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YouTube is doing its best to compete with TV and other streaming services, recently releasing a four-part documentary called Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil all about singer Demi Lovato and her struggles with addiction and rehab. Named after a song on Demi’s seventh studio album, the documentary features Demi recounting the events of recent years, alongside her family and friends recounting what they experienced. It’s both heartbreaking and inspiring to hear the lows she went through, as well as the fighting spirit that helps her continue to battle against her addictions.

The documentary doesn’t shy away from the tough issues. It lets Demi recount her unhappy childhood, being raped as a young Disney Channel star, having multiple strokes and a heart attack, and the lasting consequences of her 2018 overdose, including partial vision loss. Demi is not the only celebrity to miraculously survive an overdose. But for every survivor, there is a tragedy. Demi has spoken about how she always admired Amy Winehouse, who was tragically killed by her addiction. The important thing for Demi is what she does with her second chance, and viewers can only hope she gets the help she needs now and she doesn’t continue down the path that has taken so many other celebrity lives before their time.

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Most of Dancing With the Devil is available to watch free on YouTube. Viewers who want an even deeper dive can subscribe to YouTube Premium to get extra scenes and more interview footage. The documentary originally premiered at SXSW. After almost dying of her overdose, Demi wanted to correct the rumors and speculation and hopefully use her story to help others with similar struggles. Her family and friends, including a few celebrities, have stepped up to help tell her story and show their undying support for her. Here’s a full list of Demi’s family and friends who appear in the documentary.

Demi’s Parents, Dianna & Eddie

Demi Lovato's parents on a couch.

Dianna De La Garza and Eddie De La Garza are Demi’s step-father and mother. They have shown Demi unending support through all of her hard times. Unfortunately, Demi’s birth father, Patrick Lovato, died in 2013. According to Demi, he was bipolar, schizophrenic, an addict, and an alcoholic. When Demi’s mother began to worry about the safety of her children, she left Patrick and, several years later, married Eddie De La Garza.

Demi’s Sister, Madison

Demi Lovato's sister Madison De La Garza

Madison De La Garza is Demi’s younger half-sister. While she has done some acting, she has never had the same success as her sister, which, after listening to Demi’s story of growing up in the spotlight, is a blessing. Madison is 9 years younger than Demi. Demi’s parents forbid Demi from seeing Madison if she didn’t get treatment, which led to Demi getting sober the first time. Madison expressed that Demi’s family and friends didn’t know how bad Demi was at her lowest point. She said Demi is “very good at hiding what she needs to hide.

Demi’s Sister, Dallas

Dallas Lovato is Demi’s older sister and has had small parts on several Disney shows. Now, she is an acting coach, particularly for child actors. Dallas talks about some of her sister’s unhappiness coming from the pressure for Demi to be an icon and a role model, something that was chosen for her at a young age, rather than something Demi wanted or enjoyed doing. Dallas has not fully left the public eye and still films videos on TikTok.

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Demi’s Best Friend, Sirah

Demi Lovato's friend Sirah

Sirah, aka Sara Mitchell, is a hip-hop artist and long-time friend of Demi. In the documentary, she explains how isolating being someone who tries to help people can be. She is talking about Demi trying to help people, but it could be said of herself as well. After Demi’s overdose, Sirah got death threats because people blamed her for not stopping the overdose.

Demi’s Former Assistant, Jordan

Jordan Jackson was the one who found Demi unconscious and called the paramedics when Demi overdosed in 2018, saving Demi’s life. She was afraid of getting in trouble for calling an ambulance because so often celebrities and their teams are more concerned with their image than with their very lives. It is never stated why Jordan no longer works for Demi, but it may have had to do with the traumatic event.

Demi’s Head of Security, Max & Business Manager, Glenn

Max Lea and Glenn Nordlinger have both worked for Demi since she was younger, and both have a fatherly relationship with her. Max was the first person called when Demi was found unconscious from her overdose. Max and Glenn had been coming up with a plan to get Demi the help she needed when she overdosed.

Demi’s Choreographer, Dani Vitale

Dani Vitale received the most blame for Demi’s overdose, completely without reason. Demi attended Dani’s birthday party the night she overdosed. There hadn’t been any drugs at Dani’s party and Demi had long since left the party when she called her dealer for the drugs she overdosed on. Still, Dani received death threats, lost her job, and had to start her life over from scratch, with everyone assuming she herself was some sort of drug dealer.

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Demi’s Manager, Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun At 2019 Entertainment Industry Conference

Demi wanted to get back to singing after she recovered, but wanted a new manager. Despite Demi describing herself as “a liability” and feeling like a bad business risk after her overdose, Scooter Braun decided to take a chance on her. He discussed the reasons why he supported Demi in the documentary.

Demi’s Friend, Matthew Scott Montgomery

It has been a roller coaster ride for Matthew as Demi’s friend. He is a fellow Disney star, which means he can relate to her experience growing up as a child actor. Demi has expressed her gratitude for Matthew and Sirah’s unwavering friendships through all her lowest times.

Demi’s Fellow Celebrities

Elton John in X-Factor

In the final part of the series, a few other celebrities make appearances. Elton John talks about how difficult fame is to handle, especially from a young age. Demi sang a track on his album, Revamp. Christina Aguilera shares some of her struggles with fame. She and Demi sang the duet “Fall in Line” and also filmed the music video together. Will Ferrell also briefly appears. Demi was one of his co-stars in the movie Eurovision Song Contest. Demi has also said how much his movies helped her through her dark times.

Unfortunately, this documentary doesn’t seem to have a happily ever after. Demi reveals she does not believe she can be fully sober, so she still drinks and smokes weed, but is trying to keep it in moderation. Watching her heartbreaking story and learning the torturous details of her unhappy childhood, viewers are left wanting to cheer her on to a successful life of sobriety. But as her loved ones explain in Dancing With the Devil, you can’t force someone else to be sober. Her fans can only hope she will eventually be able to make that decision for herself. If you or someone you love need help with substance abuse or your mental health, please call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at 1-800-662-4357.

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