9 Things To Do In Monte Carlo That’ll Add Fun To Your Trip

Monte Carlo, known as one of the most popular administrative regions of Monaco, is the hottest tourist destination welcoming large portions of tourists from all over the world each year. Casino lovers have a special reason to visit this place, besides exploring other hot tourist spots here. Apart from the famous casinos, visitors can also find many other exciting Things to do in Monte Carlo. Being the smallest area in the world, it has a total population of just 15,000 people, yet the region has many great restaurants, hotels, various attractions and more. They attract the attention of tourists throughout the year.

9 things to do in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is also popular with tourists, so that they can join a lot of activities to make themselves happy while traveling. Glimpse 10 Things to do in Monte Carlo, Which are quite popular among the majority of tourists.

Things To Do In Monte Carlo
Things To Do In Monte Carlo

1. Try Your Luck at Casino Monte Carlo

As one of the most exhilarating things to do in Monte Carlo, the casino is perfect and also has recreational spaces for exploring unlimited entertainment. Those of you who have seen the film James Bond, entitled Golden Bond, will be well aware of this place, as some scenes of the film were shot here. Whether you like playing luck games, Casino Monte Carlo is an interesting place for all. And, you will definitely wallow in an environment that will try to challenge you – whether you lose or win the game.

While games such as Blackjack, Bacart, Pancho Banco, and more are available to play, you also get a chance to try hands-on with the game you enjoy the most and have the maximum chance of winning such games. Make sure you dress well before entering Casino Monte Carlo.

place: Place do Casino, 98000 Monaco.
Ideal for: Friends, group.
Entry / Closing Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
Charges: INR 795 / -.

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2. Palais do Prince

Are you eager to get a glimpse of a monarchical system that you have read only in books? Well, go to the Palais du Prince, home of a royal family called the Grimaldi Family. Situated on top of a rocky hill, this fort was built by a German fort in the 13th century. The place is restored and renovated over time and is open to the public, although there are only limited areas. Entering the Palais du Prince gives you a glimpse of the Italian Gallery, the Throne Room, the Mazarin Room, and more. You can go to the place where the prince and his family used to live.

place: 98015 Monaco.
Ideal for: Family, Group, etc.
Entry / Closing Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Charges: INR 634 / – for adults and INR 317 / – for children.
Best Time to Visit: June to October.

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3. Larvot Beach

One of the most interesting things to visit in Monte Carlo is Larvote Beach. It attracts the attention of all at large scale. Everyone feels excited and rejuvenated when it comes to getting close to nature and struggling with its beauty. In fact, no other place is as apt as this beach that makes you feel the same. Well, if you are in Monte Carlo and want to spend some good time in the lap of nature and behold the beauty of the sea, Laravotto Beach is one of the most exciting destinations for your stay.

Composed of both private and public areas, Larvotto Beach is the perfect place for all. As a visitor, you can rent loungers from the beach club in private areas. Man-made beaches are everything for tourists to enjoy the fascinating experience – it can be imported with fine gravel, sand or anything.

place: Monaco-Ville, Monaco, Monte Carlo.
Ideal for: Family, couples, adventurers, groups, etc.
Entry / Closing Time: Twenty four hours.

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4. Port de la Condamine

The incredible view of Port de la Condamine easily captures everyone’s attention and you experience the same. Built in the year 1926 with the aim to house a large number of luxurious boats, it is considered to be the grandest tourist destination in the region which has witnessed huge celebrations. Tourists from different parts of the world keep coming here. While visiting here, you can check out restaurants or cafes to enjoy some delicious snacks etc. from local cuisine.

place: Monaco
Ideal for: Family, couple, group etc.
Entry / Closing Time: N / A
Charges: N / A

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5. Jardine Exotic

It is a paradise for those looking for fun things to do in Monte Carlo. Visiting the Jardin Exotic helps you explore the exquisite gardens with the best cactus collections and certainly the world’s largest succes. Staying here with families and friends etc. enables visitors to enjoy the serene and tranquil environment facing the sea and delve into the incredible beauty of nature.

place: Rock in monaco
Ideal for: Family, couple, group etc.
Entry / Closing Time: N / A
Charges: INR 570 / – for adults and INR 300 / – for children.

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6. Saint-Chapel Chapel

Another exquisite place to visit during your trip in Monte Carlo, the Sanet-Davot Chapel is a prime spot for tourists. This exotic location of the Sainte-Devot Chapel, located in the valley of the Gammets, attracts the attention of visitors the most and allows them to enjoy the serene and tranquil atmosphere here. If you are here on January 26, you will be excited to enjoy the traditional ceremony held here based on its history. In that ceremony, a boat is burnt at night. This will definitely excite you.

place: 1 rue Sante-Davot, 98000 Monaco.
Ideal for: Family, couple, group etc.
Entry / Closing Time: N / A
Charges: N / A

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7. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

After making your way to lots of destinations to explore during your Monte Carlo trip, you may be looking for a place to relieve stress as well as to feel rejuvenated. Those visiting with family or friends do not miss this place. It is best to experience peace of mind here. There is an outbreak of light in the interior of St. Nicholas Cathedral and so it makes everyone happy at first. The interior is also worth exploring its enchanting Kaira marble altar that dates back to 1500.

place: 4 rue Colonel Belando de Castro, 98000 Monaco.
Ideal for: Family, couple, group etc.
Entry / Closing Time: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Charges: N / A

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8. Ocean Museum

Although Monte Carlo is not one of the places where a lot of museums are explored for visitors, the Oceanographic Museum is enough to entertain visitors to provide them with an unforgettable experience. The stunning building of this museum situated on the cliff reflects the overall view of the huge building and therefore attracts visitors. Featuring a number of items to participate in, including several aquariums for your rest, exhibitions and games, you have much to offer. The Oceanographic Museum gives you a never before seen glimpse of the maritime world. The recently painted turtle island is another reason why people come here.

place: Avenue Saint-Martin, 98000 Monaco.
Ideal for: Family, couple, group etc.
Entry / Closing Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
Charges: INR 1108 / -; INR 792 / – for students and teenagers and INR 555 / – for children.

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9. Le Rocher

If you love history, especially the medieval era and many related facts to explore, Le Rocher is a place you cannot miss. One of the oldest towns in the region, Le Rocher, popularly known as Monaco Ville, is perched atop a pistol-shaped rock overlooking the sea, making its location truly spectacular. It attracts the attention of tourists coming to Monte Carlo for an exciting journey. This is another distinction of the only part of Monte Carlo that successfully restored its original old city along all medieval lines.

place: Monaco
Ideal for: Family, couple, group etc.
Entry / Closing Time: N / A
Charges: N / A

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Mentioned above are some of the most interesting and necessary things to do in Monte Carlo when you go there. Explore them during your visit to this place and cherish the memories forever. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or groups, your Mento Carlo vacation will be a great experience.

Frequently asked questions about things to do in Monte Carlo

Q. What is Monte Carlo famous for?

a. Although Monte Carlo offers a lot of exciting things, the popular Place du Casino around the world helps to enjoy international recognition as a gambling center and thus those who come here to try their luck.

Q. What is the dress code for a casino in Monte Carlo?

a. If you are planning to explore the exciting casino, make sure you dress well, although there is no specific dress code to visit this place. You should avoid wearing proper attire and wearing shorts, sports shoes etc.

Q. Is it safe to go to Monte Carlo?

a. If you are planning your tourist destination based on security, Monte Carlo is the first destination that you should keep in mind. Armed National Police Forces are concerned about providing a speedy security and thus ensure your proper security.

Q. What is the best time to travel to Monte Carlo?

a. If you are planning to explore Monte Carlo in an attractive way, then you should plan your trip in April or October. During this month, you will enjoy the breathtaking and attractive weather, apart from which you can also enjoy popular tourist attractions.

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