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A Guide To Skydiving In Taupo For An Exciting Experience In 2020

Tupo is a beautiful city located in the center of the North Island of New Zealand. Located in the center of Taupo, the enchanting Lake Taupo, New Zealand’s inner sparkling sea. The unique Tupo lake will give you the feel of any landscape you can imagine. From divine alpine deserts, winter ski areas, geothermal valleys to hot springs, you can find everything at this destination. Apart from seeing the beauty, culture and history of Lake Tupo, you can also go Skydiving in taupo A once in a lifetime experience. This is a rare opportunity for volcanoes to climb in clear highs and shocking hookah falls in the alpine desert. Find the best options for skydiving in Lake Taupo.

Best Time to Skydiving in Taupo

The Northern Hemisphere has seasons opposite New Zealand. The temperature in Tupo is quite pleasant from May to November, and cold winds are blowing throughout the country. The best time to skydive in Tupo is between April to November. New Zealand has an unpredictable climate, and thus, the best skydiving in Tupo is always subject to prevailing weather conditions. The tour company will ensure that the weather is safe for adventure. Your booking will be rescheduled in days, better weather is expected.

4 Best Types of Skydiving in Taupo

Lake Taupo is one of the best places in the world to enjoy skydiving in tandem. Some of the most exciting skydiving options in Taupo are:

1. 9000 feet jump
2. 12000 feet jump
3. 15000 feet jump
4. Jump to 18,500 feet

1. 9000 feet jump

Nusaviru paracenter


It is an excellent option for newbies who want to experience the endorphin rush of jumping from heights. This is an economical option, and you experience freefall for 30 seconds. This is a great option for beginners and even for those who have little fear of heights.

Average price: $ 199
place: Taupo, Waikato
Duration: 3 hours

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2. 12000 feet jump

Lido lakes


This is nothing short of extraordinary for jump thrills. You will find the stunning sceneries of Tupo Lake, Mount Norahuho, as well as Mount Rufu. Mount Ngauruhoe is also known as the famous Lord of Rings trilogy due to Mount Doom which was shot here! This is the jump that all adventurers dream of. 45 seconds If you are stunned by the beauty of Lake Tupo then experience a free fall.

Average price: $ 279
place: 1227, Tupo Airport (TUO), Wavekaka, Taupo 3378
Duration: 3.5 hours

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3. 15000 feet jump

Pondok cab


Get ready for the adventure, and enjoy the anticipation that builds after every second. This is a perfect leap option if it is fun that sets you free. Enjoy freefall for about 60 seconds and at a speed of 200 km / h. This is a great option for experienced divers and major adrenaline enthusiasts who want to indulge in detailed New Zealand views for landing.

Average price: $ 359
place: 1227 Anzac Memorial Drive, Tupo Airport (TUO), Wavekaka Tupo 3378
Duration: Four hours

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4. Jump to 18,500 feet



Go high or go home. This is the highest jump in Tupo. Feel on top of the world and get a free time of 75 seconds. You will see amazing wonders of Mount Ruefu, Central North Island and the waters of Sapphire Tupo Lake. If you are the kinder who wants to taste the ultimate thrill of skydiving before touching the ground, then this option of skydiving at Tupo is for you.

Average price: $ 399
place: Wavekaka Tupo 3378
Duration: Four hours

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All about tandem skydiving in Tupo

What to do and what not


Taupo has the best skydiving scene in New Zealand. It offers a unique adventure for all adventure seekers. Scandiving is the most popular in Tupo. Tandem skydiving is a gift for all adventurous newbies who want a good endorphin rush. This involves strapping a trainer during an adventure. The trainer will guide you through the entire journey. You are always in safe hands, and the trainer will conduct and land the canopy aircraft.

Tandem skydiving is the best option for anyone who wants to spice up their journey. You will face high altitude and gravity, which will take you down during the freefall. Skydiving companies are equipped with the best equipment to ensure your safety. Skydiving Tupo is in accordance with all government approved standards, and all procedures are performed with the utmost care for customer detail and safety. The cost of tandem skydiving in Tupo is approximately $ 199– $ 350 depending on height and duration.

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How to reach tupo, new zealand

By air: Tupo is located in the middle of the North Island, a four-hour drive from Auckland. There are daily domestic flights from Tupo Airport. Direct flights to Taupo are available from New Zealand and Sydney. Tupo Airport is well connected to major international airports with flights arriving from all over the world.

from the way: Taupo is an easy drive from all the main centers of the northern islands. It is located at the intersection of SH1 (State Highway 1) and Thermal Inventor Highway, which is the country’s main road for road travel.

by Rail: Intercity is the largest coach network in New Zealand. It connects Taupo to all major cities in New Zealand.

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The enchanting city of Tupo is a story to be explored. The unique terrain and diversity of different climatic zones in one place can only be best explored by skydiving in Tupo which will give you a glimpse of the natural beauty of New Zealand. Tupo is also the cheapest option for skydiving on your vacation in New Zealand. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head into a taupo.

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Frequently asked questions about skydiving in Taupo

Q. What is the age limit for skydiving in Taupo?

a. There is no age limit for skydiving in Tupo. Anyone seven years of age and 95 years old can skydive in Tupo. For those under 18, a consent form signed by the parent is required. The only condition is that the harness children must fit perfectly. The height for skydives is usually adjusted for children up to 20,000 feet.

Q. What are the weight restrictions for skydiving in Taupo?

a. If you are over 100 kg, you may not be allowed to skydive. It can vary from person to person, and decisions are made for each person on the current conditions of the day of the adventure.

Q. Can I buy a video of my skydiving adventure in Tupo?

a. The best skydiving in Tupo offers high-definition coverage of each moment of your skydiving adventure. It is always recommended that you buy all the pictures and photos to take back your best moments and remember that endorphins have left this adventure.

Q. Can I take my camera while skydiving in Tupo?

a. For security reasons, cameras and other items are not allowed on the aircraft. They can fall during free fall and cause trouble. The instructor will isolate your inhaler and you will need medicines later when you need them.

Q. How long will the entire skydiving adventure take?

a. Skydiving in Tupo takes about 2.5–3 hours on average. Timings are usually tight, but due to adverse weather conditions and safety concerns, you may have to wait at the dropzone.

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