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The astonishing island-speckled coastline of Croatia is undoubtedly an amazing attraction. The outstanding water clarity is what you notice first. The water starts to sparkle in shades of sapphire and emerald when it is set in opposition to a stunning white pebble beach.

There are rocky and sandy stretches as well that are ideal for idle days spent lying around and reading your favorite novels. If this sounds too resting and comforting, you can indulge in water-based activities such as diving, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing and windsurfing.
In short, Croatia In June is a favorable time to visit and enjoy a refreshing beach vacation. You will definitely enjoy the European beach atmosphere!

Weather In Croatia In June

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Croatia is one of the sunniest spots in Europe. You should anticipate sunshine for 12 hours in June, on average. The weather is hot enough for a beach vacation. The southern Dalmatian coast receives 77 degrees Fahrenheit on a daily basis with a slight drop in the temperature in the evenings. The UV levels will be high in June and so you need to get your swimsuit and put some sunscreen on. The weather allows you to take pleasure in the outdoors and some dynamic festivals.

Why You Should Visit Croatia In June

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The travel season reaches its peak in the month of June. The weather condition is warm and sunny consistently. You can spot a place on the shining beaches of Split, HV Island, Dubrovnik and Korcula Island. The water is best for swimming and the afternoons are warm. The visitor season is underway, and so you need to plan ahead and make reservations. Ferry schedules run in their summer timetable and help make it suitable to plan your day.

Some popular venues can get crowded leading to higher car rental, hotel and airline prices. Though, ultimately this is what you will come across on any class and eminent beach in the summer and it is worth it here as well.
But you can also enjoy some festivals while you are on your vacation to Croatia in June. Here a few of them:

  • Animafest Zagreb: This festival has been taking place ever since 1972. It happens in odd-numbered years and is dedicated to feature movies to short films.
  • INmusic Festival: This is the highest-profile festival for music from international performers that takes place for around 3 solid days.
  • Labin Art Republika: This festival runs from June-September where the town becomes alive with studios opening their doors and streets open to performances. In addition to that, there are free guided tours every Tuesday that start from the tourist office to recount myths and legends of Zagreb.
  • Summer Salsa Festival: This has been on-going for some years in Rovinj, but it is adding serious spice into the old fishing village.
  • Days of Radunica: This festival signifies traditional St Peter and St John celebrations. There is so much that takes place in the squares and streets of the Radunica neighborhood at the end of June.

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5 Places To Visit In Croatia In June

Here are a few popular places to visit in Croatia in June for an awesome time in this beautiful European country:

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park

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This park lies midway between Zadar and Zagreb and is a wooden bliss of 48 acres. 16 sparkling lakes are linked by numerous waterfalls and streams in a wonderland. From the forested wild upper lakes to the radiant lower lakes located underneath towering cliffs, the landscape of this park is thrillingly stunning and striking.

This park preserves a clean environment that is almost primeval in its exquisiteness. The individual ecosystem of the lakes is enthralling. The travertine offers a home for prevalent plant species and the enormous forested areas are bustling with birds, mammals, flowers and insects.

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2. Diocletian’s Palace

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This palace situated in Split is one of the top sights of Croatia. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a captivating place to walk around. The palace has been turned into a residential and commercial centre now, a development that dates back to the seventh century when residents in close proximity fled to the palace to run away from invading barbarians. It is a good place to visit during any time of the day but as the sun sets and darkness takes over, it turns into one of the most romantic places in Croatia.

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3. Mljet Island

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This natural island is one of the best islands in Croatia. The northwestern part of this island is a park with 2 inland lakes and strolling and cycling trails. There are some residents and one major road that runs through the pines, macchia and oak trees. Situated off the Peljesac peninsula coast, this island can be easily accessed from Dubrovnik in the summer by ferries. The seaside villages of Sobra, Polace, Pomena and Saplunara lure in the most travellers. Saplunara is well-known for the beaches; Sobra is the major port for ferries; Polace and Pomena are the access points for the park.

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4. Zagreb

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The capital city of Croatia, Zagreb is a dynamic and exciting city with numerous restaurants, museums, and nightlife. It is slowly turning into one of the coolest cities of Europe that offers a variety of hipster clubs, quirky galleries and alternative music venues. Trg Jelacica, the central square that separates the Lower and Upper towns, is the major hub for trams and is also a popular meeting place. The majority of the streets in the Lower and Upper towns are not open for traffic which makes it a serene atmosphere.

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5. Dubrovnik

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This is the top sight of Croatia. It is called the “pearl of the Adriatic” and has massive walls interspersed with towers, turrets, gates that enclose the streets, palaces that have art treasures and churches. It was a city-state that once competed with Venice in power and wealth. The city reached its highest point in the fifteenth century and drew the attention of the finest architects and sculptors to beautify the city center in a resurrection style.

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5 Things To Do In Croatia in June

If you want to engage in some awesome activities in Croatia in June, then here are a few recommendations:

1. Visit The Pula Arena

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This Roman amphitheater is situated in the Pula town. It is notable due to its high degree of upkeep. This amphitheater is the only one of its sorts to have all the 4 side towers and the 3 of the Roman architectural orders. It is one of the six largest arenas of roman influence that still exist today. This arena hosted hunting spectacles, gladiator fights and other such events in the primeval times. It has been utilized as a venue for concerts; has hosted ice hockey games, and appeared in some films, in the recent past.

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2. Stop By At The City Tower, Rijeka

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This is the only building that is leftover from a major earthquake in 1750. This iconic yellow tower functioned as a gate from the old town centre to the waterfront, originally. Post-earthquake, the royal Hapsburgs incorporated baroque-style adornments, which include a portal with arms coats and emperor busts.

It is at times known as the City Clock Tower since it possesses a major clock on it which was installed in the year 1873. The surrounding area has loads of walk able streets with shops, little cafes and restaurants, thereby making it an ideal spot for spending valuable time with friends.

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3. Go For A Ride In The Dubrovnik Cable Car

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You can enjoy Dubrovnik in the best manner when you view it from above. The Dubrovnik Cable Car was constructed in 1969, to provide tourists and residents a prospect to take pleasure in the views from the Srd hilltop.

This cable car journeys around 778 meters till it reaches the plateau that overlooks the Adriatic Sea and the old city. You can see roughly 37 miles when the weather is clear. This ride takes around 4 minutes to reach the top and once you are there you can dine a meal or snack at the restaurant, shop for mementos, pearls or go for an adventurous buggy safari tour.

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4. Dine-In At Molo Longo, Rijeka

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This restaurant is situated on the breakwater. It is located on the second floor of the terminal building and blends elegant and classy food with a relaxed environment, thus making it an ideal place for a delicious and comfortable meal. Though the food is appetizing, the best part is the view. Every table possesses a sea view and the glass terrace provides Al fresco dining with sea view on all the 4 sides. The restaurant specializes in seafood, but they also possess a wide menu with a variety of choices for all types of diets and palates.

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5. Listen To The Sea Organ

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This is an experimental musical instrument that is situated in Zadar. It has a series of tubes located beneath large stairs made of marble. When the waves hit the short, the tubes make a sound. It was formed by Nikola Basic, who worked on the city revitalization project post World War II devastation, particularly along the waterfront. It is only one of its kind in the entire world and draws in more tourists and residents every year, who come here to see this inquisitive device and hear its interesting and eerie sound.

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Fix your eyes on the glittering waters and look away for just one moment; you will see a massive mountain looming into view. The limestone karst has bestowed a land of rocky peaks, river canyons, caverns, waterfalls and picturesque lakes just glow in Croatia in June. If you head more inland, you will witness things flattening out again into farmland. If your European dreams include pleasant days by sapphire waters in the ancient walled town shade, then you should probably head to Croatia to turn your dreams into reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Travelling To Croatia In June

Q. Is it crowded in Croatia in June?

A. Yes, you may find more crowds than other months as it is a very popular tourist destination in the summer season in Europe.

Q. Is there rainfall in the month of June in Croatia?

A. June isn’t the rainy season in Croatia. Rain is very unlikely this month.

Q. Can one engage in water sports in Croatia in June?

A. June is a perfect month to participate in sports like swimming, sailing, snorkeling and other outdoor sports in Croatia.

Q. Does it rain in Croatia in June?

A. The average rainfall during June is only 75 mm over 6 days. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be getting wet from precipitation.

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