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9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Billboard Campaign

9 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Billboard Campaign

Billboard Campaign: The rise of the Internet and digital marketing has affected nearly every major marketing channel. However, there’s one channel that still works just like it did before the era of digital revolution. It’s the channel of Billboards. They’re still as effective as they were 60 years ago. Perhaps even more effective, if done in the right manner. So in this article, we’re going to give you 9 tips that will help you in getting most out of your billboard campaign. Are you ready? Okay, here you go:

Billboard Campaign

#1. Six-Seven Words (or Less)

Okay, let’s begin with the most obvious thing first. People usually look at billboards while they’re on the move, which means that your billboard should be able to catch their attention and convey its message within a few seconds. How many seconds? Well, less than 4. Yes, it’s true – if your billboard can’t convey its message within 4 seconds, no one is gonna care about it. So be precise and try to wrap up your message in no more than 6 – 7 words. If your brand is so complex that its message can’t be conveyed within that word count then probably billboards are not your thing.

#2. Avoid Using System Fonts

Stop using those Ariels, Verdanas, Georgias and Times New Romans for your billboard. Those system fonts have become too common that they don’t deserve a place outside your computer. Definitely not on your billboard at least. Add some personality to your message by using other fonts that can relate to your brand personality. Just don’t use any font that came built-into your computer.

#3. Call to Actions Are Not Necessary

Wait, what?

Actually yes. Billboards are not any primary marketing channel whose impact you can measure directly. They’re secondary or indirect marketing channels, usually meant for brand building or spreading the word about any other campaign that your company may be running. Therefore, it’s not necessary to include a CTA in them. Even if you insert your company’s phone number, web address, Facebook page URL  or any other such thing somewhere in the billboard, in most cases it won’t be read by the audience. On the other hand, if you force it over the audience by printing it with a large font then you’ll screw up your messaging.

So remember – a billboard doesn’t necessarily need any call to action.

#4. Avoid Irrelevant Images

Billboards are visual mediums of advertisement, so you need to use images, graphics and other eye-candy. But at the same time, they’re not advertisements of a newspaper! You need to be careful and creative with the visuals that you use in your campaign. Just because something is cute or good looking doesn’t mean that it deserves a place on your billboard. There must be some alignment between your messaging and visuals. Be creative with your usage of space, which leads us to the next point.

#5. There Can Be Only One Hero

Avoid filling your billboard with too many elements. If there’re more than 2, none of them will get any attention. Choose one dominant element and base your messaging on that element alone. If you really need another one, you can use a secondary element to support the primary one. You should simply avoid adding a third element, because in majority of cases you don’t actually need it.

#6. Be Smart – Not Smarter

Make a boring billboard and it’ll be ignored. Make it too complicated and it’ll still be ignored. Be smart, but not smarter than your audience. Try to convey your message by creative designs because creativity will earn you more eyeballs, but avoid designs that’re too clever because nobody has got the time to understand your billboard’s meaning while on the move. Remember, if message doesn’t get to the mind within 4 seconds then nobody will bother to understand it.

#7. Don’t Rip Off Other’s Campaigns

Finally, NEVER rip off someone else’s billboard campaign to make yours. Just because any particular billboard design (or design element) worked successfully for someone else’s campaign doesn’t mean that it’ll work like that for you. It’s one of the most terrible mistakes one can make while designing a billboard. Know your brand and your customers, and design your billboards accordingly.

#8. The More, The Better

Billboards are mass marketing mediums. But at the same time they’re also one of the most costly mediums that you can try for your marketing. Aside from production costs you also pay a monthly rental for the sites on which you place your boards, and that rental tends to be good enough.

One or two of them are not going to take you anywhere. You must get at least 3 of them, and since they cost a lot, you should be very strategic about their locations. If you’ve done your market research diligently, you will ideally know where your target customers live and which routes they commute through in their day-to-day lives. Your billboards should be placed on those routes in some strategic locations where they can attract the highest number of eyeballs. If you can’t afford three billboards per month, try placing them on alternate months instead and you’ll be surprised by the results.

#9. Break the Rules

Lastly, keep in mind that rules are made to be broken. This is most important – the thing that works for you is the best tip, even if it’s completely against the tips outlined above. If you feel that you can achieve great results by avoiding the tips that we’ve provided, go for it. But make sure that you’ve solid reasoning to support your choice, because if there’s no such reason and you don’t follow the tips given above then your campaign is highly likely to fail.

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