips Clear Has To Offer To Readers and Writers

Welcome to Tips Clear, Bloggers Paradise, your number one source for all informative current news. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best Global Standard News, with a focus on Business, Lifestyle, technologies, Sports, and Health.

Founded in 2016 by Chinnagounder Thiruvenkatam, Tips Clear has come a long way from its beginnings in New Delhi. When he first started out, his passion for Global Standard drove them to so that Tips Clear can offer you the best News.

The Blog website Tips Clear is an independent news website that narrates today’s most popular and trendiest news on various topics.  We cover the topics related to Business, Lifestyle, technologies, Sports, and Health arena. We committed to providing only the Global standard class and compelling news headline that serves as an informative gateway for India and global readers.

We are reporting and writing various business, lifestyle and technical events happening around the world. We provide timely and authentic news in various technical domains. Our reporters and authors are well experiences in industrial reporting.

The blog website Tips Clear works with professional journalists, researchers, and experienced contributors to file up stories that are deemed essential for global readers. The website proudly provides strong and well-thought journalistic views that add significance to every headline discussed.

Tips Clear editorial insights investigate the far fringes of development among various sectors and determine the headline’s purpose to the ongoing progress and development of every individual.

Tips Clear Has Help For All People To Use

Tips Clear is offering information on many valuable topics to its readers. People can check out the site to learn about tips relating to fashion, skin care and more. The articles are written by many who are experienced in their fields

Tips Clear is being heralded as a “Blogger’s Paradise” according to its slogan. This is thanks to the extensive variety of topics and stories that people can write about on this site.

Tips Clear is a website that has a variety of informative posts on an assortment of topics. These are divided into a variety of sections to help people learn more about the topics that are important to their lives.

The site is based out of India and covers many topics that are relevant to the needs of people in the country. However, the information can easily be utilized by people all over the world. This is thanks to the universal nature of many of the topics highlighted on this page. It helps people to get the most out of whatever it is they want to write about or discuss. If you need a guest post, write for us, guest writer, paid post, article posting, article publishing, etc. you landed on the correct site.

This is a Premium HQ Blog with a good reputation.  

Domain Authority 45, Page Authority 53, Trust Flow 30, Moz Rank 6.5 & Alexa Worldwide, USA & India are reasonable.

What Does the Site Cover?

The topics highlighted on Tips Clear are ones that make a difference in the lives of many. These include such topics as the following that are relevant to readers of all sorts on this site:

  • Beauty tips are covered extensively on the site. These include how-to tips for getting clear and beautiful skin. The information is designed to work with all sorts of people in mind.
  • Fashion tips are highlighted on the site as well. These entail points on how to wear great clothes, what works for certain occasions and so forth. These articles are made for women and men alike.
  • Health articles are among the most popular. Such articles cover topics on how people can stay healthy and what they can do for their diets. Information on what makes certain foods so ideal and how different workout routines can be used are included on the site.
  • Tech topics are included to highlight points on how the tech industry is changing. Readers can learn about new products or see how their products of interest have evolved in many ways.
  • Mendhi designs are even covered on the site. It includes articles on how to prepare designs for a variety of holidays and special occasions. This is to help people get the most out of their skin.

All sections are regularly updated with new data. This data helps people learn more about the many things that they can get out of their lives.

Topics Covered

Key TopicAboutNumber of Articles (as of December 2016)
BeautyAttaining a more attractive look for various occasions105+
BusinessHow to run a successful business in any field143+
Skin CareHow to get bright and beautiful skin without impurities139+
FashionIdeas for men and women looking for fashions in many forms60+
HealthHow to stay healthy and to improve one’s body306+
Mehndi DesignIdeas on making the best designs for one’s skin for many occasions60+
TechnologyUpdates on the hottest gadgets and items132+
ShoppingHow to get more out of your next shopping trip94+


Writers Can Participate

Writers can get online and participate in the great community that Tips Clear has. Writers can contact the site by email for ideas and to offer their proposals for writing.

The site does have strong guidelines concerning what people can write. Also, people will need to get at least 1,500 words in each article. This is to make these articles detailed and appealing to more people. This is a unique point worth looking into when finding a great experience with writing for Tips Clear.

People who are interested in learning new things and those who want to write will enjoy Tips Clear. The site is growing with plenty of new articles and topics. It will continue to grow as more people will look forward to great discounts of all kinds.

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