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A Perfect Month To Witness The Cultural Side

As fresh spring occurs in summer, Spain transforms into one of Europe’s hottest destinations. The weather is always shining with the sun, but it is not a solitary reason for visiting Spain in june. You have the chance to participate in a handful of the spectacular summer events and festivities across the country and can beat the crowds of tourists over the next two months.

Weather in spain in june

Sea shore

June is the summer season in Spain. The temperature in Spain varies between 21 ° C to 25 ° C in the month of June. Summer starts in the month of June and goes on till the end of August. Although the details of the June weather forecast depend on where you are in Spain, in reality, still, in general, you can predict great weather in most parts of the country.

Barcelona and the Northern Territories have a daytime average temperature of about 70 ° F, and Andalusia and Madrid can reach 80 ° F. Primarily, it is unlikely to rain but still, it is possible in early June. After June 9 or that week, the number of days of rain decreases. Conversely, sunshine turns out to be more abundant in late June, especially as you head south.

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Why is it worth spain in june

Haro Wine Festival in Spain

June Spain has a lot of national festivals, which take place in this month. Here are some popular festivals that will travel to Spain in the month of June and more special:

  • La Patum de Berga: This typical Catalan folk festival takes place in the city of Berga from 19 June to 23 June. You can guess a lot of dancing, fire and big headed giants.
  • Pentecost Sunday: This event indicates the Romeria del Rocio pilgrimage which is held annually in the southern region of Spain. Thousands of people and families come from large cities such as Seville and visit the city of El Rocio which is located in Hulwa Province. They dress themselves in traditional flamenco-inspired attire and krone folk songs as they travel. The date varies from year to year.
  • Noche de San Juan (St. John’s Eve): The event is held across the country on June 23 with bonfire and fireworks. The largest celebrations are held in the Valencian community and Catalonia.
  • Haro Wine Festival: La Rioja is one of the best wine growing regions of the country. If you visit the region, especially in the small town of Haro in June, you can attend Batala de Vino, a party that includes bullfights, processions, and wine with each other in between many celebrations Includes drenching people. Imagine having Spain’s La Tomatina festival with wine, replacing tomatoes.

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Top places to visit in Spain in June

Some of the best places to visit in Spain in June are to start this summer month:

1. Alicante

A panoramic view of Alicante in Spain

The sea, sun and a high rocky peak make this place a major coastal site of the country. While tourists arrive at the airport in the city and then leave for their resorts located along the coastal area, Alicante is a place that is worth traveling around. The port city has a vibrant city beach, with the notable Mount Benacantil in the background, a huge rocky peak whose top is home to Santa Barbara Castle.

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2. Barcelona

Barcelona city

The city is primarily the favorite of most visitors for its striking Mediterranean location, cosmopolitan atmosphere and iconic architecture. Explore some of Gaudi’s famous works such as Casa Batlow. Travel beyond Barcelona to reach Mount Tibidabo for remarkable views across the sea. If you are a rollercoaster lover, then you should visit Tibidabo Amusement Park, while in itself a good place for a mountain hike or cycle.

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3. Seville

The building

The capital of Andalusia, Seville is popular for its rich flamenco culture. Explore the history of the city by traveling to Alcazar, a well-organized example of Mudjar’s architecture; Soak in the modern architecture of the city of Metropol Parasol, a huge wooden structure that provides plenty of shade during summer.

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4. Cordoba


It was an essential city in the Middle Ages during the Moorish rule in Spain. The city was home to the Grand Mosque of Cordoba. The mosque has become the city’s cathedral, but still maintains its Islamic design. The old city of Cordoba is a UNESCO Heritage Site and the city’s Roman Bridge, with delightful delightful streets and charming architectural pieces.

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5. Madrid

Madrid in june

The capital of Spain is an excellent destination for a weekend vacation. The city has some of Europe’s best-known works in the Golden Triangle of art galleries, from Las Meninas by Velazquez by Guernica by Picasso. The city has a royal palace, the largest palace in all of Europe, region-wise, and you’ll find new shops, churches and bars around each corner. The La Latina region has some of the city’s most popular tapas bars.

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Popular things to do in Spain in June

Spain has endless travel possibilities and experiences, with various things for everyone to see and do. You have a lot to do on Ibiza, from partying at night to soaking up the sun and tasting exciting dishes.

1. La Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Church, Barcelona, ​​Spain

In 1882, construction of this magnificent church dedicated to the Holy Family began and continues to be built today. There is a myth that if Gaudi’s masterpiece is ever completed, the world may end, which is probably why it is taking so long to finish. A trip to Spain is incomplete without visiting this place. It is open every day, although the limits apply in group time. Make sure you have worn fitting clothes and keep in mind that the manufacturing process is still happening, as parts of that space may be closed.

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2. Camino Trail

Camino Trail, Spain


Those who have a great appetite for exploration are required to rent along with the many Camino pilgrimage places in the city of Santiago de Compostela. Many pilgrims have traversed ancient routes for centuries. But, you do not have to be spiritual to enjoy in the sense of thrill and accomplishment to chase long distance pavements in Northern Spain. Whether you go on a trek for a few days or cover the total route by walking, you will see that the challenge is very rewarding. Be sure to go after the white circle which marks the route taken by thousands.

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3. Tapas

Vino and Tapas

Authentic Tapas from Spain is a distinct experience for the impersonations you have discovered at home. This traditional way of offering food, a term meaning “lid” or “cover” lets you taste many small dishes, maybe with a glass of traditional Sangria. You can feast on Tapas in almost all restaurants and bars in Spain. Be it, calamari, churros, pattas bravas, you can order several plates in each and enjoy sharing food in the traditional Spanish way.

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4. Flamenco Text

Flamenco show in madrid

The people of Spain like to party. Dance is an important part of many traditional ceremonies. The country’s national dance, the flamenco, began in the southern parts of Spain and established itself as a representation of Spanish life. You’ll see regular flamenco dancing in restaurants and bars across Spain. Many places are ready to allow a tourist their traditional dance. Many resorts and hotels offer dance lessons, but it is very pleasant to watch the experts relax and watch.

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5. La Tomatina

La tomatina

Boonol residents are known for this famous festival. They throw an unusual festive type that is basically a food fight involving tomatoes (La Tomatina). Pella is taking the crowds to the streets with tomatoes in his hands before and after the evening starts with festivities. It is definitely a part of Spanish tourism that is spontaneous for those who wish for peaceful times. But if you are someone who enjoys throwing tomatoes at a complete stranger, then you should participate in this festival.

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Economical aspects of travel to Spain in June

Best reason to visit spain

Not hiding the fact that when you visit Spain in the month of June, you will have to pay peak-season prices for hotels and flights. Mid-range hotels can charge you anywhere between $ 150-200 for a one-night stay. The crowd of tourists will not be as dense as in July and August, and so you can rest assured that you can visit more and more places during the month in the best weather conditions.

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June is the perfect time to visit the beaches in Spain. The sands of Ibiza and Barcelona will spend a good time with tourists, but you also have plenty of options. If you travel to the Asturias rocky cove located on the north side of the Atlantic coast, you can enjoy the modest surf beaches. Summer is the season of major festivals in Spain. Locals get ready to party with many cultural celebrations and events that take place in June. Regardless of where you travel in the country, you won’t be bored one bit.

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Frequently asked questions about Spain in June

Q. How is the weather in Barcelona in June?

a. In the month of June, the weather in Barcelona is pleasant with plenty of sun. The temperature can vary from 16 ° C to 24 ° C.

Q. Can anyone swim in Spain in the month of June?

a. June is a good time to participate in water sports activities including swimming.

Q. How far is Barcelona from Madrid?

a. Barcelona is about 620 km from Madrid. A train ride can take about two and a half hours to reach Madrid from Barcelona.

Q. Is it hot in Madrid in June?

a. Yes, travelers may find it hot. But June is not the hottest month in Madrid – July / August may be warmer. The highest temperature in June in Madrid is usually around 29-degree Celsius.

Q. June is crowded in Spain?

a. June is a little crowded but Spain does not have crowds like July and August.

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