A Guide To Skydiving In London For A Thrilling Experience In 2020

There is nothing more exhilarating than a skydiving adventure. It provides the opportunity to see the excitement and horizons of a lifetime from a new perspective. Skydiving in london An exciting adventure in which you jump from a plane and fly like a bird in the air before you parachute back into your drop zone. The jump height is between 3,000 and 15,000 feet in the air, depending on the skydive stent you choose. And it is one of the safest places to try out this activity where you will get thorough guidance as a training class before you dive. Find the best places to skydiving in this city on your next getaway.

Best time to enjoy skydiving in London

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Indoor skydiving is subject to outdoor skydiving seasons such as London and most aviation adventures. Weather conditions in the UK are not always pleasant. Due to this, it can take a long time to do on weekends. Similarly, doing more than a week is not a good idea because of rain. Ideally, you want brighter weather and less hustle, so summers are the best option to experience the best skydiving in London. Note that if the weather is unsuitable for flying, you can modify your booking at any further date and time as per your convenience.

7 Best Places to Skydiving in London

There are many drop zones while skydiving in London UK, which you cannot resist due to the mesmerizing views you offer. Each has its own fun and uniqueness. If you are looking for the best place for skydiving in London, the following information can help you a lot.

  • Airkix
  • Skydive wild geese
  • Peterborough Parachute Center
  • Hinton Skydiving Center
  • Dunkwell, UK Swop Pond
  • London Parachute School
  • Skydive hibaldstow

1. Airkix

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Each place has its own specialty for skydiving. Everything needs to be kept in mind, from the price of the adventure to the drop location. The average price for a jump ticket is 11 GBP. The drop location is located at latitude 53.43805 and longitude 2.3625. There are also some restrictions that must be taken into consideration. USPA membership with AAD is not required. Additionally, hook twist is not allowed.

place: Airkix Center

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2. skydive wild geese

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Skydive at Wild Geese offers this adventure game with an average cost of 260 GBP for Jumpstart. Tickets for the same are 22 GBP for 10000 feet. The cost of the video is also available here at 75 GBP. The drop location is located at a latitude of 54.98832584059 and a longitude of -6.64458274839.

place: Movenis airfield

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3. Peterborough Parachute Center

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The Peterborough Parachute Center is one of the popular skydiving spots in London. The average cost for a tandem jump starts at 200 GBP, where video is not included. The video costs 85 GBP. The drop location for sky diving is located at Sibson Airfield. Here latitude is 52.559719 and longitude is -0.396109.

place: Sibson airfield

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4. Hinton Skydiving Center

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Skydiving at Hinton Skydiving Center offers you this adventure sport at a cost of 380GBP, where the tandem jump starts at 280 GBP. Jump tickets start at 20 GBP for 13 GBP. In addition, you can opt for video at 95 GBP. Here the drop location is located in Hinton Airfield with latitude of 52.027993535971 and longitude of -1.205492019649.

place: Hinton airfield
Time: N / A

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5. Dunkwell, UK Swop Pond

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The average price for a jump ticket is 23 GBP to 15000ft, at the expense of thrill to leave space in Dunkwell. The drop location is located at latitude 50.863448585024 and longitude -3.22753429413. Safety is the primary concern for Dunkeswell, and in situations unsuitable for skydiving, you or the trainers should not take any risks with wellbeing.

place: Dunkswell
Time: N / A

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6. London Parachute School

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The average cost for a tandem jump starts at 230 GBP, excluding video. The video costs 100 GBP. The drop spot for sky diving here is located at the London Parachute School. Here latitude is at 51.55188586745 and longitude is at -100100942627.

place: London Parachute School
Time: N / A

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7. skydive hibaldstow

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Skydive at Hibaldstow offers this adventure game with an average cost of 240 GBP for Jumpstart. Tickets for the same are at 15000 feet at 22 GBP. The price of the video is also available here at 90 GBP. The drop location is located at Hibaldstow Airfield at a latitude of 53.5001 and a longitude of -0.5237.

place: Hibaldstow Airfield
Time: N / A

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How to reach london

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By air: The City of London has six airports. Heathrow Airport, being the largest and busiest, connects London to all major regions of the world. Other airports include Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, City and Southend. Apart from these important airports in the city, various regional airports in the UK are easily accessible from London, and they are also cheap. Travel from the airport to the city can also be attributed to various public transport connections.

from the way: Being the capital, London is the most important city in Britain and is easily accessible by car. The London Orbital Motorway is an essential between Greater London and Scotland and Wales. Carpooling is the best and cheapest option for commuting from London. Various rental services are also available that provide you with “pay” facility. Be aware that a very small number of people drive to the center of London due to the massive traffic chaos that lasts throughout the day.

by train: London, being the heart of the British rail system, connects to every major city in and around the UK via various trains. Ticket prices are relatively low compared to buses and cabs. Some of the essential lines in London are Marylebone, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street etc.

Local Transport in London: The most extraordinary public transport services in the world are in London. Primarily, to travel within the city, most people choose tube, airport express, boat and dockland light railway. The London suburb is connected by tram, overground and national rail. Oyster cards are electronic smartcards that are more affordable than paper tickets. For local excursions, double-decker buses are a convenient option.

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Before you make a booking and travel to London, it is recommended to do enough research about these skydiving sites and agencies. If you do your homework well, you will realize that London is the best place for a skydiving experience in the UK. Once back, don’t forget to tell us about your skydiving experience in London!

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Frequently Asked Questions about skydiving in London

Q. Are there any age, weight or health restrictions for skydiving in London?

a. The minimum age for skydiving in London is 18, and there is no upper limit. The maximum permitted weight is 102 kg. For any kind of medical issue, a medical certificate has to be brought.

Q. What if the parachute does not open during skydiving?

a. Parachute containers have an AAD (automatic activation device) that delineates the parachute if it does not open at a predetermined height.

Q. How long does a normal skydiving stint take?

a. It will only take half your day, but if there are more people than usual, a full day will be required.

Q. How soon should I make a reservation for skydiving in London?

a. A long time ago. However, if you wish to make it to the last moment, on-spot guests are always welcomed for skydiving in London.

How safe is skydiving in London?

a. Safety is always a top priority. A heap of precautions is taken to minimize all risk factors. The government collects data from all centers within the UK, and shows that even though there are risks of skydiving, it can be done very safely.

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