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A Smart Checklist for Travel With Your Pet

You and your pet are inseparable, right?

If you are one of the many pet owners who cannot bear to leave their dog, cat or other type of pet, you will be happy to know that the tendency to take your furry friend on vacation is to the rise. In fact, many choose to include pets in their travel plans.

But like any good thing, taking your pet with you on a trip can go awry if you don’t plan things right.

Travel insurance people know about planning. This is why we have put together 6 important tips that will help you and your pet to enjoy a holiday together as a team without the risk of an accident.

So, here we go with the smart guidelines, any seasoned traveler with a pet should review and follow.

Six Essential Things To Do Before Traveling With A Pet

• For a road trip: Keep your dog or cat in a special transporter designed for travel. If that doesn’t work, make sure your pet’s movement is limited to the back seat. That way, he or she cannot bother you when your focus should be solely on driving, following road signs and safety at your destination. Remember to take frequent rest stops where you and your pet can stretch limbs, exercise, and relieve yourself. Follow the vehicle rule: never leave a child or pet alone inside as cars can heat up quickly to become death traps – a vehicle of tragedy.

• When traveling by plane, find out about the rules for taking your pet with you. It is best to have your pet with you on the plane, but if it is not a choice, choose a direct flight that is less risky than a connecting flight. Have a photo of your pet with you at all times to have visual identification.

• Organize all necessary identity documents. If you can microchip your pet, this is a great way to confirm identification. Make sure your pet’s label contains your current contact information, including your cell phone number. And it’s a good idea to have the vaccine and the animal’s medical records in your possession.

• Remember to pack all of your pet’s necessary items in your luggage. This should include favorite toys, a sleeping pillow and snacks.

• The hotel industry has become increasingly pet friendly, so plan to stay in a hotel that welcomes you and your pet. You can also find vacation property owners who will be happy to rent to those who have pets, as well as house sharing companies that will meet your needs. Be sure to be early to bring your pet, however, so you don’t run into bumps when you arrive.

• No need to bring your pet on vacation to sit in the hotel room. Make sure all of your fun is pet friendly and do some research on restaurants and entertainment places so your pet can access them.

• Talk to an experienced professional insurance agency about the best travel insurance for you and your pet.

by M Wyzanski

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