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A Guide To Different Kinds of Relocation Services

When most people think of relocation services, they normally think of residential relocation. However, most of the companies that provide these kinds of services have much more to offer. Companies nowadays use advanced equipment and employ professional workers to provide a multitude of services. Be it international relocation or vehicle transportation, they provide them all. Here are 7 different services that are provided by most moving and packing companies.

Residential Relocation

This kind of shifting involves moving household goods from one place to another and is commonly known as household shifting. Here the companies help pack all the items to be shifted and then transport them to the intended destination.

International Relocation

Relocating across borders requires immense planning and is a challenging affair. Companies that provide international shifting help transport the goods from one country to another. They assist in the documentation involved and ensure that the goods are timely delivered at the right destination.


Sometimes, while transporting goods over long distances, warehousing is necessary for safe and secure storage of the items. All professional companies have their own warehouses that ensure proper storage and safekeeping of the goods.

Car transportation

If you are relocating, it’s obvious that you’d want to take your car with you and it might not always be feasible to drive it to the new location. To assist in their shipment, companies provide vehicle transportation services at various prices depending on the type of vehicle.

Commercial/office shifting

Moving and packing companies also assist in commercial and office shifting. This generally involves safely packing the entire commercial and office equipment and transferring them to the new location.


Whenever there is any kind of transportation of goods, there runs the risk of damage to the items. Hence, companies offer insurance services. To avail insurance, one needs to declare the price of the items that are being transported.

Packing and unpacking

Shipping goods from one place to another is one hassle. Another is packing the items and then unpacking them once they reach the intended destination. Companies nowadays provide packing and unpacking services which help save a lot of trouble for the customers availing the service.

Relocation companies nowadays provide a variety of professional services. Gone are the days when you had to employ cheap labor to move your goods from one place to another. Avail a multitude of professional services and have a hassle free relocation.

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