A Magazine curated by Lucie and Luke Meier by Jil Sander

A Magazine curated by Lucie and Luke Meier by Jil Sander

Lucie and Luke Meier are Jil Sander’s co-designers and co-creatives. They were given carte blanche for number 21 of the project A Magazine curated by. In a process that starts in July 2019, the designers invite the reader to an open reflection and dialogue on the dualities of a theme that is present in all their work HUMAN NATURE – MOTHER NATURE.

Flora, flowers by Sachiko Ito, Milan

© Vincenzo Castella at Jil Sander

Stories from the Canadian desert to the Swiss Alps, passing through the streets of Paris and Florence. Workspaces by artists in Europe and the United States: two hundred pages with a strong visual impact in the best tradition of art publishing for a powerful comparison between the world of nature, the constructs of architecture and human cultural phenomena. Breathtaking landscapes intertwine with scenes of fragility and beauty on a micro and macro scale. Historical works of modern art, preferred by the Meier, are combined with new images, new names alternate with established faces of photography. Personal contributions abound, with reflections on the topic offered through the photography and painting, illustration, interviews, music and poetry. Until you get to the real essays dedicated to the new education in the liberal arts of Black Mountain College and the sustainability in today’s fashion.

Fashion from Jil Sander’s archives, the one designed by Lucie and Luke Meier, and that of OAMC – a menswear brand designed and co-founded by Luke Meier in 2013 – is narrated in a portfolio by Olivier Kervern.

While the theme and contents of the edition were conceived months before the Covid-19 emergency swept the world, A Magazine # 21 was finalized and printed in the midst of the crisis in France and Italy. As a reminder, one of the last contributions by the curators Selva Barni and Massimo Torrigiani presents the work of the Italian photographer Giasco Bertoli – whose aerial images depict scenes of social estrangement on the streets of Paris taken from the window of his apartment.

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