’90 Day Fiancé’: Which Couples Are Still Together?

It has been almost a decade of 90 day fiancé (and its many spinoffs), the wacky and addicting TLC series about long-distance couples who only have 90 days to marry on a fiancé visa. As we near the finale of the final season 8, which will reveal the marriages that lasted, let’s catch up with the past couples of the series!

We’re happy to say that many duets are still together, but like any fan who’s seen spinoffs Happy forever and And now? can attest, couples who separate tend to do so with acrimony turned to 11 years!

Scroll through the gallery above for updates – the good, the bad, and the ugly – on couples from the first seven seasons of 90 day fiancé.

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Russ & Paola (Season 1)

Status: Married

Russ, from Owasso, Oklahoma, and Paola, from Bucaramanga, Colombia, married in 2013. They’ve since relocated to Miami so Paola could pursue her modeling and personal trainer career. And they welcomed their first child, son Axel, on New Year’s Day 2019.

Alan & Kirlyam (Season 1)

Status: Married

Alan, from Los Angeles, and Kirlyam, from Goiânia, Brazil, recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. They’re currently living in Huntersville, North Carolina, and raising their 2-year-old son, Liam.

Louis & Aya (Season 1)

Status: Married?

Louis, from Indianapolis, Indiana, and Aya, from Ormoc, Philippines, seem to still be together. They welcomed a son named Giovanni, their first child, in June 2018.

Mike & Aziza (Season 1)

Status: Married

Mike, from Cleveland, Ohio, and Aziza, from Volgograd, Russia, became parents in January 2019, adding “Little Miss Olivia Joan,” to their family.

Chelsea & Yamir (Season 2)

Status: Divorced

Chelsea, from Galesburg, Illinois, and Yamir, from Managua, Nicaragua, filed for divorce in 2016. In 2017, Yamir—who ended up moving to Los Angeles—told Instagram followers “there’s no hate” between him and Chelsea. He currently is pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter.

Danielle Jbali

The iconic coupling of Ohioan Danielle Mullins with Tunisian husband Mohamed Jbali cemented 90 Day Fiancé as one the greatest reality shows on TV. While the duo split over allegations of infidelity, Danielle maintains her time on the TLC franchise was genuine. During an Instagram Live Q&A, Danielle simply answered “nope” to whether any part of her 90 Day Fiancé experience was staged. She is now appearing on Discovery+ spinoff series, 90 Day: The Single Life.

Justin & Evelin (Season 2)

Status: Married

Justin, from San Jose, California, and Evelin, from Cali, Colombia, still seem to be as in love as ever. Interestingly, Evelin changed her name to “Evelyn” after moving to the U.S.

Brett & Daya (Season 2)

Status: Married

Brett, from Snohomish, Washington, and Daya, from San Carlos, Philippines, walked down the aisle in February 2015, and in July 2017, they welcomed daughter Isabella.

Cássia Tavares

While audiences may not remember Brazilian beauty Cássia Tavares from Season 2, the outspoken alum told her Instagram followers about her time on 90 Day Fiancé. Cássia divorced ex-husband Jason Hitch after marrying the Florida native on the series, but shared that the network does “produce” certain elements of the show, per In Touch. Cássia cited that producers asked her to take a pregnancy test on-camera for dramatic effect, even though the cast member knew she wasn’t pregnant.

Danny & Amy (Season 2)

Status: Married

Danny, from Norristown, Pennsylvania, and Amy, from Cape Town, South Africa, have been married since 2014 and are now the parents of two toddlers: son Jedidiah and daughter Anna. The family currently lives in Texas and launched a church in April 2019 where they lead the Marriage and Family Group.

Mark & Nikki (Season 3)

Status: Married?

Mark, from Baltimore, Maryland, and Nikki, from Cebu City, Philippines, are apparently still married. According to Starcasm, they sued TLC over their portrayal on the show, and a judge tossed the case.

Loren & Alexei (Season 3)

Status: Married

Loren, from New York City, and Alexei, from Nazareth Illit, Israel, tied the knot in September 2015 and are living in Florida. They welcomed a baby boy in May 2020, and announced a second pregnancy in March 2021.

Kyle & Noon (Season 3)

Status: Married

Kyle, from New Orleans, Louisiana, and Noon, from Bangkok, Thailand, are still husband and wife, living in Portland, Oregon.

Melanie & Devar (Season 3)

Status: Married

Melanie Bowers, from Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, and Devar Walters, from Runaway Bay, Jamaica, said their I do’s after Devar moved to the States, and they welcomed daughter Avah in November 2017.

Fernando & Carolina (Season 3)

Status: Married

Fernando, from Doral, Florida, and Carolina, from Medellín, Colombia, are still together, having seemingly surmounted Carolina’s suspicions that Fernando cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend.

Josh & Aleksandra (Season 3)

Status: Married

Josh, from Rexburg, Idaho, and Aleksandra, from Kirov, Russia, got hitched in August 2015 and welcomed their first child, daughter Kaya, the following March. They have since moved to Australia for his medical education.

Anfisa Nava

Season 4 starlet Anfisa Nava may be divorced from her husband Jorge Nava after he served prison time, but the Russian fitness model still promises that 90 Day Fiancé is truly real. “What [fans] don’t know is that the show actually works,” Anfisa wrote on Instagram in 2018. “The show doesn’t help with anything related to immigration. They just start filming on the day the foreign fiancé arrives to the USA and continue until the couple gets married…These ’90 days’ are definitely not to get to know your partner because you already know the person, you’ve had long enough relationships with them and decided you want to marry them. That’s why all of the couples end up married every season.”

Narkyia & Olulowo

Pennsylvania resident Narkyia brought her virtual love story with Nigerian supposed prince Olulowo to Season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. Single father Olulowo was shockingly not tied to royalty, and the couple broke up before the 90 days ended (but only after Narkyia discovered Olulowo was trying to rekindle his relationship with the mother of his child). They do have a happy ending though: The couple tied the knot post-show, and welcomed a daughter in August 2020.

Matt & Alla (Season 4)

Status: Married

Matt, from Williamstown, Kentucky, and Alla, from Kiev, Ukraine—who reconnected on the show after the downfall of his third marriage—are still husband and wife and are living in Cincinnati, Ohio. They welcomed a child together in May 2020.

Chantel & Pedro (Season 4)

Status: Married

Chantel, from Atlanta, Georgia, and Pedro, from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, are living in Georgia, and their married life was recently profiled in the TLC spinoff The Family Chantel. Chantel also recently graduated nursing school.

Nicole & Azan

Single mom Nicole immediately fell for Moroccan love Azan. Seasons 4 and 5 saw Nicole travel to Morocco with her daughter May in tow, but they didn’t tie the knot in part due to Nicole scrambling to find a K-1 visa sponsor. In fact, Nicole even discussed relocating to Morocco and starting a cosmetics boutique with Azan’s family. Their love story now might be better suited for The Other Way!

Elizabeth & Andrei (Season 5)

Status: Married

Elizabeth, from Tampa, Florida, and Andrei, from Chisinau, Moldova, seem to be enjoying married life in the Sunshine State with daughter Eleanor, who was born in January 2019.

Evelyn & David (Season 5)

Status: Married

Evelyn, from Claremont, New Hampshire, and David, from Granada, Spain, have been married since October 2017. In April 2019, Evelyn made it to the top 14 of American Idol Season 17, and in September, the couple moved to Los Angeles.

Molly & Luis (Season 5)

Status: Divorced

Molly, from Woodstock, Georgia, and Luis, from the Dominican Republic, married in July 2017, but Molly filed for divorce the following January, and her ex has since remarried. Molly appeared on spinoff series 90 Day: The Single Life with new beau Kelly.

David & Annie (Season 5)

Status: Married

David, from Louisville, Kentucky, and Annie, from Bueng Kan, Thailand, are still together and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, in September 2019.

Josh & Aika (Season 5)

Status: Married

Josh, from Mesa, Arizona, and Aika, from Quezon City, Philippines, are still married after having tied the knot in Vegas in September 2017.

Jay Smith and Ashley Martson

Jay Smith moved from Port Maria, Jamaica to be with fiancé Ashley Martson in Pennsylvania during Season 6. Audiences were shocked when Jay supposedly cheated on Ashley with a woman he met via Tinder. But Jay maintains that his infidelity was solely for the cameras. “It was just an act so it was easy to move [past it] because you know, we just act on the TV,” Jay toldIn Touch in February 2020. Seems that Ashley wasn’t totally in on the joke: She filed for divorce (twice!), citing “adultery” as the reason.

Ashley herself similarly opened up to In Touch in August 2019, explaining that storylines are edited. “We sign off on that so it is what it is,” Ashley summarized.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Larissa Dos Santos Lima, who caused a stir on Season 6 when she butt heads with husband Colt Johnson’s overbearing mother, Debbie, blames the show for her plastic surgery. After divorcing Johnson, Brazilian-born Larissa appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? with new love Eric Nichols. Cameras captured Larissa’s extensive plastic surgery, but when her decision to start a risqué OnlyFans and CamSoda accounts resulted in her dismissal from the 90 Day franchise, she retaliated by claiming that going under the knife for “the surgery thing” was encouraged by the series “to get people talking about it.”

Jonathan & Fernanda (Season 6)

Status: Divorced

Jonathan, from Lumberton, North Carolina, and Fernanda, from Celaya, Mexico, married in May 2018 but announced their split in January 2019. The following May, Jonathan stated he had withdrawn the paperwork for Fernanda’s green card. Fernanda currently lives in Chicago and has been linked to Bachelor in Paradise alum Clay Harbor.

Kalani Faagata

The lovable Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa have had their ups and downs across various 90 Day spinoffs. After marrying in September 2018, the Utah-based couple now have two sons, Oliver and Kennedy. Kalani took to social media following backlash over her comments about Samoan culture to clarify comments about her Samoan father, Low. “Rule of thumb when watching reality TV: if you don’t see it being said, chances are it was spliced together,” Kalani said in October 2018. Since then, she and Asuelu have appeared on a variety of 90 Day series, and continue to bring a heartfelt honesty to the franchise.

Eric & Leida (Season 6)

Status: Married

Eric, from Baraboo, Wisconsin, and Leida, from Jakarta, Indonesia, are still together, even though they made headlines for a domestic violence incident in January 2019. Leida has also reconciled with Eric’s daughter Alari after filing a restraining order.

Steven & Olga (Season 6)

Status: Married

Steven, from Bowie, Maryland, and Olga, from Voronezh, Russia, announced their marriage in August 2019, a little more than a year after welcoming their son, Alex, and Olga officially moved to Maryland.

Michael & Angela (Season 7)

Status: Married

After being on Before the 90 Days twice, Georgian Angela finally wed her longtime love Michael in his hometown of Lagos, Nigeria. Originally Angela had hoped for Michael to receive his K-1 visa so they could exchange vows in front of her family in the U.S., but Michael’s application was denied. The couple’s seemingly only option was to instead apply for the spousal visa and during 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 5, Angela traveled back to Nigeria to marry Michael.

Syngin & Tania (Season 7)

Status: Married

The Connecticut-based Tania wed her South African love Syngin after a rocky 90 days. The couple are still discussing their plans for the future, like when to have children and Syngin’s career path, but thus far have been happily wed!

Mike & Natalie (Season 7)

Status: Married

Sequim, Washington native Mike’s long distance relationship with Ukraine-based Natalie seemed to hit a breaking point after Natalie gave her engagement ring back to him and accused him of cheating during the Tell All. However, the couple have since reconciled, and reportedly tied the knot in April 2020.

Blake & Jasmin (Season 7)

Status: Married

Finnish Instagram model Jasmin moved to Los Angeles to be with music producer Blake, but Blake’s family and friends were skeptical of Jasmin’s true intentions. The couple still wed at a public park during this season and have since called the show “fake” for making them seem like an unlikely match.

Michael Jessen

Connecticut resident Michael Jessen found love with Brazilian model Juliana Custodio. The fan favorite couple grappled with their age difference and deciding on a prenuptial agreement prior to tying the knot. Yet Michael was less than pleased with how their negotiations with a family attorney were portrayed. “This is the biggest bunch of manufactured bulls**t,” Michael wrote on Instagram. “Shame on you Sharp Entertainment and TLC.”

Mursel & Anna (Season 7)

Status: Married

After breaking up mid-season, Anna and Mursel officially wed in Nebraska with mere hours left on Mursel’s visa from Turkey. Anna’s eldest son has yet to fully accept Mursel as his stepfather, but her two younger boys have embraced Mursel as family. During the Tell All, Anna revealed that she and Mursel are looking to have a child together via surrogate, but that Mursel’s parents may not approve as such a practice is apparently illegal in their country.

Emily Larina

One of the most uncomfortable relationships to watch in 90 Day history was between Russian fitness trainer Sasha Larin and Oregon native Emily Larina. Between Sasha voicing his doubts over getting married for a third time, to Emily struggling by herself to parent their newborn son, fans cringed at their controlling and dysfunctional dynamic. To top it off, Sasha repeatedly insulted Emily’s sister over her appearance.

Emily took to Instagram in February 2020 to voice her side of the story. “For a while, I was disappointed that the world didn’t get to meet the Sasha I know,” Emily captioned. “I’ve come to terms with everything. I’ll keep the real [Sasha] to myself.”

Robert & Anny (Season 7)

Status: Married

Robert, from Winter Park, Florida, married his love Anny after she arrived from the Dominican Republic. The duo parent Robert’s five year-old son Bryson, but are still on the hunt for a two-bedroom apartment. They welcomed a baby girl in summer 2020.

Rebecca & Zied (Season 8)

Status: Married

Woodstock, Georgia-based Rebecca Parrott got engaged to her younger Tunisian boyfriend Zied Hakimi during Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. The couple returned for Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé to tie the knot in the U.S., marking Rebecca’s fourth marriage.

Andrew & Amira (Season 8)

Status: Split

Roseville, California daycare worker Andrew Kenton pressured French fiancé Amira Lollysa to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Per international quarantine restrictions, Andrew planned on meeting Amira in Mexico before entering the U.S. together. Amira was detained at the border, and eventually returned to Europe. After a second attempt involving a trip to Serbia, Amira ultimately decided to call it quits with Andrew. Today, both Andrew and his mother have been documented cyberbullying Amira, and she calls herself “a toxic relationship survivor.”

Brandon & Julia (Season 8)

Status: Married

Virginian farmer Brandon fell for Russian go-go dancer Julia, 26, via videochat. Despite the couple butting heads with Brandon’s parents while all living together, the young couple tied the knot in spring 2020.

Stephanie & Ryan

Well, that was fast. Fifty-two-year-old Michigan spa owner Stephanie broke up with her 27-year-old Belize beau Ryan after accusing him of cheating. As it turns out, Stephanie was the unfaithful one, and she ended up dating Ryan’s cousin, Harris.

Hazel & Tarik (Season 8)

Status: Married

Virginia Beach resident Tarik fell for Filipino beauty Hazel during Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. It was a bumpy ride but Hazel and Tarik proved they were meant to be, tying the knot in spring 2020. The two are currently seeking an American girlfriend — together.

Yara & Jovi (Season 8)

Status: Married

New Orleans party boy Jovi matched with Yara on a dating app while he was traveling the world for work. Their one-night stand turned out to be a full-fledged relationship, and the Instagram influencers said “I do” in a small Las Vegas wedding. The couple welcomed a daughter in September 2020.

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