A Game-Worn Pair Of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1s Just Sold For $560,000, A New Sneaker Record!

Michael Jordan broke another record, so to speak, this one in the world of collectibles sneakers. A pair of Air Jordan 1 MJs worn during his 1984-85 rookie season and signed by Jordan sold at Sotheby’s for $ 560,000, making them the most expensive pair of sneakers of all the temperature.

Darren Rovell’s Action Network reports that the shoes were once owned by Jordy Geller, known in the world of shoe lovers for the quality of his collection. In fact, the record broken by the sale of $ 560,000 also belonged to another pair sold by Geller, that of a pair of the original prototype of moon shoes Nike designed by the co-founder of Nike Bill Bowerman, which was sold by Geller in July 2019 for $ 437,500. .

a game-worn pair of michael jordan's air jordan
a game-worn pair of michael jordan’s air jordan

Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

It’s no coincidence that a legendary pair of Michael Jordan sneakers would break a price record at a time when much of the world seems to remember Jordan’s work and career thanks to the ESPN documentary. The last dance. Geller told Action that he decided to part with the sneakers because of the “hysteria over Michael Jordan’s articles” caused by the documentary.

Brahm Wachter of Sotheby’s, who was in charge of the record auction, says that this is all part of Geller’s intuitive sense of buying and selling souvenirs:

“Jordy always has a good sense of timing for these things … We are thrilled with the award. It just testifies to the incredible legacy of Michael Jordan and people who recognize him as the greatest athlete to ever play. “

Geller acquired the shoes in 2012.

Naturally, sneakers are now also at the top of Jordan’s most valuable play shoes. The Converse sneakers that Jordan wore at the 1984 Olympics, for example, sold in June 2017 for $ 190,373, while the Air Jordan XII in which he played game 5 of the 1997 finals (known in Jordan as ” The Flu Game “) sold for $ 104,765 in 2013.

The identity of the new owner of the sneakers is, for the moment in any case, unknown to the public.

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