A 2020 Guide For Mountaineering In Ladakh And Enjoy An Enthralling Trip!

In everyone’s plan, there lies a much-needed vacation Ladakh. Being one of the most beautiful places on earth, it provides a unique experience to the tourists. Whether you are an adult or a grown human being, everyone wants to experience the beauty of Ladakh. Especially in India there lies a large section of youngsters who crave a travel experience to Ladakh. Being one of the most popular places in India it has to be and it also fulfills every expectation of tourists. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas, it provides a great opportunity to mountaineering in Ladakh. The beautiful landscapes of Ladakh will mesmerize you for sure. Exploring mountains is not an easy task. You have to be well prepared and equipped to gain an experience which is worthy of your eagerness. We got you covered from all aspects.

Best Time For Mountaineering In Ladakh

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The peak time to opt for mountaineering in Ladakh is from mid-May to mid-October. The ideal period for visiting Ladakh is June to September as it remains unaffected by the monsoon, which makes it preferable for mountaineering. If you are planning for mountaineering you should feel snow also which makes the winter season also preferable, but the passes are quite dangerous for the expedition at this time.

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5 Spots For Mountaineering  In Ladakh

Before opting for mountaineering, you should get a brief knowledge about the different situations related to the same. It could be very critical to opt for this vaguely. To get the knowledge, you should be equipped with all the essential tools and knowledge about places. Some of the best mountaineering spots in Ladakh are as follows:

  • Stok-Kangri: Famous For Scenic Views
  • Nun Kun: A Tranquil Escape
  • Kang Yatze: Channelize Your Inner Thrill-Seeker
  • Chamser And Lungser Kangri: For All Adventure Buffs
  • Rumtse, Tso Moriri Spangnak Ri: A Treat For Nature Lovers

1. Stok-Kangri: Famous For Scenic Views

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This is one of the most popular ranges in Ladakh which is widely preferable for mountaineering. It provides a scenic view of the surroundings. The tranquil nature and serene view will provide an utterly unique experience to the hikers. This is one of the most challenging peaks which gives a hard time to experienced trekkers also. Climbing these peaks are tiresome. You should get acclimatized before hiking these peaks. This is one of the popular peaks which is preferred by one and all due to the view of the surrounding, you will get a peaceful scene in the nearby area which will mesmerize you. You will get lost in nature and the cold breezes. If you are lucky enough then you can also experience the snowfall.

How To Reach: once you get in Leh it is just 15kms away from there.
Duration: 8–14 hours

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2. Nun Kun: A Tranquil Escape

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These are two of the adjacent peaks which are located at a height of more than 7000metres. This is the best spot for those hikers who want to get their adrenaline rush at its max. This is one of the notable pairs of peaks among the mountaineers. Mount Nun is the highest mountain among these. The unpredictable weather, glacier formations and the ice slopes make this peak a worthy mountaineering site for the hikers. These pairs of mountains are highly recommended for a good mountain expedition. If you are a mountaineer who likes to get an adrenaline rush just my mountaineering then this is the spot that provides all of that.

How To Reach: you can easily opt for a rented vehicle or opt for a local driver who will get you to Nun Kun which is 250kms away from Srinagar.
Duration: 6 hours

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3. Kang Yatze: Channelize Your Inner Thrill-Seeker

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This peak is located at a height of 6400 meters. It is also among the most popular places for mountaineering in Ladakh. It is situated in the Markha Valley. This summit is comprised of two peaks Kang Yatze 1 and 2. These peaks provide an adventurous journey to the hikers. If you are an enthusiast of mountaineering then you should opt for these peaks which provide the unique sense of experiencing the height. Moreover, this peak is full of challenges. If you want to experience the true feel of mountaineering then opt for this peak. It will provide you with sufficient serene experience.

How To Reach: you have to come through Leh once you reach here you can opt for any rented vehicle which will drop you at the end of Markha Valley where Kang Yatze is located.
Duration: 11 days

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4. Chamser And Lungser Kangri: For All Adventure Buffs

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These peaks are located at a height of 6000metres. These peaks provide an easy climbing experience for the hikers. Those who are first-timers or just want to feel the mountain are the most suitable peak for them. One of the most preferential things related to this mountain is the atmosphere. The thin air restricts you to experience to the fullest. Though lungs here are a bit easy to climb, it also provides some of the restrictions which can be very fatal to the mountaineers. If you are more of a nature lover who wants to experience nature from the birds-eye view then this mountain peak provides you all. Just opt for this peak and gain once in a lifetime experience which you will crave for.

How To Reach: the distance from Ladakh to this place is 153 km. You can rent a vehicle or opt for local drivers to reach here.
Duration: 14 days

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5. Rumtse, Tso Moriri Spangnak Ri: A Treat For Nature Lovers

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This peak also comes to the most popular mountaineering sites in Ladakh. This is being preferred by most of the hikers. The thrill-seeking adventurer from the birds-eye of the nearby surrounding provides a good view of the hikers. You can enjoy a lot of scenic beauty while mountaineering on this peak. The river crossings attached to the mountain gives it a unique touch of serenity. Simply the mesmerizing view of the barren lands attached to the mountains fulfills all your desire to explore nature. The beautiful view of the Lush greenery provides an ample view to the nature lovers. You can also get acquainted with the local tribes who are very friendly and welcoming.

How To Reach: There is a six-hour journey from Leh to Rumtse, Tso Moriri Spangnak Ri which has a total distance of around 300kms.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Tips To Keep In Mind

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There are some of the essential tips which should be taken care of without fail. If this is not taken seriously, it may cause fatal mishappenings.

  • Before the trip, you should get your health checked up
  • Pack all the essentials and double-check if necessary
  • Group expedition if the safest option.
  • Get a keen knowledge about the base camps
  • Keep dry snacks and essential foods which can provide you maximum energy
  • Cross-check your mountaineering gears for sure

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What To Pack For Mountaineering In Ladakh

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When it comes to much-needed kinds of stuff that can help you a lot while mountaineering in Leh Ladakh then there is no such tolerance to keep forgetting anything. Give a keen look at these essentials which will help you to carry out the mountaineering experience with much ease.

  • Mountaineering Gear
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Camera
  • Jacket
  • Water bottle
  • Enough food
  • Proper clothes
  • Medicines
  • Shoes with good sole
  • Ropes
  • Climbing Sticks
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Medical kit
  • Flashlights
  • Money
  • Ziplock bags etc.

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Permits Required

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The peaks and passes situated in Ladakh are dangerous and it can easily give you goosebumps. There are several government norms which you should follow before opting for this adventure sport. You will need permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for carrying out the mountaineering activity in Ladakh. A specific fee is then charged as per the fame and height of the peak you have been allotted. Each climbing team is accompanied by a Liaison Officer. This process takes a minimum period of six months for the whole procedure to carry out. A rescue coverage is also provided for every authorized expedition which helps in the case of any mishappenings whether it is the illness of any team member or accident of any type.

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There are numerous factors you should gain knowledge about apart from just the mountain. This will provide you a head start and cautious itinerary for your Mountaineering. Ladakh is one of the best places to enjoy some of the best adventurous activities and have a great giving your adrenaline rush a head start. So if you plan a vacation to Ladakh, make sure to enjoy an adventurous journey while mountaineering in Ladakh.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mountaineering In Ladakh

Q. Which is the most popular mountaineering spot in Ladakh?

A. Stok kangri is the most popular spot for mountaineering in Ladakh. This is due to the scenic beauty around this peak.

Q. Which is the highest peak among all the peaks in Ladakh?

A. Nun Kun is the highest peak in the Ladakh which is more than 7000 meters. This is one of the hectic mountaineering sites in Ladakh.

Q. Is there any safety concern related to mountaineering in Ladakh?

A. Yes, there are various safety concerns related to mountaineering in Ladakh. You should get acclimatized before mountaineering. Acclimatizing is a very important aspect of mountaineering.

Q. Is there any specific information on base camps provided before mountaineering?

A. Before opting for hiking the liaison officer who accompanies you will provide all the information about base camps. You should also research those base camps.

Q. Do we need to get a health check-up before mountaineering?

A. Yes, this is one of the mandatory things you should opt for before mountaineering. This will provide your overall health scenario.

Q. What is the minimum age limit for hiking and mountaineering?

A. The minimum age limit for mountaineering is 18 years. It is mandatory to show the age proof before mountaineering.

Q. Is there any rescue team available, in case of any mishappenings?

A. Yes, in case of any mishappenings there lies a rescue team that helps you in an adverse situation. They provide substantial help. This help comes handy at the time of accidents or illness of any of the team members of the expedition.

Q. Do we need any permission or permits for mountaineering?

A. Yes, permits and permission are mandatory for opting mountaineering. It may take approximately 6months to get permission for mountaineering. The application to the full-fledged permission will take time.

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