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A Brief History of Bunk Beds

While no one can actually verify its start or debut, there’s no denying the fact that bunk beds have been around for many years. Loft beds, futon bunk beds, and standard bunk beds, in one form or another, have occupied the bedrooms and hearts of parents and children for generations. And with good reason too – because there’s nothing like the fun and joy that comes from sleeping in a bunk with your best friend or favorite cousin and chatting all night – when you know full well you should sleep instead.

And while it’s nearly impossible to trace where they actually come from, it seems we can thank the ancient Egyptians, at the very least, for the idea and concept of bunk beds. And while there is no visual evidence to confirm this, it can be safely assumed that the loft beds of the ancient Egyptians looked drastically different from the modern, comfortable bunkers we know and are used to today. That said, the fact of the matter is that bunk beds have certainly come a long way over the years.

Today’s modern and original bunk beds come in a myriad of designs, shapes, colors and materials. In the early days of the modern and popular bunk bed, you would simply have two square bunk beds of similar shape and size perched on top of each other – a testament to function, if not form. However, if you quickly advance through a few decades, today’s commercially available bunks that are commercially available are equal parts sleeping devices and equal parts artwork. Yes, bunk beds have evolved not just into something to stick in a bedroom, but a focal point in the home.

There are bunk beds made from high quality wood materials such as maple or walnut bunk beds. For other people, they may want something a little more powerful; so they look to buying a metal or iron bunk bed. And in addition to the materials used to build these beds, they are also imbued with touches of color and personality. Cherry color, bright white, dark blue, black, silver and other hues and shades are now readily available for people to purchase and place in their children’s bedrooms. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, a far cry from the beds that the ancient Egyptians first invented all those years ago.

Another advance of bunk beds is the shape that bunks can take today. Yes, conventional twin beds over twin bunk beds are still available, but you can now also have twin beds over full bunk beds. These are bunk beds that have a full size bed at the bottom and a simple single bed sitting on top. Today’s bunk beds now serve a much more important purpose than simply providing a place to sleep – they now also serve as a space saver and even decorative pieces for the home. However, regardless of the style, shape or shape of the bunk beds – and they will take on in the future – there is still one look that will remain forever – and it is the sheer joy and fun that bunk beds can offer every night.

No matter what the bunk beds will look like in the future, there is still something to call the top bunk, so run up the ladder and sit high in the sky (or, at least, it looks like that to a child). Now, no one knows if the ancient Egyptians enjoyed climbing a ladder and calling the top bunk, but even if they didn’t – at least they started something that lasted as long as all those pyramids they built.

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