A Guide To Skydiving In Interlaken For A Fun Experience In 2020

Interlaken is a delightful city in Switzerland that is world famous for its natural splendor of late green alpine meadows, celestial lakes and dense forests. Situated in the center of Switzerland, the city lies between Lake Thun and Lake Brenz. The city offers many adventures which boost the adrenaline of the people. While there are sports such as kayaking, hiking, boating, and more, Skydiving in interlaken Is considered the most famous. Skydiving attracts the most tourists and visitors throughout the year in this part of Switzerland. Let us look at the best locations for this adventure game in Interlaken.

Best time for skydiving in Interlaken

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Skydiving is essentially open year-round in Switzerland. But the winter season is considered to be the best time to do it. Feeling straight out of a story with incredible winter scenery and the essence of the cool atmosphere makes skydiving an unforgettable experience during the winter at Interlaken. The exquisite panoramic views of the Swiss Alps’ high altitude and the snow-clad peaks from esoteric eyes in the winter will literally take you into a state of panic. So, December to February would be the best time to experience skydiving in Interlaken.

3 best places for skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland

Here are the three most popular places in Interlaken where you can go for a thrill of skydiving solos or a trip to Switzerland with your friends.

1. Jungfra
2. Sage
3. Grindelwald

1. Jungfra

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Skydiving at Interlaken on the snowy peaks of the Yungfrau Mountains is one of the experiences of a lifetime. Spectacular views of the Swiss Alps, cool breeze and the blue and green waters of Lake Thun and Brazen will mesmerize you. This is a helicopter skydiving at Interlaken, where you jump from a helicopter from a height of 14,000 feet and fall into the lap of Mount Jungfrau and Eger.

Average price: INR 37,000 (495 CHF)
drop Zone: Mittelweg 113812 Wilderswil Schweiz

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2. Sage

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One must know what to expect from skydiving at Interlaken. There is a great place to do this in Interlaken, which is on the White Moonee Mountains. The aircraft will suspend mid-air, and you jump in tandem from an altitude of 4500 meters. The Swiss Alps are known for their spectacular views, and the Monch is a place you can’t miss.

Average price: INR 29,550 (395 CHF)
drop Zone: Reichenbach Airport in Kandertal

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3. Grindelwald

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Some of the most amazing places to skydive in Interlaken is through the Grindelwald and the River Range. Jumping here will always top the adrenaline rush of your best memories. The jump here is from 4,000 meters and the average velocity is 120 mph. However, since skydiving is an adventure sport, for which not everyone is opposed to going, make sure you take the necessary safety steps while doing it otherwise it will be very risky.

Average price: INR 33,670 (450 CHF)
drop Zone: Waldegrestre, 353800 Interlaken

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Tips for skydiving at Interlaken

It is important to know what to do and what not to do before indulging in this adventure game. Therefore, follow these safety tips for a comfortable experience.

  • Book an appointment in advance or you’ll miss the best slot.
  • Go to a certified and experienced agency.
  • Make sure they use quality safety gear and before you take it off.
  • Follow your instructor’s instructions carefully. Your life depends on it!
  • Skydive only under the right weather and favorable conditions. If there is a slight prediction of weather anomaly, do not hesitate to cancel it.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the natural scenery while you’re in the air!

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Travel to Interlaken and enjoy a flight over the majestic Swiss Alps like a bird! With its panoramic views and some of the world’s best skydiving institutions, there is no doubt that the city of Interlaken is the perfect place to jump into the first sky of your life!

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Frequently asked questions about skydiving in Interlaken

Q. Is there an age bar for skydiving?

a. There is no age bar for this adventure game. The only condition is that you have to be physically fit to move your hands and feet properly. It is recommended that divers under the age of 18 be taken only after the consent of the parents.

Q. Are interlaken mountains safe for skydiving?

a. The Interlaken mountains provide a vastness of sight for its divers. They are absolutely safe because the trainers and experts at Interlaken Centers are not only professionals in this short, but experienced enough to keep you safe on the mountains.

Q. Do I need insurance before skydiving?

a. Insurance is not required, but divers are obliged to fill out a liability form before leaving for time. It should be signed at the time of registration to avoid discrepancies in emergencies.

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