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Being in part of Southeast Asia, the Philippines is known as home to the most idyllic islands, sun-kissed beaches, and beautiful scenery. From resting on the beach to adventure, from kayaking to clubbing, to enjoying a spa to kite flying on the beach, there is no shortage of adventure and crazy activities Philippines in May. Also, when you are thinking or planning to travel, November to May is the best time to explore the nation.

Weather in Philippines in May

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In May, the Philippines has a temperature of about 33.4 degrees Celsius.
The lowest temperature is 25.7.
The Philippines is popular for its dry season which falls around November and May. A very long time of May and November can talk great value for cash – you’ll miss out on the crowds, yet beautiful as the climate and flights will be cheaper than in high season.

Why you should visit the philippines in may

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Here is a list of different festivals and events. Philippines in May

The festival of Lusban San Isidro Pahias is one of the Philippines’ most amazing harvest festival celebrations. The annual festival is dedicated to the holy man of workers and peasants. Every 15 May, a large number of tourists rush to see these opportunities and things in Lusbon, making the Pahias festival unique.

  • Viva Vegan Arts Festival

A wonderful festival of the city’s cultural heritage takes place on the first seven days of May. There are dance performances on the streets, a fashion show, a parade at Kalsa and, of course, plenty of food.

  • Guimaras Manggahan Festival

The dates of the occasion are responsible for evaluation and change, but it is held in the Philippines in the month of May. This page will be updated when the coordinators have formally confirmed the running and planning of the occasion.

Economical aspects when visiting the Philippines in May

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The tour season starts in the month of May in the Philippines and you can travel in this month. Also, the rates for all things are cheaper compared to other months.
So this is the reason why most people like to go to the Philippines because many events and festivals are celebrated in this month as well as the temperature is normal and good.

Things to do in the Philippines in May

Here is the list of adventure and fun things Philippines in May When you are planning a trip to the Philippines, you should never miss it –

1. Swim in Hinagadan

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Can you go swimming in Hinadan’s cave water? Challenge yourself for this activity that will test your courage yet it is a safe activity in Bohol. It is one of the most adventurous activities in the Philippines as an adventurous attraction for visitors.
The most effective way to reach: One recommendation is that you can rent a bicycle and head towards Panglao Island. It is a 15-minute drive.
It is best known for cliff bouncing and swimming is very well known.

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2. Kayaking on Panagama Beach

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You can spend your evening in Moalal taking a stroll on the beach of Panagasama. For the first time tourists are known to deal with second-class rapids easily. Wildlife has unexpectedly on the top things to do in the Philippines rowing
You can entertain yourself with kayaking, swimming, scuba plumbing and dolphin and whale watching.

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3. Visit the Chocolate Hills

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The perspective on the highest point of the Chocolate Hills is radically out of this world. Many layers of its rich cover of green bushes can be seen by the eyes. While they are green all around during the winter, these slopes turn chocolate brown during dry summers. Try climbing hills and mountains as it is one of the most fun activities in the Philippines.
It is known for the Chocolate Hills, which have a spectacular view of the Philippine scene. You can also settle on a tour of the countryside.

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4. Walk on the Bamboo Hanging Bridge

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It is one of the most adventurous activities in Bohol Philippines, where a leisurely stroll on a bridge yet bamboo hanging bridge is set on a coherent river flowing on your journey. There you can shop magnets and shirts from small shops at the end of the bamboo bridge to enchant your journey.
It is known for the bridge that has a ghastly approach to the Panna Sipatan River.

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5. Enjoy WhatsApp at Aerial Point

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For lovers of water, the aerial point is heaven. You can enjoy diving with three planks which are set on a rock at an altitude of 3 to 15 meters. Or you can just play in the river water and hike the rock with a bamboo ladder. Ariel Day Pass has all conceivable water sports such as swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding.
It is best known for cliff jumping which is a very famous activity in the Philippines in the month of May.

Places to visit in the Philippines in May

There are many beautiful attractions and places to visit during your trip to the Philippines, which you must visit –

1. Palwan

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If you are having the dilemma of choosing just one place to travel in the Philippines in May, Palawan should be on the top priority in your list of best destinations. You went to the nation to see the terrible islands and beaches. You are going to enjoy in Palvan!

Most explorers are in Palawan en route to Puerto Princesa. Known as the “City in a Forest”, Puerto Princesa is not just the island’s busiest entrance, it is home to many stunning attractions. Try not to miss the Puerto Princesa Underground River which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the longest river in the world, a jumping island for Honda Bay, and a trip around the city.

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2. Coren

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Located north of Koran El Nido, it is also famous for impeccable tide ponds and white-sanded beaches. The underwater views are amazing too! Go here to dive in the shipwreck, discover the Coral Museums, and have a fantastic swim.
The most efficient way to reach the exit is the touchdown at the airport of Coron-Basunga, which provides direct flight service from Cebu, Manila and Clarke.

3. Cebu

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Cebu is the most visited tourist destination in the Philippines due to its major areas in Central Philippines. While you are in Cebu, visit the old heritage sites of Spanish-provinces, seashores, and waterfalls, scattered throughout the area and the surrounding neighboring islands. Don’t try to leave without experiencing cooking nearby, start with the prized Cebu Lechon!
The right way to get there is the International Airport of Cebu-Mactan, which provides direct flight services from every important city in the Philippines to worldwide flights to Asia and North America.

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4. Bohl

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Bohl is the perfect destination that you need to add to your bucket list! The island is known for its heritage sites and finest attractions, including the infamous Chocolate Hills.

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So, if you are planning your Philippines trip in the month of May, this is the perfect guide for you who is reporting its weather as well as the best things and places to visit in the Philippines in May.

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Frequently asked questions about the Philippines in May

Q. Is it worth traveling in the Philippines?

a. Yes, this is the tourist season there in the month of Philippines.

Q. Which is the best time to travel to the Philippines?

a. The month of November to May is the dry season and the best time to visit the Philippines.

Q. What are the best things in the Philippines?

a. You can go for a fun and memorable tour for adventure activities like trekking, kayaking, watersports and more.

Q. Is the Philippines a safe country?

a. Yes, it is very safe especially for women. They can travel alone here in the Philippines and have a fun trip.

Q. Can be the best time to travel to the Philippines?

a. The answer is yes because if you hate the crowd there, then this month is not crowded and you can enjoy it a lot.

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