A.I. Hearing Aid Learns How You Like to Listen and Adjusts

One of the choices for this year’s CES 2021 innovation awards is a smart hearing aid that uses artificial intelligence to enhance the audio experience in several crucial ways.

Among the improvements that Widex Moment has made over conventional hearing aids is the reduction in standard sound delay experienced by users from 7-10 milliseconds to just 0.5 milliseconds. This translates into a more natural sound experience for users, rather than the out of sync audio experience that people have had to put up with until now.

The Widex Moment hearing aid also uses AI machine learning to discover and adapt to how users want to hear the world around them – for example, having different settings customized for rooms in their home or , for example, for when they are at work rather than when they are in the supermarket. These can be easily defined using simple A / B comparisons and millions of user parameters stored in the cloud. The aim is to create an individual hearing experience for users, based on context, content and intention.

Widex Moment

The hearing aid of the future, now

“Everyone’s hearing preferences are different, and the goal of our artificial intelligence is to personalize the sound for each wearer to create a better overall experience,” James Martin, director of audiology communications at Widex, told Digital Trends. “By applying artificial intelligence, a hearing solution learns how users prefer various listening environments and gives them greater control over their hearing experience. For example, a user might have a different preference when they are in a noisy restaurant trying to have a conversation than when they are walking alone in the park. “

While this year’s all-digital CES, which started on Monday and ends Thursday, is packed with innovative futuristic technology, accessibility tools like this have the potential to transform lives in ways few others. technologies can.

Better yet: While many of the products on display (virtually) at this year’s CES are still months, if not years, from shipping to customers, Widex Moment is a bit more immediate in its timeline. “Widex Moment is now available from audiologists,” Martin said. “You can visit our website to find a hearing partner in your area.”

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