A Palm Beach Property Once Owned By Donald Trump Just Sold For “Close To” $140 Million – Second Most Expensive Sale In US History

Less than a month ago, a newly constructed mansion in Palm Beach, Florida made an appearance in the market. Asking price $ 140 million. A truly amazing amount. Even more stunning? The house is reportedly sold for just an amount that is being described as “close to asking”. If the house officially closes at that level, it will be the second-most expensive single-family sale in American history behind Jeff Bezos’ $ 165 million La Mansion, which was acquired in February 2020. Also, just FYI, Ken Griffin, technically the hazel manager, paid $ 238 million for five-units of a Manhattan building with the intention of converting it into a spacious apartment in January 2019. But we do not consider it a single-family residential purchase. The house that just sold in Palm Beach is a very interesting backstory dating back over 100 years. A backstory that included America’s richest man in the 1930s, former President Donald Trump, a multi-billion dollar divorce settlement, a Russian billionaire and even Jeffrey Epstein …

First, a little backstory.

A decade ago, where today’s $ 140 million mansion sits, you may have seen an unimaginably large and ornate mansion called Maison de L’AmitiĆ© (“House of Friendship”). The property had a 61,744-square-foot French Provincial-style mansion on a 150-foot sea border. The property’s tennis house was 8,200 square feet. It also had large pools and guest houses atop a lush green field that influenced a Saudi king.

Here’s what it looks like:

Maison de l'Amiti

Via Wikimedia Creative Commons / Sensation White Amsterdam

The original property (separate from what you see above) was created in 1917 by the successor to the financial analysis company Dun & Bradstreet. In 1930, the original owner Robert Dunn Douglas sold the house to a man named Harrison Williams. Harrison earned a fortune in electrical utilities. In 1930, Harrison had total assets of $ 680 million. Today is equivalent to about $ 10.6 billion. He was described as the richest man in America. At his peak he was easily one of the richest people in the world, excluding royalty.

Harrison died in 1953. In 1974, his widow Mona sold the property to oil magnate Charles Wrightsman and his wife Jane. Charles died in 1986. A year ago, he and Jane sold the house to Les Wexner for $ 10 million. Owner of brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Wexner earned his fortune through Retail Group, Limited. Wexner’s reputation would be tarnished decades later by his decades-long, mysterious relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein makes another appearance in this story in a moment.

Wexner then demolished the 100-year-old mansion from the ground. Three years later, in 1988, Wexner sold a partially completed new house to a man named Abe Gosman for $ 12 million.

Abe Gosman was an interesting character. He earned a fortune that, in the mid-1990s, topped $ 500 million ($ 900 million in today’s dollars). of his wealth? private hospital. At its peak, Abe’s company Meditrust was the largest health care real estate trust in the US with 233 facilities in 34 states.

Abe and his girlfriend Lynn Castre built the mansion in the picture above, and named it Maison de L’Amitie. Luciano Pavarotti was flown in to celebrate the completion of the mansion with 250 guests.

Unfortunately the party did not run for Mr. Gosman. Medicare cutbacks and chang