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When we think of an international trip, Indians often ignore neighboring countries, as their thoughts travel as far as Europe and North America. However, the truth is that our amazing country has some equally amazing neighbors who have found themselves on the bucket list of passionate travelers for many decades.

One such destination is Nepal. Nepal has emerged as a popular destination in recent times, with important Hindu temples and friendly locals, an important part of the mighty Mount Everest and the Himalayan mountain range. If you are planning to travel Nepal in May And there are questions regarding that, you are reading the right article. Without further ado, let’s start answering your questions.

Nepal weather in May

Nepal weather in May
Nepal weather in May

The spring season may end in Nepal and temperatures may vary dramatically between regions. While very warm days are seen in the Terai or foothills regions, temperatures are slightly cooler in the mid-Himalayas and more cold in the upper-Himalayan region.

The latter half of the month welcomes some rains, providing much-needed relief from the relentless heat. While the days are warm for most of the month, the nights are usually incredibly cold, thanks to the elevation.

Due to visit to Nepal in May

Due to visit to Nepal in May
Due to visit to Nepal in May – image

While May may end the tourist season in Nepal, moderate temperatures in high altitude areas keep trekking trails extremely busy. In fact, May is one of the most favorite months among those trying to scale Everest.

Those interested in easy trekking trails bathe in the scorching sun and pleasant weather. However, expect to find quite crowded herds to do the same adventure activity.

Apart from busy trekking trails, May also faces another challenge, to find accommodation, especially in the case of Tea House accommodation, which are extremely popular among trekking enthusiasts.

Furthermore, while May is the end of the tourist season in the country, most hotels and tourist establishments continue to charge peak-season tariffs from their customers.

Apart from many trekking, there are some Nepalese festivals which take place in the month of May which you can enjoy during your trip. some of them are:

1. Tiji Festival

 Tiji Festival - An auspicious occasion in Nepal
Tiji Festival

The Tiji festival celebrated in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal is an auspicious occasion celebrating the victory of good over evil. This festival, celebrated on May 19, 20 and 21, is celebrated in the 17th century and is surrounded by rich historical and mythological stories.

The Tizzi Festival is one of the few experiences in Nepal that allows visitors to take a peak at the life of rural Nepal and celebrate with the locals. If you are planning your trip in May, make sure that you schedule a visit to this festival.

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2. Buddha Jayanti

People celebrating Buddha Jayanti
Buddha Jayanti

Since Nepal is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, you can expect the grandest ceremony of his birth in the country. The top two places where celebrations take place are Lumbini and Kathmandu.

Lumbini is the city where Gautama Buddha was born in 543 BC, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city celebrates the grand day celebrating the birth of the Buddha’s spiritual leader.

Apart from Lumbini, Kathmandu has large ceremonies. The city is home to two auspicious stupas of Buddhists, Boudhanath and Swayambhunath, who celebrate the festival from the crack of dawn till late in the night.

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Visit 5 places in Nepal in May

Here are some of the top places to visit in May, where you have wonderful holiday time with friends and family:

1. Dharan

View of pokhara lake - Dharan
Dharan – Pokhara Lake – image

Located next to the river Seti, the quaint town of Pokhara is blessed with gorgeous scenery and pleasant weather in May. Perfect for a stay or adventure-filled holiday, Pokhara is the perfect place to remember a holiday.

Another notable place in Pokhara is the natural lake Pohwa which attracts thousands of tourists to the city every year. Pokhara is also known as the “Gateway of Annapurna Circuit” and is the basis of many scenic treks that are connected to the region.

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Bhaktapur Temple View
Bhaktapur Temple View – image

Dotted with temples and incredible remains of architecture, Bhaktapur is a delightful city to visit all year round. As the crowd’s increase in late May, visiting the temples becomes more joyful.

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3. Chitwan National Park

Naples National Park View
Chitwan National Park – image

One of the few places in Nepal to enjoy wildlife safari, Chitwan National Park is an ideal place for all types of travelers. Spread over approximately 934 square kilometers, the wildlife park contains about 540+ species of avian fauna along with rare animals such as single-horned rhinos.

The area near the park is populated with hotels and resorts that satisfy all types of safari experiences and offer current options for budgets of all shapes and sizes.

4. Lumbini

Lumbini - Place with peace and spirituality

If you expect the birthplace of Gautam Buddha to be a quiet city, then you are right. Lumbini is synonymous with peace and spirituality, at least during the month of May, when swarms of tourists have left the peaceful city.

If you want to be a part of the celebration of Buddha Jayanti then a visit to Lumbini is also a must.

5. Kathmandu

Kathmandu Math Scene

The capital of Nepal is famous temples, popular trekking trails, and a grand celebration of Buddha Jayanti, the largest festival in Nepal in the month of May.

Known for its traffic with and for hotels, Kathmandu sees a drop in tourist congestion after April, making the month of May the perfect time to explore the city.

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3 things to do in Nepal in May

Nepal is home to a series of experiences that attract hundreds of tourists every year to the small country. Following are our three favorite experiences in Nepal, which you can enjoy in May:

1. Become a part of one of the local festivals

Nepal celebrates many festivals
Nepal celebrates many festivals

As mentioned earlier, Nepal celebrates several festivals in the month of May. These festivals are not just unique experiences, but as a visitor, they will help you learn more about life led by the local people of Nepal.

Not to forget, such festivals are a great place to make some new friends and collect unique experiences.

2. Go for a trek

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal – image

As many already know, the infamous Mt. Everest travels in Nepal. While not everyone can measure the highest peak on the planet, Nepal has many options. The country is home to some of the most popular trekking trails on the planet.

In addition, the pleasant weather at high altitudes during the month of May makes it the perfect season for trekking in Nepal.

3. Visit Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple- Famous temple of Nepal
Pashupatinath Temple

Devotees come in large numbers throughout the year in the acclaimed Hindu temple of Pashupatinath. The famous temple is surrounded by interesting lore and is an architectural marvel. Situated on the banks of the Bagmati River, the temple complex was included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979. The temple is one of the 275 Tamil Padal Petra Stalams.

Frequently asked questions about Nepal in May:

Q. When is the peak tourist season in Nepal?

a. The peak tourist season, and the best time to visit Nepal is between the months of October and April. At this time, the weather is cold and the sun is shining on the land of Nepal.

Q. How long is everything worth watching in Lumbini?

a. Lumbini, while an important tourist destination in Nepal, can be covered in intervals of one day. The city is incredibly close to Kathmandu and can go on a day trip from the capital city.

Q. How long does Annapurna Base Camp trek require?

a. One of the highest peaks of the region, Annapurna is extremely popular among trekking enthusiasts. It takes about 7-12 days to reach base camp.

Q. What are the timings for Pashupatinath Temple?

a. The temple opens its doors to devotees at 9 am and closes them around 11 pm. With this, it is best to go a little before the temple opens or a little before closing, as the crowds during the day make it impossible to enjoy the peace of the temple.

Q. There is an early trekking trail in Nepal?

a. Yes! Nepal is home to many trekking trails, many of which are perfect for beginners. Some great examples include Bilthali, Ghandruk, Panseys and Poon Hill Treks. All these treks last less than five days, traverse difficult terrains, and offer sublime views, making them perfect for trekking novices.