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Mountain park Koreans have a mythological origin, laden with significant historical significance. A revered dormant volcano is a sacred place for both North and South Korean demographics. The importance of the peak can be easily understood from the description of local texts which say that if one wants to know about Korea, they will need to see Mountain park First. In fact, most travelers to this region come to witness this magnificent creation of nature. Here is a definite guide to travel to the holy mountain.

Best time to visit Mount Pekatu?

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Mount Pateku is located in a cold climate zone. The winter season lasts for about eight months, beginning in late October to May. This season is characterized by extreme cold and makes it impossible to travel. The region receives rainfall in the months from late May to early September. During that time, visiting warm and waterproof clothing is necessary. The entire climate leaves the month of September to be the best time to visit Mount Pekatu. The maximum temperature you can expect here is no more than 20 ° C. You must be equipped to withstand sudden changes in climate at such high altitudes.

currency exchange

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The mountain is reached from the North Korean side. Therefore, you will have to exchange your money for the North Korean won for the trip. The current exchange rate for Indian visitors is 1 KPW = 0.08 INR. It turned out to be about 0.0011 USD.

Places to visit near Mount Pekatu

Although, we are talking about Mount Pactu so far, there are many great sites that you can include while traveling. Here is a list of places that are usually chosen by visitors.

1. Chon Lake

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Once you reach the summit of Mt. Paektu, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of Chon Lake. It is the jewel that Samuzione County hides behind the high mountains. There is a bus service that takes visitors near the top. From there, one has to walk for less than an hour to reach the summit and get a first glimpse of the lake. It can be reached on foot or via cable car. Interestingly, the border between China and North Korea passes through the lake.

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2. Rimyongsu Waterfall

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The Rimjyongu waterfall is a scenic spot in the village of Rimjionsu, next to the Samjian city. The water comes underground under the pavilion and forms a spectacular waterfall. Unlike Mount Pectu, the waterfall can be visited at any time of the year.

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3. Pectusan Secret Camp

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The Paektusan secret camp is of considerable historical importance to the Koreans. It used to be the headquarters of Kim II Sung during Korea’s guerrilla war against Japanese invaders. Minor cabins have been preserved amidst the jungle to maintain a sense of patriotism among the coming generations.

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4. Chongbong Secret Camp

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This is another secret camp that servers the Korean people’s feelings against the Japanese. Chongbong Secret Camp is known for the “Nara tree” in its premises. Trees noted the phrase in praise of Kim II Sung’s efforts for Korean liberation. Caps and glass shields now protect old trees.

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5. Socialist Revolutionary Museum

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The Korean nation has several museums that display elements of the revolution and the bravery of their ancestors. The museum in Samjion mainly focuses on Kim II Sung’s efforts and his war elements, i.e., maps, models, relics against the Japanese force.

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What to do in Mount Pactu?

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You can proceed towards the holy mountain. Paektu peak, the highest point of Korean nations. The journey begins with a bus ride from the mountain and ends with a fascinating view of Lake Chon which divides the country from neighboring China. In addition, you can visit secret camps and museum during your stay in Samajian. This will give you a deeper understanding of the heroism of the Koreans against their oppressors. Sammy lake, Rimyongu waterfall, Samjione grand monument are some other points of interest.

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Where to go during your stay at Paektu Mountain?

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The Pagabong Hotel located on the outskirts of Samjiyon City is the best option for visitors to stay. The hotel provides basic yet clean accommodation in all its 122 rooms. Adequate number of rooms ensures that you will not have to fear about overbooking in the hotel. Beautiful gardens and billiard boards add to the charm of the hotel. Some people choose to camp in the woods near the hotel, but you should avoid doing this as far as possible.

What are the options to eat?

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As far as restaurants are concerned, you will find it in the hotel itself. They offer picnic lunches for prisoners. There is not much crop in this area. So, you can expect simple food in the restaurant. You will find dishes mainly based on potatoes here. Potato is the most grown vegetable in this region. If you are ready to pay a few extra bucks, the hotel staff will arrange a potato robe for you. More often than not, these BBQ sessions are the best option to get acquainted with other visitors.

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What to Pack Paictu while visiting Mt.

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The mountain lies in a cold region along the China – North Korea border. During the winter, the area becomes inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. At other times, you can expect chilly mountain air to accompany you. Therefore, bring sufficiently warm clothes during the journey. Raincoats are recommended to deal with rain. Keep a good hiking shoe after a walk to avoid sore throat.

How to reach Mount Pekatu?

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The sacred mountain is located in the far northeast corner of North Korea’s Samujion County. It marks the border between China and North Korea. It is about 385 km from Pyongyang. The most convenient way to reach Mount Pekatu is a chartered flight from Pyongyang to Samujion County. There is another way to reach the place, but it is mainly limited to the locals. They choose to take the train to the city of Hyesan. Heijan is about 67 km from Samjione. From there, visitors go to Mt. Paictu. Keep in mind that during most winters, the mountain is not accessible from the DPRK.

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The Paektu region is one of the most sought after destinations for travelers around the world. We recommend you arrange your travel through a reliable travel agent who can assist you in the journey and give valuable guidance regarding the necessary permits. A trip to Mount Pateku is highly recommended for those who want to connect with the history of Koreans.

Frequently asked questions about Mount Pactu

Q. What kind of mount is a volcano. Paictu?

a. Mount Pakatu is a Stratovolcano. A large caldera cuts its cone. At the moment, it is in a dormant state.

Q. How high is Mt. Paictu?

a. The height of Mt. Pateku is about 2,744 meters.

Q. Can we go to North Korea?

a. Yes, foreigners are allowed to visit the designated area in North Korea. But they are not allowed to go to places other than these predetermined places, with no guide.

Q. Where is Mount Paektu located?

a. Mount Pateku is located in Samjion County, North Korea.

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