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9 Tips for Choosing Golf Grips

Golf grips are among golf accessories that can make or break your golf game. As golfers, we know the difference between a club that feels amazing in our hands and one that is mediocre. However, it’s easy to underestimate the impact of golfs on your golfing experience.

So how do you choose golf grips? Here are nine tips for choosing golf grips:

Tip #1

There are four types of golfer grips available for purchase online, so choose carefully. Golfer Clubs Grips are generally made from rubber or some other synthetic material with bumps on them to enhance grip. GOLF TIPS says there are benefits and drawbacks to using this style of grip on your golf clubs. Lamkin Pistol Grip has a pistol grip shape. They are designed to give golfers better control of their golfing experience, but they can take some time getting used to them. Golf Club Wraps are grips that do not have anything on them at all. They often look like traditional golf clubs. Grip Tape is the final golf grip style available out there for golfers who want to improve their game. This is a tape that sticks directly onto your golf club and doesn’t need any kind of adhesive or special tools; however, it’s difficult to find online.

Best Golf Grips

Tip #2

The size of the grip is very important because if it’s too thin or too thick, you won’t be able to make proper contact with the golf ball when you swing. If the grip is too thin, you’ll have a hard time holding onto it because golfer grips fall into the ‘oversize’ category. If the golf grip is too thick, it will be difficult to control your golf club. This golf instructional video explains how to select golfer grips for your clubs.

Tip #3

The golf grip should fit in your hand perfectly. You need to make sure that your golf grip has a textured feel and isn’t slick or smooth. Golf Tips says that while oversize golfer grips are particularly helpful for golfers who struggle with their grip, they can also help golfers with strong grips who want more distance while playing. While the rules of golf state that standard-sized golfer grips are typically between 1-inch and 1 ¼-inch in width, golfer grips can be as big as 1 ¾-inches. This golf grip sizing chart is a great tool to compare golf club grips.

Tip #4

The golfer grip you purchase should have the appropriate weight and flexibility for your golf swing. If it’s too heavy or too flexible, you won’t play well because it will affect the accuracy of your golf shots. According to Golf Tips, high handicappers tend to benefit from firmer golfer grips, but what golfers really need is consistency with their golf swings. In order to have a consistent golfing experience, you might want to consider buying a set of golf clubs that come with custom fitted golf grips already attached.

Tip #5

You also need a variety of golfer grips to choose from depending on your golfing experience and the type of golf course you’ll be playing. If you like to play golf every weekend, it would probably benefit you to buy golfer grips with more durability, because they will last longer; however, if you only play golf once a month, it might make sense for you to go with softer golf grips.

Tip #6

You should also consider the position where the grip is placed on your golf club. For example, drivers typically have a number of rubber bands that help golfers create extra friction when holding their golf club. However, this makes it difficult to switch out golfer grips and can slow down your swing speed. For these reasons and others, many golfers prefer non-wrapped golf grips.

Tip #7

Before you purchase golfer club grips, make sure the golfer grip is appropriate for your golfing experience. Cheap golf club grips can cost less than two dollars per unit; however, if you are an avid golfer who plays every weekend, they will probably wear out quickly and won’t improve your game. Expensive golf club grips can be up to $20 each, but if you’re just getting started with golf or have poor golfing skills, these high-end golf grips will likely help you improve your performance on the golf course.

Tip #8

You should also consider asking for advice from other gamers before buying new golf grips. Golfers who have had experience using of different golfer grips will probably be able to provide you with the most helpful information about golf-grip brands and golf club grips available for sale.

Tip #9

Finally, you need to consider what golfer grip would work best for your golf clubs. For example, there are golf grips that have been designed specifically for putters. However, if your golf clubs have a flat face, it might not make sense to purchase a golfer grip intended for a putter because it will throw off the weight of your golf club. In this case, it would be better to buy a bigger golf grip that can increase the length of time it takes you to complete your putting stroke.

What golfer grips are best for golfers with sweaty hands?

When it comes to golfing, golfers with sweaty hands will have a harder time gripping their golf club. However, there are golfer grips that are made specifically with this problem in mind. Golf Tips recommends golfers who have this problem to purchase golfs grips that have been designed specifically for golfers who sweat excessively when they play. These types of golfs grips include oversize golf club grips, which can help increase the surface area where your hand meets the grip on your golf club. This in turn reduces slippage and provides you with more control during your swing.

A few other options include getting leather inserts for your existing wrap-style golfs grips or attaching golfs grip tape to the golf club shaft.

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