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The entrance to Cairns, Queensland is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Cairns is an area in Queensland that attracts one of the highest numbers of tourists each year for its popularity for water sports. This unique city is known for its beautiful natural wonders such as coral reefs and rainforests. Along with this, it is also an ideal place for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush, which is available for tourists to enjoy the plentiful adventure and water activities. Scuba Diving in Cairns It is a popular activity which is well enjoyed in the pristine blue waters of the place.

Best Time for Scuba Diving in Cairns

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The dry season, which includes the months of April to November, has low humidity and very little rainfall during the day. This is also the best time to go Scuba Diving in Cairns. During these months, there are more visitors who can be seen visiting the tropical land than in the wet season.

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4 best spots for scuba diving in Cairns

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best diving sites offering impeccable marine life which is a treat to see. Depending on the time, budget, and certification you have, Cairns offers you various places to dive your chance. Let us look at the best places and the facilities they offer:

1. Outer barrier reef

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If you are a budget traveler, then this place is the best option for you. If you do not have much time, dive to the outer reef which is about 60 KM from Cairns. The reef can be visited when you are on a day trip in search of nearby places. The barrier reef offers a pleasant view of the most unique variety of turtles, dolphins, whitetip reef sharks and fish. Tourists can also take advantage of underwater photographers and capture the most thrilling moment of their lives.

Cost: INR 9844
Time: Mid august to mid september
Period: 40 minutes

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2. Flynn Reef

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It is an ideal place for those who want to see everything a little. The beautiful scuba diving parrot is the perfect place to watch fish that sleep in small cracks. It is also home to many sea turtles that are seen roaming around throughout the day. Tourists can often see Nemo in summer. Reef can be visited with various operators working here.

Cost: INR 11320
Time: Mid august to mid december
Period: Around 40-45 minutes

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3. Cod Holes

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The cod hole is not only one of the most popular locations in Cairns, but also worldwide. What makes it different is the ability to see a large potato cod feeding. This sea creature is huge. This makes the place a very unique habitat and marine life a photogenic and extra friendly. Located on the northern part of Ribbon Reefs, the site has not been much explored which makes it more distinct.

Cost: INR 10,335
Time: Mid august to mid september
Period: 40 minutes

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4. Osprey Reef

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The magnificent Osprey Reef is a feeding ground for innumerable sharks and remains the same for a period of 15 years. Nothing in the world will offer you more adrenaline rush than experiencing scuba diving in this expanding cliff. Enjoy seeing dozens of white tip sharks inside pristine blue waters in Cairns. Older tiger, hammerhead and gray reef sharks can be seen separately for scuba diving. Divers can enjoy a full fall of the most beautiful visual feasts.

Scuba Diving Cost: INR 9843
Time: Mid august to mid october
Period: Around 40-45 minutes

3 Best Diving Schools in Cairns

Here is a list of the best diving schools in Cairns. Have a look before planning a trip here.

1. Pro Dive Cairns

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It is home to the Great Barrier Reefs which offers two nights and three days of liveboard dive trips with a range of PADI certified courses of scuba diving. It offers a five-day course of dive open water certification with various advanced and professional development courses. Pro Dive Cairns is one of the best diving schools to choose from when planning your next adventure.

Cost: INR 74,020
Period: Five days
Time: 9.30 am – 7.00 pm

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2. Mitchell & Cairns Dive School

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Michelle Barry, owner of Diving School at Mitchell and Cairns Dive School in Cairns is another well-known diving school that provides professional guidance and training. If you are interested in diving professionally, this is the best training facility. Mitchell and Cairns Dive School is the best decision for adventure enthusiasts.

Cost: INR 4,306
Period: 2 -3 days
Time: 8.30 am

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3. Tusa Dive

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Tusa Dive has been in business since 1986. This professional service is led by a team of friendly experienced professionals who experience new custom-designed dive ships for guests. The professional school is committed to preserving future generations. The Vocational Training School has all 16 unique sites on the outer Great Barrier Reef. On a day drip, students can cruise to any two selected outdoor reef locations while having the opportunity to participate in activities such as snorkeling, introductory diving, and certified diving.

Cost: INR 6,050
Period: 1-2 days
Time: 9.00 AM – 12.00 PM

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We hope that this detailed article about scuba diving in Cairns makes you excited to travel to the most thrilling places for scuba diving in the world. We assure you that you will come back with a bag full of memories and exciting moments. Book a trip to Australia and experience a sea of ​​new experiences in all their glory.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scuba Diving in Cairns

Q. What is the best time to travel to Cairns?

a. The time of April to September is the best time for tourists to come to Cairns to enjoy the best weather.

Q. How many days are ideal to travel to Cairns?

a. Cairns is a new experience and requires around 3 nights and 4 days to see the place and enjoy its varied adventure and water activities.

Q. In which year can you do scuba diving in Cairns?

a. The dry months, which begin from April to November, are ideal for enjoying scuba diving in Cairns.

Q. What is the average cost of scuba diving in Cairns?

a. The average price of a certified scuba dive is INR 4270 and the introductory scuba dive costs INR 10,890.

Q. Are professional scuba diving courses available in Cairns?

a. Yes, a large number of scuba diving courses are offered in Cairn by professional training centers such as Tusa Dive, Pro Dive Cairns and others.

Q. Can sharks be seen in the Great Barrier Reef?

a. Yes, there are many sharks that can be popular in the Great Barrier Reef and the Australian Shark and Great White.

Q. Is it safe for one to swim in the Great Barrier Reef?

a. Yes, it is relatively safe but you should be aware of the surroundings and be within sight of the lifeguards.

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