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If you are a mountain lover and prefer mountaineering activity over others, then you should go for the places that provide a great experience. This great experience can be achieved by choosing the best place for it Mountaineering in Japan. Getting a view of the first ray of light during hiking can provide you with a different feeling of satisfaction that can help you to shed your stress to optimal levels. The presence of active volcanoes and the crater created by lava will give you a unique and real experience. If you are going on an expedition in Japan you can easily learn about the historical cultural values ​​of the mountains. The expedition can take you through the serene peace of the shrines situated in the mountains.

Hiking in Japan: Best Places

Simply opting for a mountaineering trip is not enough when doing an expedition. Getting brief information about various aspects of the peak will provide you with the necessary information. It is very important to be familiar with the peak season and other demographics. This will enable you to experience various aspects of beauty and peace during the mountaineering. A brief description of some favorite and popular summits in Japan is as follows:

1. Kuro Mountains
2. Fuji Mountains
3. Sursugi Mountains
4. Mount Nantai
5. Meikan Mountains

1. Kuro Mountains

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It is a lava dome located in a mountainous region. This peak is 1984 meters in height. If you are a mountaineering fanatic and want to witness the lava structure as well, this is an ideal place for mountaineering. Due to uneven freeze of lava, you can stop at various points and climb this peak. The entire walking tour is possible and you can also opt for a chairlift. Along with the mountain there is natural beauty. During the mountaineering you can experience all kinds of interesting scenery. The ropeway is an option for those who want to see beautiful beauty without exhaustion.

place: Ishkari Mountains of Daiketsujan Volcano Group, Hokkaido, Japan.
How to reach: You have to opt for Dohoku Bus from JR Kamikawa and stop at Tsunaki Bus Stop. It is a 30-minute bus ride.

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2. Fuji Mountains

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This peak is at an altitude of 3776 meters in Japan. If you want to experience the vivid natural beauty according to various aspects then Mount Fuji is a popular and better place for mountaineering. It also mythologically holds a great value for the Japanese people. So by opting for this peak, you can get a vivid range of knowledge and experience of mountaineering. It is located southwest of Tokyo, near the Pacific coast of central Honshu. The view of the surrounding small towns will give you a unique feeling to see the beauty of nature and man-made creations together. The best time to select for an expedition at this peak is from July to August. The USP of this location is the scene of the rising sun and the arrival of the first ray of light known as the “arrival of light”.

place: Chobu Region, Honshu, Japan
How to reach: The simplest way to reach the slope of Mount Fuji is the Keio bus from Shinjuku, Tokyo. Buses are at regular intervals of 2hours. This can take you directly to the starting point where you can start the climb from Kawaguchiko.

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3. Sursugi Mountains

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This peak is one of the highest peaks in Japan at 2999 meters. It belongs to the most popular peak for doing mountaineering activity. Most climbers love this peak as it provides them with much needed adrenaline because of its dangerous trails. The peak will enable you to experience much needed natural beauty from the point of view of a bird’s eye. The view of the surrounding nature will enchant you in a big way. If you are an experienced mountaineer then only you should choose these trails for your walking tour. It can be a dangerous hiking experience if not much attention is needed. It is worth taking the risk to look from above.

place: Kita alps
How to reach: You can either opt for a rental vehicle or opt for a bus service. The bus service starts from Awa Ikeda station to Kubo, then change the bus bound for Tsurugisan and stop at the last bus stop from where you can start your campaign.

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4. Mount Nantai

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The mountain is popular among climbers at an altitude of 2484 meters. It can provide you with the nerve-racking yet serene experience of mountaineering. Climbers who recognize the historical significance of a mountain and its value among the local people will get an overall pleasing experience knowing its story. The temple hills located here are of historical importance. The bird’s eye view of the rice trees along the mountain will provide a beautiful scenic experience while hiking. This can be a great stress buster for those who want to build their own shed by opting for this activity. If you want to have a unique experience of historical importance and experience mountaineering, then one place is more than enough in Japan.

place: Nikko
How to reach: Take a bus to Yumoto Hot Spring and get off at the Futerson Jinja Mae bus stop.

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5. Meikan Mountains

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This mountain is more than an active volcano situated at an altitude of 1499 meters. The presence of the crater on the summit will give you a raw feeling of lava formations. The view of Lake Ocon during the mountaintop will make you grateful to choose for this activity, it is one of the most beautiful active volcanic mountains that has been liked by many pedestrians over the years. Just you should know the dangerous activity of the volcano. You will definitely need permission to campaign for this trek. The crater formation at the summit is the USP of this site. You should choose this peak due to the existent beauty of the land along with the mountain.

place: Akan National Park in Hokkaido, Japan
How to reach: You can opt for a bus from Akan to Meekin which is at regular intervals. You can also opt for a rental car.

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Best time for mountaineering in Japan

The best time to explore peaks and peaks in Japan is between June to August. This is probably the best time because the weather is perfect to complete the mountaineering experience.


These are some essential tips that can help you to maintain safety concerns during mountaineering expeditions.

  • Scrutiny is mandatory. You must make a minimum deposit for 1 day to be favorable.
  • Remember to keep all your required documents in one place.
  • Get deeper insight into the demography and past activation of volcanoes which are also a mountain trail.

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What to pack

The packing required for a mountaineering expedition is one of the important places in your plan. Can a little carelessness outweigh you? Getting and packing all the equipment in the right place will provide you with acclimatization and immense support in getting hold of your campaign. You will have to take a brief look at the various gears to experience this mountaineering.

Required to carry

  • Crampon Compatible Mountaineering Boots
  • Technical ice axes
  • Saaz
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses and Sunblock
  • crampons
  • Items such as ice ax, harness, helmet and spasms
  • Other snow climbing gear such as ice screws, quicktracks, etc. will be provided.
  • An identity card or passport
  • insurance policy
  • Cash in local currency and credit cards
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Toiletries
  • Camera and extra battery

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There are some specific criteria related to mountaineering in Japan. The presence of active volcanoes is a major safety concern for climbers. To prevent those anonymous hikers from getting into trouble, you should seek permission from the Government of Japan before your campaign. If you do not want to take the stress of obtaining permits and permits, you can opt for service providers who easily have access to these permissions.

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This is some detailed information required for you about the expedition to mountaineering in Japan. This information can be very important for climbers as well as first-timers. Take this information in hand and try your hand at mountaineering during your next holiday in Japan for a very unique and extraordinary experience!

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Frequently asked questions about mountaineering in Japan

Q. Which is the most vivid mark in terms of historical value for mountaineering in Japan?

a. Mount Fuji is the most vivid trail for mountaineering in Japan according to various aspects. It has many importance.

Q. Which is the most nerve-racking trail for climbers in Japan?

a. Mount Nantai offers a large amount of adrenaline rush to climbers who want a nerve-racking experience during mountaineering.

Q. Which is the most beautiful trail for mountaineering in Japan?

a. One of the most beautiful trails for mountaineering in Japan is Mount Fuji. It provides a different set of beauty throughout the campaign.

Can we get help or service for those who are not capable of mountaineering?

a. Yes, there are some mountain trails where you can choose for those who are not able to travel on foot.

Q. What should we expect from a mountaineering expedition in terms of gaining experience in Japan?

a. You can expect a vast set of experiences during the mountaineering in Japan. It provides historical, scenic and mythological aspects of knowledge and experience.

Q. Where can we get all the necessary information about mountaineering norms in Japan?

a. There are various internet sites and service providers that can present you with all the details of the Japan-related mountaineering experience.

Q. Is there an active volcano that is also a mountain trail for mountaineering in Japan?

a. There are many active volcanoes in Japan which are open to the experience of mountaineering.

Q. Have any security concerns for carrying out the campaign in Japan?

a. Yes, climatic conditions, natural disasters and the sudden release of lava from active volcanoes are major safety concerns associated with mountaineering in Japan.

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